California City Searches Homes Without Warrants

(Bob Unruh, WND) Real estate agents in Santa Barbara, California, are suing their city over a law that gives city inspectors full access to homes, arguing it violates the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment privacy protections.

Bill of rights photo

Photo by Ted Mielczarek (CC)

“Santa Barbara singles out home sellers and coerces them into giving up their vital Fourth Amendment privacy protections,” said Meriem Hubbard, a senior attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation.

“They’re pressured to allow city agents to roam through their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, closets and attics without any evidence that the house has any problems,” he said. “Putting your home on the market should not mean mortgaging your constitutional rights.”

Hubbard said Santa Barbara’s “targeting of home sellers for searches and snooping must end, and the unconstitutional law that sanctions it must be struck down.”

The Fourth Amendment protects citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures. It’s why police must have a warrant or other legal adjudication to enter a residence.

But in Santa Barbara, the city law “requires home sellers to apply for a zoning inspection report and pay a $475 fee for the inspection process within five days of a sale agreement.”

“The inspections are open-ended, covering a variety of city codes – even though the Zoning Department staffers who conduct them aren’t licensed as building inspectors or surveyors,” the legal team argued.

They are asking for a court order ending the city’s ordinance regarding “unwarranted and coercive administrative searches of residential properties by city personnel as a condition of sale,” a declaration such a requirement in unconstitutional and the costs of the lawsuit.

Pacific Legal asserts Santa Barbara’s ordinance strips home sellers of their constitutional rights.

“The city’s Zoning Information Report ordinance effectively requires an interior and exterior inspection of any home put on the market – even though there is no legal reason to single out these homes for investigations,” the lawyers explained.

“Although the city claims sellers may decline searches, they risk penalties if they do so. Under the ordinance, any seller who fails to pay the inspection fee and allow the government agents inside can be convicted of a misdemeanor and fined up to $500.”

The plaintiffs include members of the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors.

The foundation pointed out that the city recently started allowing sellers to opt out of the searches while still paying for an exterior inspection.

Hubbard, however, called it “an illusory change.”

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“Sellers are still coerced into allowing city searches. Although they can technically refuse an inspection, the city notifies the buyer if they do so. And the ordinance remains unchanged. It still provides for criminally prosecuting and fining people who sell their homes without allowing the government inspectors in.”

A spokesman for the realtors, David Kim said the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors “has attempted to work with city officials for years on Zoning Information Report concerns, but the flawed ordinance remains unchanged.”

“We filed suit to protect the constitutional rights of the people of Santa Barbara,” he said.

A spokeswoman for Santa Barbara did not respond to a WND request for comment.

The complaint states that it is a challenge to the “ordinance as-applied and on its face because it imposes unconstitutional conditions on the Fourth Amendment right of homeowners to be free from unreasonable searches.”

“According to the city …. the ZIR inspection is required, and includes the interior of all residential units and accessory structures (e.g., garages, sheds, studios), as well as the entire grounds of a seller’s residence. Access must be available to all buildings/structures at the time of the scheduled inspection.”

The ordinance doesn’t allow it, but if a homeowner declines to allow the inspection, city employees report to possible buyers they “cannot confirm if any other violations exist.”

“Whether or not the city inspector conducts an interior home inspection, the seller must apply for a ZIR and pay the corresponding ZIR fee within five days.”

But, the complaint explains city and city council members “have a clear, present, and ministerial duty to comply with the United States Constitution, which prohibits state officers from requiring property owners to sacrifice the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches as a condition of selling their property.”

Republished with permission from via iCopyright license

  • Naval Lint

    So, the PSRC is showing the rest of us how to live, again? Das Fuhrer Brown just loves this city ordnance and will likely make it a state law!

    • Constitution

      In his 5th or 6th term, no doubt.

  • Paul

    It is all about the fee. Any Californians that bleed red should move before it is too late.

    • hmmathis

      For a look at Commiefornia in a few years if they can’t dislodge the Democrats read: “People’s Republic”, by Kurt Schlicter!

    • RiverMikeRat

      It’s all about public safety.

