Calif., Pa. Sue Nuns to Make Them Pay for Abortions

(Brendan Clarey, Liberty Headlines) The Little Sisters of the Poor are again headed to court, this time against California and Pennsylvania, who are suing to remove the group from a religious exemption provided by new guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Obamacare Rule Fix Would Halt HHS Abuse of Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor/Photo by Cummings Properties (CC)

DHHS issued new guidelines in October concerning religious exemptions, but California and Pennsylvania are suing the nuns to make them provide contraceptives and abortifacients according to a federal mandate, according to press releases by Becket Law, the nonprofit law firm representing Little Sisters.

Both states have Democrat Attorneys General, and Mark Rienzi, senior counsel at Becket, objected Tuesday to their motivations for suing the religious group.

PREVIOUSLY: HHS Rule Fix Would Halt Obamacare Abuse of Little Sisters of the Poor

“Sadly Josh Shapiro and Xavier Becerra think attacking nuns is a way to score political points,” Rienzi said. “These men may think their campaign donors want them to sue nuns, but our guess is most taxpayers disagree. No one needs nuns in order to get contraceptives, and no one needs these guys reigniting the last administration’s divisive and unnecessary culture war.”

The recent HHS guidelines that provide the exemption do so based on religious conscience and excuse groups like the Little Sisters from having to comply with the federal contraceptive and abortifacient mandate in the Affordable Care Act.

The interdepartmental rules were made to provide groups like Little Sisters of the Poor greater protections based on their faith.

“The United States has a long history of providing conscience protections in the regulation of health care for entities and individuals with objections based on religious beliefs and moral convictions,” the new HHS guidelines read.

“These interim final rules expand exemptions to protect religious beliefs for certain entities and individuals whose health plans are subject to a mandate of contraceptive coverage through guidance issued pursuant to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” the guidelines state.


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  • “There will come a time when people will go mad, and if they see a fool, they
    will rise up against him, saying, – He is mad! – because he will not be like them.

    (St. AtG)

    • The duck

      Kinda happened to Mugabe and could very well happen to the Socialists in our own government and should have happened to Obama and the Clinton cartel.

    • Karma

      That time is here.

    • Doug001

      For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.
      2nd Timothy 4:3 (New International Version)

  • Kevin Carl

    We are given over to the worst kinds of depravity and its by our own choice. When a people (government is the voice of the people, unfortunately) forsake what is good then we are on our own. We have no help in the goodness that is.


      Not “WE”, maybe you~

  • Bill Meeker

    Figured California would be one state but surprised to see Pennsylvania as the other. Many Republicans in office today vote with the Democrats and against the Trump and the People’s agenda … with luck the Dimms may win back the Congress and be able to repeal the 1st and 2nd Amendments to make their lives easier. At least 25% of Republicans would vote with them.

    • Barbara Repko

      PA is a corrupt blue state owned and destroyed by liberal Democrats, especially Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

    • Al

      So, you are ready to live in a country WITHOUT 1 & 2?

      • Bill Meeker

        No, but I’m prepared for it. Ten years ago if you’d have told me we were going to elect a community organizer/agitator to the presidency and have the most corrupt, unlawful administration in recent history … I’d have called you crazy.

        • Al

          Bill, I agree with you. Had a meeting with a community organizer and the HR Department of Chrysler and the issue was getting to work before your shift started. Attempting to put a car together without workers is like making an unsafe car, but the community organizer would not accept the rigid demands of Chryslers policy.

    • Naval Lint

      “…with luck the Dimms may win back the Congress and be able to repeal the 1st and 2nd Amendments”
      Whom do you think this will be lucky for?

      • Bill Meeker

        That was sarcasm … when the Democrats OWNED Congress they chipped away at both but refused to even ATTEMPT to repeal either.

        • Naval Lint

          Had they even ATTEMPTED such, the coming national conflict would have ALREADY started.
          I DO appreciate sarcasm, though, and will reiterate that WE NEED A SARCASM FONT! Disqus, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?

  • jcmarlton

    Pretty pathetic when 2 grown men can only promise abortion to their people. How pathetic they are and you want them to represent you! They belong in jail. Make abortion illegal and women need to take birth control and men can use condoms. Stop killing innocent babies.

    • The duck

      Use to be when I was a lad that if a male got a lady pregnant he had to take care of his responsibility and the lady had to do the same, unless it was a case of rape then the guy was executed for his brutality and his out of control lust. It was a done conclusion if a guy was found guilty of rape. But if it was proven to be consensual then you better have a job or damn well better get one digging ditch or sweeping street gutters if need be.

      • Barbara Repko

        Rape has nothing to do with lust. That attitude belongs in the Dark Ages.

        • The duck

          Please enlighten me mam.

          • SC Patriot

            It’s about power. Lot’s of elderly women and even babies are raped or sexually assaulted. It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach.

          • The duck

            Oh I agree. It turns my stomach also. What you say about power is true in some cases but lust is one of the main factors. Ted Kennedy was one who was power driven. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth chased women young and mid age to put another notch in his belt. But never heard of him brutally raping one. He did try to once but never got away by doing the act. But for a guy to rape he has to be lust driven in order to get his boy toy up. Yeah I have read and heard of the various rapes you talk about and they are horribly brutal.

