Calif. High School Students Ban Nat’l Anthem at Rallies

‘There’s been a lot of push back…’

( The Star Spangled Banner will no longer be played at rallies at California High School in San Ramon after student leaders determined the song is racially insensitive.

“It was brought to our attention that the national anthem’s third verse is outdated and racially offensive, wrote the president of the school’s Associated Study Body. “We had nothing but good intentions by removing the song so that we could be fully inclusive to our student body.”

The decision to eliminate the national anthem from student rallies has resulted in a significant amount of backlash from patriotic students and residents.

“There’s been a lot of push back on the removal of the anthem – and not just from conservatives,” senior Dennis Fiorentino said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

Fiorentinos, who was a guest Tuesday on my nationally syndicated radio program, said he was shocked when he realized the national anthem had been banned.


“It’s important that we honor and respect those who sacrificed their lives protecting the freedom that us Americans take for granted every day,” he said.

On a side note, kudos to the student journalists at California High School who first reported this story and did so with a fair writing a fair and balanced report.

It’s refreshing to see solid journalism from The Californian.

The student body president posted a letter on the high school’s website defending the decision to ban the song by citing an unsung third verse that references “the hireling and slave.”…Original Source

  • Beeker D.

    Getting a petition started to remove our: “INSENSITIVE&NON INCLUSIVE” Tax Dollars from the School’s Coffers!

    • Josh

      Awsome idea, love it.

    • Balder The Brave

      I would be happy with the banning of federal aid to the school in all forms. Why delay California’s decent into 3rd World Status?

    • Jose Cisneros

      I agree and stop funding the teacher union the communist NEA

    • mauisheri

      wow! Now that’s the best solution! Let the little commies pay for their own (lack of) education!

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Most likely a large Hispanic enrollment. Most illegal, and getting money from Washington

    • Beeker D.

      No surprisingly it isn’t. But school demographics have changed(a lot) since my son went there in the early 90’s!
      Has a lot of ‘New Asian Americans’ Pakistan/Indian/Malaysian/Korean etc. and has had liberal leanings since the mid 80’s. Apparently it’s gotten worse since the my son attended.
      But then again this whole area has ‘REALLY’ changed in last 20-25 years!
      Everyone around here used to be Small Business owners, Tradesmen, Self Employed Types
      etc.! Now They All Seem to work for the Government Federal, State, County, City in one form or another.

      • Rolpho Signetti

        Everywhere has changed. Some good, some bad. But they should still respect the country, and traditions.

      • Balder The Brave

        You would think the children of government employees would promote the government? Cut the rope that binds us together and they will be cast adrift alone at sea.

      • SoManyWhiners

        Hopefully your son had a good education, these students are idiots and are clueless about history.

      • Amy Carter

        This is why foreigners need to be forced out

      • mauisheri

        and all suffering from ‘hand out itis’ and a huge sense of entitlement and self importance

    • delbert balling

      Where does Washington get the money?

  • rocky63

    The damn fools, I would bet, NEVER sang the 3rd verse of the National Anthem. They just need to act in the juvenile way of students in our colleges. They don’t even begin to realize what the National Anthem stand for — and has stood for for centuries. They fit the title the communists used to label such fools — “Useful Idiots”. If you’re a communist, wishing to overthrow freedom and democracy, such fools would be “useful” to you.

    • mauisheri

      they read it and just picked up the words, and not the usage or meaning intended in the song, which was not what they wanted to do…..they just wanted something to bitc- about.

  • Just1Saddletramp

    Like most issues, the student body leaders have taken the third verse totally out of context. A historical study of the issues at that time would totally remove any racist arguments against the verse or the anthem.

    • chocopot

      “The underlying problem is that factually correct history is no longer being taught in schools.”

      History in general is no longer taught in schools.

    • Amy Carter

      Dear God cut the state loose and tell them when you want to behave like normal humans you can have statehood back but any one that wants to follow country rules is allowed to leave

      • mauisheri

        Nah…just cut em loose….period..or let the real Californians that want to split off from the jackass faction do just that and normal life can go on for those poor folk!

  • Jim

    No one sings the third verse. First of all it is a poem, get over it already. It is time to make military service mandatory for everyone when they reach their eighteenth birthday.

    • Balder The Brave

      If everyone is required to serve standards will fall like a lead zeplin. Our military expenditures would sky rocket. A better choice would be charm school or a course on how to be a gentleman. See what happens in the Kingsman movies.

      • mauisheri

        by charm school I would mean chain gangs and no more libraries, computers,time off for time served, and privileges to all in prisons…..earn it! And no more multiple chances for first time offenders………..short jail terms for first minor offenses only, all others MUST serve at least 3/4 of sentence!