  • Ski

    Ha ha! Cailphoney

    • Col C

      Unfortunately I live in Commiefornia, and not all of us are liberal, believe me, it’s just that the liberals have control, and frankly I’m sick to death of their evil, it knows no bounds. The curruption in state government especially. I’m going to leave as soon as I can sell my house, luckily I don’t live in Santa Barbara, glad someone is sueing them, government is taking over, and if we don’t stop them, they will take over all states.

      • Ski

        Sad👎 I wish u well and America to stop these American hating libs

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    Commiefornia… the constitution? Nah, that’s for dummies. We will tell you what you need and force your compliance with theft and criminal threats.

    • I care

      feel sorry for me born again shoehorn pride……. we ant the state of jefferson

      • Born Again Southern Pride

        I feel for the good people of California living under the tyrannical rule of those putting themselves before the people they are supposed to represent and stealing them blind at every opportunity.

        • RiverMikeRat

          And yet you display the flag of traitors to that Constitution. Go figure.

          • Kbuzz

            The Stars and Bars was not a flag of traitors – it was a flag of people who joined together to legally seperate from the Union as was a Right based on the Constitution.
            Lincoln refused to accept what was a legal right.
            You can argue whatever reason you want – even use slavery as an issue if you believe it so…but the South had the guaranteed Legal Constitutional Right to leave – that is not an act of traitors.
            Take the time and little bit of effort…and you will find that what I am saying is not an Opinion, it is the Truth…and that is much more than just a fact, it is Constitutional Law.

          • Papa Bear

            You are SPOT ON!!!

          • Papa Bear

            Traitor?? YOU are the only TRAITOR in this conversation!!!!

          • Meteorlady

            What Flag? The Confederate Flag was a battle flag, not a national symbol of slavery or racism. It was carried by men who fought for their state right or wrong and writing a new history will never change that. You know nothing of the Constitution or the history of this country or you would feel a lot differently than you comment.

            As for the American Flag if you think that’s tractors then maybe you should go try living a year in Argentina or Venezuela or even North Korea to see what you advocate with your liberalism.

          • Kbuzz

            Such an argument (visit Nk, Arg, Ven) is a worthless endeavour when talking to a Lib/Dem/Snowflake. The reason why is Philosophically, Communism is a Liberal utopia having a “One for All & All for One” idealistic approach.
            It is an excellent philosophy worthy of society. Unfortunately, when the Human Element is introduced – a governing body arises and a totalatarian society prevails…or a tyranny. Mankind, historically, has been unable to rise above this. Libs would have you believe that we can, and Snowflakes embrace that because they believe the government should provide (of course they are a little wishy-washy on what their role is – other than receiver).
            Sadly, the very actions that Libs have taken: college campus’s anti-white teaching, protesting freedom of speech, open violence and the acceptance of it as a necessity, religious division, racial division, etc..
            When a portion of society openly accepts a Pogrom (its open season on Trumpers), the Human Element is firmly embedded in the sociey. The only option is genocide

          • Born Again Southern Pride

            Sadly Mike, you are a one trick pony. You don’t even know what is in the Constitution, so do not pretend to lecture me on it. Your beloved president Lincoln stole the right for states to seceed and you worship him. Who’s the traitor?

  • Robert

    Another Liberal way to Commit Robbery. Maybe the next earthquake will drop them off into the Ocean. That would end a lot of headache’s.

    • I care

      Sorry to say I live in Ca. But we are in Loomis …….. We want the State of Jefferson. Sick of BLUE

    • RiverMikeRat

      What’s wrong with ensuring that a house for sale is safe to live in?

      • chris VN

        You still can’t work it out???? these inspectors aren’t qualified, just like your peabrained Governor.

      • Papa Bear

        RAT life does not come with ANY guarantee.. It’s OBVIOUS you Leftopathic DUMMYS want a guarantee for everything. Well if you want a guarantee then purchase an insurance policy or pay someone to inspect what you want to purchase. Ever hear of “buyer beware”? Obviously not!!!

  • Brad

    I live in central CA, 300+ acre ranch, no mortgage, so at 78 can’t seem to justify leaving. My County tried to require a “meter” on my well head, so they could charge me for my usage. This was defeated, but they tried. They also said they would need my permission to do so if passed and I told them they would be granted my permission, as soon as I ran out of AMMO. Not all of this State is Blue, remove the coast and we are as Red as the rest of middle America.

    • TexasCoyote1

      Maybe God in his infinite wisdom can arrange to have the coastal area removed. Good luck on living your life in peace in such a communist state.