          • Anna Nomus

            ???? Old women and babies can’t get pregnant so they aren’t the ones that are getting abortions or seeking contraceptives. Yes, rape is about power but that has nothing to do with this topic.

        • Harvey Mitterdorf

          You have no idea what you are talking about.

        • Al

          Barbara, your comment regarding that “rape is not related to lust” is unbelievable. I would say that rape is uncontrollable lust. Males that are found guilty of rape should be removed of what they use in a rape against a female.

          • Cat Woman

            Rape is not lust. It is violence. It is domination. It is control.

          • Bella Gray


          • Doug001

            You are over simplifying it, lust (or a strong sexual desire) is also a part of it, or they would torture instead.

          • Naval Lint

            By your definition, ALL DEMOCRATS are rapists.

          • Criers

            Rape is about power, not lust.

    • slk5

      when you’re poor (cal), you take from everyone…and cal continues to need more!!!

    • no murder, no sacrifice for Baal.

    • Anna Nomus

      They need to stay away from each other if they don’t want kids. But yes, abortion should be illegal.

  • Criers

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about California could we dump them from the United States.

    • kenrmer

      Lets hope Yosemite erupts soon and pushes CA into the Pacific.

      • Sharon Miller McGuffee

        There’s nothing in Yosemite to erupt!! I think you’re referring to

        • Mount Shasta is not far from Yosemite and it is an Active Volcano! Along with almost 20 inactive along the West coast and lets not forget Mt St Helen is rumbling again at its Magma Cauldron! Plenty to be worried about if you are a West Coast Atheist!! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

        • Clint Holmes

          Yellowstone is a supervolcano, if that bliws it will set off a chain reaction in the string of underground caldera linked to it and could cause a global catastrophe so no let us not hope Yellowstone erupts for many thousands of years yet.

      • Doug001

        Yellowstone would affect you more than CA, there would be hot ash falling in a fan shape from Nova Scotia to the Carolinas, it’s so big we could have a quarter of the country turned into Pompeii.
        More worrying is that the ashes in the atmosphere would block 90% of the sunlight for several years, no light no plants no food no animals . . . . . and a new ice age.

        • Not so as the Tectonic plates under Yellowstone will crack if it erupts and the Continental shelf is no longer under California, so it will break off and slide into the Pacific! Every Tremor caused by Yellowstone has been felt in the Faults of California, Oregon and Washington state! The rest of your conclusion though is correct, as they predict the Pyroclastic cloud will extend to the Mississippi River valley and as far as Canada’s northern frontier and south to the Gulf of Mexico! Nuclear Winter indeed, the devastation and loss of life will be beyond disastrous, it will be Biblical in scope! Have a Great Thanksgiving!

          • America1st

            So much for the global warming financial scam

    • henryknox

      The very sad part of this is that we used to blame Democrats for this. Now it is John McCain that chose Obamacare over the free market and liberty. What we are now dealing with is McCain-Murkowski care and the Democrats are off the hook. It is no longer Obamacare and now should be called Republican-Care.

      • It’s ok Henry as the Democrats invaded the Republican party since the 90’s, as the DNC turned Communist and the Clintons hit the self destruct button! So essentially both parties are run by Democrats, the Bluebloods became Republicans and the Leftists stayed Democratic Socialists! John McCain hasn’t been a Republican since he left his dying wife for a Democrat Bundler Widow after 9/11! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Criers

        McCain has always been a liberal in Republican clothes. I cannot understand why Arizonians/Zonies think he is a free-thinker, when he is such a liar.

    • Doug001

      Carefully placed explosives in deep holes along the San Andreas Fault, set of in succession would peel the big liberal cities away from the US leaving the eastern half of the state attached, could be a win-win. Shame it would take out half the wine regions and leave the other half on the coast, but worse it would take most of the redwoods with it, and that would be a huge loss! I would imagine the fault line goes up north of Portland judging by the dog leg in the Columbia river there, and although I wouldn’t miss Portland, the coastal range and forests are amazing.

      • Criers

        Northern California is okay, but Southern California really needs to disappear.

  • David Ciambrone

    Again the governments of the states, especially California are showning how STUPID they are. But you should expect stupid from those states. I hope they lose and have to pay the nun’s court expenses. too.

    • The duck

      And the nuns get punitive damages too large enough to open more centers to care for then elderly poor. But it will go to the 9th circuit court and the sisters will lose there. Unless the Pennsylvania case is heard first. Now that might throw an ax at California.

    • Barbara Repko

      Not everyone in corrupt liberal PA is a Democrat or stupid.

      • Harvey Mitterdorf

        If they are a Democrat that certainly aren’t very intelligent.

        • Allen Evans

          If they’re a Democrat AND in ANY level of politics then they are indeed corrupt and most likely very stupid.

  • jlcham

    When will they realize that a woman HAS the right to control her body. DON’T GET LAID!!!