      • Jim

        Standards wouldn’t fall and as far as the cost, there would be less spent on prisons.

        • Balder The Brave

          They will be in federal military prison. No purpose and no direction. Think our Vietnam Vets and problems with drugs and lack of order. A professional army let’s those that wish to serve serve. A impaneled army will give you high school.

          • Jim

            I do think about our Viet Vets because I am one of them. More people have been straightened out by the military. You learn structure and self discipline. One of the problem with being in Vietnam was lack of support from the people back home. You don’t have to believe in a war, but you support the troops in it, not spit in their face. Mandatory military service works in other countries and it would work here.

    • mauisheri

      just bring back American history and teaching the constitution! and teach some respect! I’m not in favor of draft or mandatory service…..lowers the standards the ‘all volunteer’ military institutions have now.

      • Jim

        It works in other countries, Sweden or Switzerland, Mexico and Israel. It will work here and it’s time has come.

        • Balder The Brave

          It works in Mexico? Why are the cartels beheading people. Can the Swiss or Sweeds fight on the world stage hardly tested and the Sweeds are being invaded and no one is fighting. It will not work and it hasn’t.

  • chief1937

    Just who is running the schools in California? Sounds like the students are. If they don’t like the Star Spangled Banner maybe they would be more happy in Mexico or anyplace other than the USA.

    • mauisheri

      has to be that old ‘inmates running the asylum’ problem

  • Ruckweiler

    Well, for California there’s the Internationale.

  • Danny Pierce


    • mauisheri

      not all….just those that are used as money winners for schools, especially colleges that make millions off of sports like football.

  • Ruby

    I really hope that President Trump reinstates the draft for the next 5 years. Don’t forget to register when you turn 18 kido’s.

  • MHERRON2213

    Last Name? Spanish or Asian? one or the other


    I agree with the kids! That anthem thing is BS and should be
    hidden in the archives of history~

    • NSMGR

      And you sound like a complete jackass, so I can see you have a lot in common with dumb downed high school kids!!!!

    • JWB

      Perhaps you would prefer to “stand” for “Horst-Wessel-Lied”?

      • BIGOTIST

        Sure would, at least of all it was the truth at the time.
        The uS has become More socialist with every election
        and crooked politician~

        • JWB

          If you wish, but I will stand with the “rockets red glare”.
          The Republic will endure.

          • BIGOTIST

            Great! You’d better get some rest.The skies will be red soon if we? keep fckn with north korea, but I’m sure you can handle it~

        • Bernie

          Who’s going to pay for all this socialism if there is no capitalism? You?

          • BIGOTIST

            Nope, you are!
            Do a bit of research and get back to me on how many TRILLION $’s the uS is in debt.
            That’s Capitailism?

          • Bernie

            Actually, it’s
            socialism. And you want more of it?
            it’s your turn to get back to me.

          • BIGOTIST

            That was my point!
            Capitalism is a word used to capitulate exploitation of the government. Nobody rides for free~

          • Petethepilot

            10 of the 20 trillion occurred under the last president’s watch. Where did it a large majority of that go, the welfare state of which he purposely sent it to expand the Democratic voting base. This included a lot of undocumented immigrants. California played a large role in all this. It doesn’t get much more socialist than wealth redistribution. Obama made that happen by looking the other way. It was that easy, and those are the undisputed facts.

          • BIGOTIST

            I’m not gunna disagree with your post and in total agreement, however, is that Capitalism or Socialism?
            And, I didn’t vote for that black POS either time, so it aint on me. Kneegros are as inept as the voting public. 1 outta 3 is not good odds to sustain~

  • Luis Rivera

    Just shows how stupid Californians have become.


    I doubt that any of these little communistas would be able to pass the physical even if the draft was reinstated! Time to put American History back in these schools…

    • mauisheri

      not to mention NON of them would pass the training….it requires learning..something they seem to be incapable of.

  • Tell it like it is!

    The worst thing we ever did was get rid of the draft.

    • Larry W. Jones

      The Department of Defense has saved a bundle by not drafting everybody and then releasing them 2 years later.

      • Tell it like it is!

        Ya but they became politicians.

        • mauisheri

          HA! good one…..

    • mauisheri

      I’m not so sure about that……the all volunteer military has seen it’s standards really rise since draft abolishment.

      • Tell it like it is!

        Ya your right that’s why very few of our politicians have any service and those that do mostly have guard or reserve experience. I don’t consider two in particular, who have had active duty experience and used it to get elected then turned on their own country are even deserving of being called veteran.