      • RiverMikeRat

        Typical republican wishing death upon those you don’t agree with.

        • disqus_tzf3a7eO2g

          Defending what is his is not wishing death on anyone.

        • patriot1111

          commie comment from a commie

        • TexasCoyote1

          The two ideologies are locked in a battle to the death. They are incompatible unfortunately and there is no room for compromise. BTW, I’m not a Republican. The two political parties are just two arms of the same party–the communist party.

        • Slav2012

          Seems you are deaf to when and how often liberals have been threatening violence in the past 11 months.

          • Papa Bear

            RiverMikeRat is not only deaf, dumb, and blind but most of all STUPID!!!

          • Slavak

            After several years on Disqus, Ive observed that trolls generally are either disturbed individuals or political operatives with the nationality of said operative to just as likely to be Russian or Chinese as American. Very rarely do the true liberals lower themselves to engage with us ignorant redneck hayseeds and barefoot farmers in flyoverland.

          • Papa Bear

            Slavak: I don’t thing there are as many “operatives” as you suggest it’s just a case of being stupid!!
            Political opinions if left unquestioned are the reason America ALMOST went under the past eight years and the reason for unchecked illegal invasion the rise in Radical Islamic terrorism more people on welfare and food stamps than are working the reason businesses are outsourcing over seas and the rise of stupidity.

            Sadly our lieberal “friends” are products of those One Dimensional Regressive Hypocritical Politically Correct Socialist Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocratic Liberal idiot-ological indoctrination camps that masquerade as public schools inculcating our youths to accept every degenerate amoral and/or multi-cultural or crap they can feed them, instead of instructing them on what they need to know to be productive and responsible citizens.

            According to the Government all we need to know is contained within those walls where they brainwash those who are most impressionable, the age of five through eighteen in what the government wants them to know. These perfect little automatons are devoid of all essential knowledge and awareness and ready to do the government’s bidding
            Illiteracy doesn’t only affect the minorities but most everyone else as well.
            Since the government takeover of the education system our children have become mindless politically correct lieberals incapable of anything other than functionally illiterate and dependent on government and their Propaganda Agency the Lame Stream Media (LSM) They are devoid of common sense morals ethics personal responsibility and are intellectually bankrupt

          • Meteorlady


        • Papa Bear

          TYPICAL lieberal nut-job demonstrating it’s STUPIDITY!!!
          It’s OK if you disagree with me. I can’t force you to be right!!!
          I often say to those who wish to be hyper critical if you like my point of view raise your hand if not raise your standards!

        • Meteorlady

          Again what is a typical Republican? I’m pretty typical (though I believe both parties are self-serving except for a few honest soles left) and I’ll tell you about me. I was born on a reservation in South Dakota. My parents stressed the importance of education and I worked odd jobs in the summer to put money away for college. I also got 4.0 grades and was able to obtain a scholarship to college but still had to work some part time to pay for my room and board.

          After college I worked menial jobs and save to start a business of my own. I realized that dream while living in Washington State. I built the business until taxes and regulations made it totally unprofitable to keep it in that state. Also Obamacare with his higher taxes and regulations forced less and less profit from my business.

          I moved that business to a more friendly state and was able to hire 7 more people. IN 2007 I shut the doors because of Obamacare and I was sick of government’s increasing regulations (all were reporting none were environmental) so 122 jobs were lost and the tax base that went with them.

          I now work for two local charities: Habitat for Humanity where we build houses for those that wish to help themselves; and I mentor at risk children through a local program which provides college assistance. We have 22 grads from high school attending college.

          So I’m a typical Republican and you to me are a typical hater that does nothing to make your community better except expect the government to make to happen.

          Have a nice day – I would ever wish death on anyone even the mean spirited lefties that divide this once great country.

        • Erik V Johnson

          Again…I Didn’t Know That Hillary Was a Republican !!

      • Papa Bear

        The reason I moved Commiefornication was trying to tax and regulate me out of business so I relocated to a more business (and people) friendly location!!!

        • Meteorlady

          Same here from Washington State…. was able not hire 7 more employees with the money I save on property taxes from city, county and state. Then ad in all the over lapping regulations and it was a nightmare.