    • Barbara Repko

      They should use birth control responsibly and pay for it themselves, like I always did.

  • a fool

    Shame on all of those souls who have no Appreciation for the Free Fresh Air they Breath and for the Heart Beat they have! They will discover all those Truth after they die and meet their Maker! No human soul comes from their Parents, nor the beating of the hearts come from Nature! The Creator God is in control of Both! Pity all those who are abusing their Human Powers and Limited human brain cells! They are challenging The Power of the Almighty God, He will do His Justice in the Fullness of HIS TIME! Regardless one believes in HIM or not! When one sees Him face to FACE, each one will have no Excuse to say: “I am sorry, I never know your are real…” “As ye sow so shall ye reap!” Be careful with what one does to one’s neighbor while one is living within one’s skin and, is breathing the Fresh Free Air while the heart is still beating…. NO one earned those gifts, and no one knows when those gifts will be taken away and must FACE JUDGEMENT!

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Wake up guys. These nuns are NOT going to pay for abortions no matter what you have to say about it.

    • Maxine Albritton

      they should not have to it is against their religions and most of ours too. the nuns won’t ever need one so they should not have to pay either way.

      • BIGOTIST

        Your one idiot!!!!!

        • Naval Lint

          Lookin’ in a mirror are you?

  • John Smith

    can’t vote for a democrat because of their party i guess i’m a republican.

    • John Smith

      i thought i could be a centrist but there are only two parties

      • Doug001

        The Republicans have become centrists to try and capture more votes, the Democrats just laughs and shift left.

  • Fact checker

    Progressives think suing a nun for following her religion is okay. Progressives have no problem yelling “separation of church and state” until it comes to suing nuns for following their religion.

    • Bella Gray

      That is because they are communists.

  • therealworld

    I would go to Jail for what I want to say about this.

  • Kevin Soravilla

    Keep the death mills running. Plain murder period.

  • mari

    The left hates it when churches or other non-government groups do good deeds. They think only the government has the right to do that. They do it badly, very badly. They stop people from feeding the poor and homeless. It’s hard for them to demonize churches when they are doing good.

  • keepersleeper

    When is Ca scheduled to slip into the Pacific Ocean??


      Soon, I hope~

  • keepersleeper

    All Nuns should pack up and LEAVE Ca and Pa…PROBLEM SOLVED!!


      Maybe ALL nuns should keep their knees together~

  • CMSgt, USAF, Retired

    Castrate both of the attorney generals. No need foe contraceptives and will prevent additional idiots being born. Problem solved.

    • Doug001

      I have a theory that when early pre-humans mated with Neanderthals they gained a larger brain to go with their more efficient brain. Of course Mendelian inheritance shows that although some would have the larger more efficient brain, some would have the smaller efficient brrain, and some would have the larger less efficient brain. That only leaves the Democrats . . . . .

  • keepersleeper

    Democrats: The meanest, nastiest, most hate-filled, intolerant group of people on the face of the planet…BAR NONE!!

  • henryknox

    I wonder why Nuns wouldn’t want to kill children? It makes sense that the gov’t would make them do this against their will since they obviously don’t really believe that killing is wrong they are just anti-gov’t.

  • ydnar0591

    How did NUNS get Pregnant…?…I thought they took a vow of somekind ~..”not to do that which makes one pregnant”..!???…and that they were “already married”..~.before the contradictional conception took place….???…wow….curious..?

  • Vic de Carlo

    Why would nuns who care for the poor elderly be required to provide anything to do with abortions anyway? All I know is that they care for these poor people and live off charity/donations to provide these much needed services. Maybe they wouldn’t be needed if some of the same politicians who waste billions yearly would provide assistance for them in their time of need instead of giving them a hard time trying to keep the abortion mills rolling. BTW, have they gone after the MuZlim ReLigIon or is abortions OK with them?

  • John

    If sanity reigns , the Supremacy Claise of the Constitution would overrule state law. In other words an Ace will trump their jokers.


  • donl

    IF the North Koreans attacked California, they would welcome them with open arms. That is how far to left those idiots are.

  • Gregg Parker

    I agree no free abortions for nuns! They can have Planned Parenthood submit the costs for their abortions to the government just like the rest of us…sorry… just so tired of foolish stories and foolish people… so foolish post…

  • Criers

    Do these nuns supply healthcare to others or is this healthcare only for them? I know the Sister of Mercy run a hospital is it the same for the Sisters of the Poor?

  • Louie Rey

    Even before reading the article I knew right off the bat that one of the states wold be California. I mean they’re political “leaders” are from another planet. But I didn’t know that Pennsylvania would be the other state. The fact that the governor’s a Democrat obviously adds credence to their stance but then again that’s not the only other state with a Democratic governor. What’s up with them?

  • Fred Barton

    It’s a sad day when California and Pennsylvania are mentioned in the same breath politically. The law is the law? They are as opposite as their positions on the map. Nuns required to pay for abortions? It is a slap in the face towards Christians, something you expect from California, but not what you should expect from Pennsylvania.