        • mauisheri

          that’s so true…how could you serve and then become so anti American? That is such a mystery to me. Ask anyone who has served overseas or any military brat who lived in countries very different from America what they think of other countries compared to the U.S.

  • P`tar


  • David Stewart

    That’s o. k., California hasn’t been part of the U. S. for many years; based on the population by census, they should sing the Mexican anthem anyhow.

    • mauisheri

      HA! good one

  • oat21

    Close these left wing commie schools if they ban the National Anthem and deport the illegal immigrants who are doing this BS

  • Dr. Vinnyboombatz

    California the sanctuary state filled with anti American illegal haters. That’s what you get. I can’t wait to gtfoh!

  • kenhowes

    So who sings the third verse? Americans stopped singing that verse, even when otherwise singing the whole anthem, in World War I. The verse is not a slam at African Americans. It was a slam at the British, who at that time were our enemies, in the middle of our second war with them. The relationship between the US and Britain was very dicey up to and into the Civil War, when Britain toyed with the idea of recognizing the Confederacy, but decided not to do that after the Union victory at Antietam.

  • sheriff12

    Students could not have done this on their own. The liberal anarchist teachers and school superintendents are behind this, and probably urged the students to disrespect our country. California should drop into the Pacific ocean. If not, it should be called Northern Mexico.

    • mauisheri

      so true about the teachers and they have made nearly all colleges and universities uber liberal institutions with no respect for American values!

  • Elaine Bostic

    Ungrateful brats!! Cut the schools government funding and see how they like that!

  • mike f41303

    Vote down the school budget when it comes to a vote and just offer reading writing and math. No funding for extracurricular activities. Hence no national anthem.

  • Lois-Anne Nichols

    Uh…..who sings the third verse?

    • JWB

      Or the fifth?

  • Peter J

    Well, it’s California and these moron kids are the products of their liberal, moron parents. Kids in California don’t have a chance. They are surrounded by stupidity and… you cannot fix stupid.

  • Loving America

    The Students did not do this without someone else spurning the problem, soooooooo let’s find out who “They are” and stop them and because the wisdom is not in the School children to make these decisions on Our Heritage of America…….Americans let’s stop all of this before We do not have a Country! Take their Federal Funds from them NOW!

  • SoManyWhiners

    The Star Spangle Barren is only racially dividing when uneducated people look at it. So are these children getting an appropriate education where they can look at things critically?

    • mauisheri

      since Ca. is so broke and relies heavily on Fed subsidies it would be a reality check like never before!

  • tommy & phyllis haugen

    This is simply crazy, whose running the show, a bunch of kids that don’t even know how this country was formed.

  • JWB

    Very simple, common sense, solution to this “earth shattering” issue, NO MORE RALLIES, at the California High School in San Ramon !
    Problem solved! Now get over yourselves you sniveling bunch of sanctimonious cry-babies!

  • SkyGunner

    California: Sanctuary city’s; Allowing student government to make decisions that impact all students behavior without allowing all students to vote; Electing governor, brown, who defies federal law openly; Discrimination against select groups; Allowing anarchist groups to roam college campuses, cities, etc……. not allowing speakers to talk, unless they praised the anarchist, strong-armed any speakers that didn’t follow their rules and who didn’t preach insurrection and/or violent overthrow of our national government. ad nauseum. ad infinitum.
    I recall reading in a history class about a similar situation in the past. Same actions taken by this segment of the U.S. that is now being practiced by the demnazis, antifa, blm, etc……..
    This resulted in the federal government invading this part of the U.S., forcibly enforcing Federal Laws, destroying armed insurrectionist groups and bringing them back into the United States. Occupying this country for years to make sure they were now conforming to the laws that are the laws of the land, not to some of it, but All of it. To me the state of California is in a state of insurrection and the longer it lasts, the harder it will be to bring them to heel. I wouldn’t put it past them to be dealing with other countries and making security pacts, like NATO, SEATO and others! Please dont allow this lawlessness to continue.

    • Petethepilot

      Sorry SkyGunner been TDY upgrading into new aircraft with more firepower. There are good God fearing folks who love our county and hate what is happening to their state. Two of them are my brothers living in the San Joaquin Valley. Good conservative folks who are at their breaking point with Hollywierd, Pelosi-land, and brown’s stupidity. They want to form Eastern California as a new state in the union. I known any support we can give them will help see their vision.