          • Papa Bear

            At one time I had 100 plus employees conducting commerce on six continents after the RELO I pared it down to 40 that was until taxes and regulations sent all the manufacturing overseas. I USED to provide equipment and machinery for domestic manufacturing emphasis on USED TO

      • Mike Donaldson

        California is more and more like Sodom and Gomorrah, every day. The three gender laws and teaching is to confuse the children. Every day I wonder what sickness law will be signed next. On top of it all we pay the illegal aliens welfare, free medical, food stamps, section 8 housing, and free college educations. Ready for the Big one!

      • Cynthia

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    • AFGus

      It’s the citizens of California like you that need to band together to take your State back. I’m sure that there are more than enough of you if you all just come together for that common cause. I’m a native Californian, but have not lived there since the late seventies when I joined the Air Force. It was a great State to grow up in at that time, and could be again if the conservatives and Patriots that still live there come together.

      • Jon Higley

        I went to school north of S.F., joined the A.F. out of high school in ’71, then once out and finished with community college in ’77, moved north to Oregon, and finally to WA state. It’s obvious, 40 or so years later, that the whole west coast has turned leftist, so it’s not much better in either of those states as well.

        • David Bell

          Why do you think it is called “THE LEFT COAST”??????????????

      • RiverMikeRat

        Take “their” state back from whom? The other legal residents who have just as much right to a political opinion as you and he?

        It’s still a great state to live in. Always has been, always will be.

        • AFGus

          Wrong! Anyone who follows the unconstitutional Democommies train of thought is not a true American. Doesn’t matter if you were born here or not. If you champion unconstitutional acts of the Republic, your political opinions are themselves….Unconstitutional! California was once a great State, but it will never again be until people like you are no longer there.

        • Joe Fratz

          I lived in CA from 1949 to 1954 with my mother and stepdad, almost paradise.
          I returned, on my own, in 1959, still a great place to reside. After Viet Nam war ended, CA was on a down hill slide. I retired in 1994, CA had become a lousy place to be, so I moved to Montana, aka: “The Last Best Place.” Since I still have family and friends still in CA, I return every 2 years or so for a visit, it keeps degrading to the point, that I really do not enjoy the visit in any way.

        • patriot1111

          Cal. is a $hithole unless your an illegal cause their used to living in $hit.

          • Slav2012

            If you ever have the chance to befriend one of Middle Class from Mexico, they will tell you their government has had a policy for years of exporting their poor to the US thereby alleviating the load on their own social services. And that Mexico’s economy is significantly bolstered by the injection of several billion each year from money transfers. Indeed Mexico City is in a high rise construction boom for luxury apts and condos.

          • Meteorlady

            True where I live they line up on Friday to wire money to they relatives in Mexico. They also get entitlements via fraudulent papers and the local hospital keep tract of people via SS number has numerous names with then same SS number. Our entitlements budget is breaking and our schools are under educating the children because funds are now scares because of bi-lingual children. If you stand at the border on any given day you will see thousands of children crossing and catching school business (anchor babies) and they collect money for each anchor baby. The hospitals on the border have almost bankrupted themselves delivering illegals’ babies in their emergency room for which they never get paid. The list goes on……

          • Papa Bear

            Schools or I should say one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberal indoctrination camps that MASQUERADE as public schools have not “educated” but rather indoctrinated students in lieberalism since the mid 60’s They have been inculcating our children to accept every degenerate amoral and/or multi-cultural or crap they can feed them, instead of instructing them on what they need to know to be productive and responsible citizens.

            According to the Government all we need to know is contained within those walls where they brainwash those who are most impressionable, the age of five through eighteen in what the government wants them to know. These perfect little automatons are devoid of all essential knowledge and awareness and ready to do the government’s bidding
            Illiteracy doesn’t only affect the minorities but most everyone else as well.

            Since the government takeover of the education system our children have become mindless politically correct lieberals incapable of anything other than functionally illiterate and dependent on government and their Propaganda Agency the Lame Stream Media (LSM) They are devoid of common sense morals ethics personal responsibility and are intellectually bankrupt

        • Slav2012

          Apparently you must not live there or pay the outrageous taxes and fees placed upon the citizenry by a state and local political establishment gone rogue. Nor does it seem that you’ve been awake while vast numbers of fornians migrated out of the Peoples Democratic Bear Flag Republic.

        • kenrmer

          The problem with the CA environment is it is an artificial environment. Just as Alaska is a bitter cold natural environment, CA is a hot dry natural environment. It was because of 2 major manmade events that made CA hospitable for development. 1) The engineering of manmade canals to bring water from the mountains to the arid areas and 2) Hoover dam to provide electrical power. If you tried to build either one today, the environmentalists would be up in arms protesting.
          You can also expect Mother Nature to occasionally remind Californians that she ultimately rules the area, just like the New Orleans area with her manmade dikes and pumps, the coastal areas, and along the Mississippi River.

          • Papa Bear

            You neglected to consider the WASTE both human and actual these morons produce

          • Meteorlady

            So here’s the glitch. Environmentalists….. the demonstrate, protect and show their anger but never once to they admit that over-population is the largest and most dangerous threat to our environment. Funny how that works huh?

          • Papa Bear

            Well they are trying their darndest to eliminate that problem one abortion at a time!!! 60 million plus and counting.

        • Papa Bear

          NOT THE ILLEGALS which comprises at LEAST 50% of the population You consistently prove Einstein correct. There is a limit to genius but none on stupidity!!!

        • Meteorlady

          It’s estimated that thousands of illegal voted in the last election. Because of Drives Licenses they are able to apply for entitlements and are protected. California is not even a state I visit any longer. Not safe in LA at all and it’s getting to look like Mexico in areas of the city. You would be proud of that?

          • Papa Bear

            You provided the very reason the Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocratic Lieberals allow and encourage illegals to enter the us VOTES!!!
            Illegal ALIEN’S have broken into our house and one dimensional MORNIC regressive lieberals say they deserve keys to the house, the car, free healthcare free education welfare food stamps and they have the right to our paychecks ~ There is a difference between charity and stupidity!!!! Anyone not realizing this FACT should be institutionalized !!!

            Now let’s see if I have this right!!!

            If you cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor if you’re lucky, if not you’re charged with espionage and executed as a spy!!!

            If you cross the Iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely and Kerry Øb☭ma bin Laden ETAL will NOT negotiate for your freedom but instead provide Iran a clear path to nuclear weapons which they will undoubtedly use on US while Iran gives nothing in return!!!!

            If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot, while Øb☭ma bin Laden negotiates with the Taliban Giving them Five Generals for ONE POS Deserter!!.

            If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally you will be jailed whipped and if you are a woman subjected to genital mutilation.

            If you cross the Chinese border illegally you are sent to a labor camp and may never be heard from again.

            If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally you will be branded a spy and your carcass will be dragged in the street.

            If you cross the Cuban border illegally you will be thrown into political prison to rot while the Cuban government is cozy with Øb☭ma bin Laden and receives US recognition and “assistance” while giving up nothing in return!!

            If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get; a job (if you want one), a drivers license, social security card, welfare, food vouchers, credit cards, subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house, free education, free health care, a lobbyist in District of Corruption billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language, the right to carry your country’s flag while you protest that you don’t get enough respect and, in many instances, you can vote.

            I just wanted to make sure I had a firm grasp on the situation!!!

            It’s time to wake up America and stop the “Stupidity, Apathy and this INANE and DANGEROUS Political Correctness ”

      • Papa Bear

        There are not NEARLY enough of them as Commiefornication is so far left they will fall off the edge and become Encima Mexico!!!

    • mary murphy

      Maybe more so, Brad, maybe more so. My husband and I lived in Atascadero for several years and met many good Republicans during that time. I loved living there and loved the people. I tell everyone about that part of California and my friends who lived in the San Jaquine (sp?) Valley and raised so much wonderful fruit. But unless you have experienced California away from the “fruits” and “nuts”, it’s kind of hard to believe you all are out there. Keep up the good work from your space.

      • Papa Bear

        Commiefornication was a good place to live up until Reagan left the governorship then it went downhill even faster!!! Gov Edmond G (Pat) Brown was governor when I first arrived in Ca in 1960 Ca was fine then but his son Governor Moonbeam Jerry is the total opposite he nearly ruined ca in his first go around as Gov and the IDIOTS of CA didn’t learn from his first fiasco so they voted the fool in for a second time. Now (despite his promises to not raise taxes) they are facing HIGHER TAXES for the fourth time and still the left (and illegals) love this clown. Taxes keep being raised because of the illegals that Gov. Moonbeam loves so much as they are the ones keeping him in office. Glad no ELATED I am no longer there.

    • RiverMikeRat

      No, we aren’t. Almost all of the big cities and much of the central valley is Democrats.

      • chris VN

        And that’s not the problem????

      • Meteorlady

        That’s pretty much the problem. I live in a state where Californians are coming and we really don’t want that influx. I lived through hat influx in Washington State and nothing good came from it except really rude drives, an unwanted increase in housing values and more liberals to run up taxes.

    • Tom F

      Maybe the answer is the State of Jefferson – I’d want Nevada County to be in that. I hear Maryland finally ditched their “rain tax;” they were taxing rainfall because the water, of course, belonged to the state.

    • David Bell

      Here in East Tennessee, the local government “tried” to make home owners to purchase a permit to paint their house, which made them look better, and improve the property. THAT went over the same as a lead ballon, OR a “turd” in the punch bowl.

      • Papa Bear

        Licensing and permitting is the government removing our freedom then “selectively” selling them back. APATHY is the worst thing to happen to freedom as apathy gives tacit approval that what government does is acceptable.

    • Papa Bear

      God Loves a Patriot and so do I
      Non est liberum libertate et ex parte pretium rogationis
      Libertas inaestimabilis res est
      Celer Silens Mortalis

  • Erik V Johnson

    Was or Is There Probable Cause ???

    • mary murphy

      Not the way I read that article, but could be wrong.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Probable cause only pertains to the police in a criminal action. This is a house inspection by licensed building inspectors to make sure the house is safe to live in and shouldn’t be condemned or renovated to bring it up to code.

  • I belive the 4th Amendment covers that issue quite well.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Not really. That’s search and seizure by the police in a criminal case, not making sure that a house for sale is safe.

      • RiverMikeRat,

        Not necessarily. The Fourth Amendment says, “houses,papers and effects shall not be violated.”

      • Jack Leonard

        Don’t assume that this makes it safe. Government officials are, in general, inept, corrupt and lazy. Let the buyer decide about inspections and let it be done by private contractors with no government fees.

  • Gregg Parker

    There are no real laws in Kalifornia. The only rules are whatever direction the wind blows… I mean el wind-o blow-os

  • Dee

    This is what happens when you elect morons who want to take away all your rights . The dems are So Dangerous !! Wake up people !!

    • RiverMikeRat

      Public safety shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We have to have our cars inspected prior to sale, why not our houses to make sure they are safe?

      • Constitution

        And forced AIDS inspection.
        And forced flu inspection.
        And forced HIV inspection.
        And forced gun inspection.
        And forced income tax audit, annually.
        And forced yard inspection.
        And forced education testing, annually.
        But, EPA lies are OK.
        EPA holocaust 2.0

        Who will audit the Gov?

        • Papa Bear

          I will volunteer my service.

      • cindy galt

        That’s what home inspections are for by LICENSED inspectors.

        • Meteorlady

          Yup they lobby the government, get the laws passed and make thousands. My home was never inspected because it was voluntary and you had to pay for it. I have never had a problem with the property or the house in the 10 years I have lived in it.

      • Papa Bear

        So why do you feel it is the Government’s responsibility? The ONUS is on the buyer to provide a safety inspection by a reputable firm!!!

      • Meteorlady

        I lived in a state where it took two years or more to build a home. It was inspection after inspection and it was EXPENSIVE. I now live in a state where there is virtually no inspection and it takes two months to build. My home is 10 years old and I have never had a problem with it or anything else to do with the land or house.

        We inspect our cars for pollution and safety which is fine and the people like that, but that’s about it. While I had my business I was under 191 federal, state and local regulations – most overlapping and saving different things. Only 1% were environmental and the rest were government reporting which cost thousand each year to fill out all the forms and conform to all the “standards”.

    • Papa Bear

      Well too many people merely sit on the fence and say nothing until they are affected. Apathy gives tacit approval that what government does is acceptable.

  • kenrmer

    I’ve never heard of a home Zoning inspection.
    I can’t speak for Santa Barbara, but the actual intent of a City inspection by a “building inspector” prior to the point of sale is to identify any building code violations so the buyer is aware. Most violations are identified by a house inspection paid for by the buyer, but many buyers unwisely never do get an inspection.
    It is meant to catch substandard “fixes” or “alterations” performed either by the homeowner or an unqualified individual hired by the homeowner on the cheap, and in most cases is performed without a building permit.

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      It does not matter what the intent it. Forcing the service for a fee is robbery and nanny state politics at its worst. Buyers can handle their own business by hiring a qualified inspector. A fee or fine from the local government is not needed and to make it a crime adds insult to injury. Robbery by government at its finest.

      • RiverMikeRat

        Oh, so the city should pay the inspector but not get paid for the inspection?

        I feel the city should take the fee from the realtor when the sale closes, not the seller.

        The problem is, most buyers don’t know that they need to and most realtors (my sister included, but then, she’s a trump supporter, also) won’t tell either the buyer or the seller that the house should be inspected.

        • Born Again Southern Pride

          No Mike… the people that use inspectors pay for their service. The city, except in this instance in commiefornia, is never involved. If a realtor is too stupid to tell their clients they should protect themselves by getting an inspection, I’d say they are a dum bass. Apparently, the fruit in your family didn’t fall far from the tree.

    • RiverMikeRat

      And thus the need for these inspections. The types of people (I won’t honor them by calling them construction professionals) you mention give the rest of us a bad name.

    • kenrmer

      The bigger concern are the illegal immigrant construction workers in CA that are willing to do work for cash under the table. Those are the ones that are the most dangerous. I’ve seen cosmetically good looking work that was dangerously installed.
      One good example is my sister’s home in a middle class CA suburb. She has an existing one story ranch w/ a stucco finish that has already one coat of paint. She wanted to install synthetic stone to dress up the front entrance. The company owner spoke broken english and the crew were non-english speaking. Well, per the MVMA (Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association) specifications, a mechanically fastened metal lath is required to be installed to ensure the stone does not come loose and start to delaminate from the existing painted base surface. Well, luckily she sent me pics of the work in progress and the company owner was then informed, after I made simple call to local mfr rep, to remove the stone (3/4’s done) and install the metal lath.
      The contractor then told my sister it would be an add to the contract to install the mesh. I then personally called the contractor and informed him I also called the building dept and sent them the specifications. So if he wanted his money he had to get a final inspection approval from the city building dept. He then begrudgingly decided to do the work correctly under the base contract amount.
      A classic example of neither the company owner NOR the laborers following the basic requirements of the product manufacturer which happens to be an industry standard.
      FYI: Standards for installation of products.
      Synthetic (manufactured) stone – MVMA (Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Assoc.)
      Vinyl siding – VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute)
      Roofing – NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association)

  • ted towny

    Lure the inspectors in and shoot them, the city will change their minds in a hurry or have to pay hazardous duty pay. There are a lot of liberal lunatics out there! in CA!

    • RiverMikeRat

      So you are calling for murder. Nice. Typical republican. Kill those that you don’t agree with.

      • Erik V Johnson

        I Didn’t Know That Hillary Was a Republican…

  • Joan Loughran

    California government spends money faster than when they receive it. There is never enough for these greedy politicians. I guess there must be a lot more freeloaders than producers and they vote for Democrats who give them free stuff. All the cities along the coast except for a small pocket of conservatives vote Democrat. That is why they love illegal immigrants – since they now can get drivers licenses, I would love to see how many of them are voting. It is really a terrible situation.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Well yeah, other than the fact that we have a budget surplus and no republican-run state can say that. Yes, we have a shortfall in pension funding, but that isn’t the general fund, it’s a special fund and there’s a shortfall because people are living longer than ever before.

      • David Bell

        ALSO, more welfare………….

  • Tasine

    So, can we officially now refer to California and Governor Jerry Brown what they truly are, communists? Thank God I left there in 1980…..moved to a sane state where Americans, not communists, live.

  • Constitution

    REAL NEWS: EPA holocaust 2.0

  • Free Man (NOT)

    Sounds like they are just looking for an excuse to seize property.
    Why else would they want to roam around someone’s house?

    • RiverMikeRat

      Oh, I dunno, maybe to make sure it’s safe to live in and meets code requirements?

  • Clete Tacker

    2nd amendment, 4th amendment just pick one, the globalist socialist liberals want them ALL. Wake up people, they are slowly eroding your rights until the only right you have is to obey them.

    • RiverMikeRat

      The GOP now wants to revoke the 1st Amendment. trump recently called it gross.

      • Clete Tacker

        The GOP wants to revoke the 1st amendment? That’s strange, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone in the GOP call for or express wanting to “revoke” the 1st amendment. I have seen and heard many socialist liberals wanting to ban words that “offend” them, and that is actually chipping away at the 1st amendment. I’m thinking you might be an “injured” and “upset” socialist liberal making things up.
        You may be perfectly willing to give your rights away and have the government control every aspect of your life, but sane normal people want to keep their rights and not have our rights constantly under assault by socialist liberals that actually attempt to quash the 2nd amendment or like this case our 4th amendment rights.
        Maybe one day if you grow up you will realize just how great this country and our previous rights really are.

  • just care

    I have listed ALL the constitutional rights that remain in California in a list below:

  • Joe samo

    Well you people in California…if this is what you really want…then shut up, sit down and follow the progressive democrat-fascist over the cliff.
    If not then get the vote out and vote moonbeam and his fellow communist out of office.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    It sounds to me that Herr Brown and his Gestapo is getting dirty. You don’t go into someone’s house unless you have probable cause and have a search warrant…. Herr Brown,. BIG SMILE…

  • John

    I know libs are not fans of the Constitution but this is ridiculous.

  • kassa1

    You beckoned for Communism California ,enjoy!

  • RiverMikeRat

    We have to have our cars inspected for safety before selling them, why not our houses?

    • Rolpho Signetti

      Why don’t you shad up! If they are financing it, the lender usually does that. It is just another hidden tax money maker for the city.

  • Louie Rey

    Gee, I’m shocked that California has ignored The Constitution regarding this matter, NOT! Really, WTF is wrong with that state? Coincidentally I’m in the process of selling my home here on Long Island and the inspection which this story refers to does, in fact, have to take place but AFTER and offer has been made. An engineer comes and makes sure the house is up to par and the report becomes part of the sale agreement. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that that’s the protocol that should be followed. California’s? Not so much.

  • David Ciambrone

    What do you expect from The People’s Republic of Santa Barbra? Also, California is now leaning so far to the left it may fall into the ocean without help from the San Andreas fault. I hope the court stops this and soon. They need to sue in federal court.

  • David Bell

    The federal government did not do anything to “Hanoi Jane” after she came back from North Vietnam. Why would they do anything to a local government worker???

    • Mr. Neon

      Thank you Mr. Bell, and yet they still allow her to walk around, when she should be behind bars with that loser Hillary, that is just as guilty as she is. In fact because of the people that died in the prison camps she visited, because she was giving aid and comfort to the enemy, i.e. the North Viet Cong, she should have been shot. Sadly, not that many remember the crime she did, but there was a reason her picture was placed in so many urinals in virtually all military installations.. But as you say, why would any of those in the coastal areas and the majority of the southern part of the state, why would they do anything but support this madness, with the jokers that we have currently in Sacramento!!!!

      • John Lowder

        I REMEMBER. I will never forget!! She is running her jaw’s about something else now… I’m sure you will hear about it.

        • Mr. Neon

          Its just that every time I hear her name or voice, I get nauseous. It would be so nice if she would just join her father, Henry, and even the very thought that we are having her in any conversation almost seems sacrilegious.

  • Fed up!

    This Connie law will not stand Supreme Court Constitution Law. Very soon when President Trump appoints true constitution Judges to the bench. The liberals will stop there commie laws or get tired of defeat.

  • Meteorlady

    That’s what happens when liberals take over – you loose freedoms even though they tell you otherwise. Socialism is power over the masses and yet the left keeps promoting it. Look at Venezuela and Argentina to see where socialism ends up.

  • karmicpete

    Localities also using non-warrant, annual-fee inspection regimes for rental properties (eg Long Beach) which add to cost for providers and are a big step toward rent control. Activists receive government money to push for this crap. Control is more important than results for these pol-yut-ickers. They are purely misguided bullies that just “know better”.

  • Gerri

    Gee all of a sudden CALIFORNIA is invoking the CONSTITUTION!!!! WOW that’s a switch to their normal disrespect for that document. It appears they,apparently, believe in the amendments WHEN THEY SUIT THEIR PURPOSE ONLY.