      • SkyGunner

        Hey Pete. I know there are many good folk left there, but it seems the leftist, political cabal has taken over. I wish there were more that they could do, but when demnazis are getting voters roused up in cemeteries, they’ll always come out ahead. What we need is the feds to go in to Sacramento and sanctuary cities unannounced and seize all files, hard drives etc……… Then start prosecuting the 1970’s leftover radicals, plus any recent converts, and then hold supervised voting for new officials counted by the feds instead of locals. I think President Trump could find enough honest people to clean up the mess the fondas, browns, pelosis et al and give it back to the decent people who have suffered enough! Then clean up Hollywood and get the subversive professors who teach hatred for the U.S. and the Democracy we’re barely holding on to. I’ve more, or less given up on the windmills, but occassionally see something and before I know it I’m writing again. Take care ole buddy and see ya next time.

    • Petethepilot

      I have a need for ground support, have sent a flair up over the coordinates.

      • SkyGunner

        Pete. Saw your flare and responded to given co-ordinates. See action taken below.

  • If it’s an UNSUNG verse, who cares?!!!?

  • spike

    At the time in history the Anthem was written there were so-called hirelings and slaves who fought on the other side. That is true – simple as that. Even now the descendents of “hirelings and slaves” are probably mostly glad they live in this great country! It is more the whole “patriotism has become a dirty word” in recent years. Maybe we need to go back to the draft when a more inclusive number of the population serves – that seems to give folks a different perspective with regard to patriotism and the three main symbols of that – our flag, our National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • mrsgunnut10

    Like I have said before and will keep saying this same thing. These Colleges, in all of these United States and eve in California, are or should be for learning about the AMERICAN HISTORY. Not Mexican History, Not German History, not any kind of History except about where America came from and where its been through the years in Wars and/or wherever. If these Students and Teachers also do not want to COMPLY with the Colleges Curriculum, LOCK THE DOORS. If the Teachers and Staff do not want what these Colleges have to offer, FINE , No Pay until they do. If the Students don’t want to learn what the College has to Teach, FINE, go somewhere else. These Students do not run these Colleges, so if they do not like the situation Close, Lock and Chain the Doors.

    • mauisheri

      Yep…..but I would demand world history especially concerning all world wars.

  • J.B. Young

    Ban the National Anthem??!! Move to Mexico! You are traitors to your country!

  • Gregg Parker

    Lol…so what’s next? Replacing it with the theme from Dancing With the Stars? ..and they think this is American? Perhaps we can deport Kalifornians…

    • JWB

      It will most assuredly be replaced with “Mexicanos, al grito de guerra”, Mr.Parker. Adios Muchachos!
      Best Regards

      • Gregg Parker

        Well goony goo goo to you too my friend! If it wasn’t for liberals we would lose track of what absurd really means… I think they do these thing to distract from the fact they’re really really weird!

  • J C Tanner

    Too bad they have not gotten a decent education!

  • Those screw ball liberal Democrats who are rewriting history want to keep their black voters from knowing it was a bunch of WHITE Republican guys who died so they could become free but they seem to prefer being wards of the Democrats

  • John

    Bet they wave plenty of Mexican Flags.

    How many times is the song sung past the first verse, Never. Just more lib knit picking cause they don’t have ANYTHING else to do like teach.

  • gplucas

    And Mexifornia continues it’s downward spiral as the next “sheethole” country!

    • mauisheri

      LOL…..loved it!

  • Mad Scientist

    Hmmm…perhaps we should just go ahead and ban high schools in California. The students aren’t learning anything but political correctness anyhow.

  • Jose Cisneros

    I am an American and find this highly offensive and racist. If you don’t like our national anthem or nation then leave our country the Great United States of America. I hope someone has the guts to stand up and start singing our national anthem at a rally and lets see how many people join in.

    • mauisheri

      ditto and yank all federal funding for any school that tolerates or buckles to this crap!

  • D L

    Evidently they DON’T TEACH American history or critical thinking at this so called California High School.. I would place odds that this student’s positioning on the National Anthem comes from someone’s parent. This little confused snowflake should listen to Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story about Francis Scott Key and the National Anthem as they are probably too offended to learn to read American History. If a institution is too offended to fly the American Flag, to offended to say the Pledge of Allegiance, too offended to play or sing the National Anthem then they would be TOO OFFENDED to ACCEPT AMERICAN TAXPAYERS MONEY TO SUBSIDIZE THEIR INSTITUTION. I’m sick of our government paying American Taxpayers money to foreign countries to buy their friendship and wasting it on California liberals who DO NOT SUPPORT AMERICA.

  • CharlesM

    The inmates have taken over the asylum!

  • mauisheri

    that’s just fine…I think the best solution is to ban all rallies!!

  • Free Man (NOT)

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  • James in Texas

    A proper indication of California, long known as “The tail wagging the dog”!

  • Jim Williams


  • Ramon Martin

    just proves California needs to be anexed and become its own country

  • Norm Heller

    If California High School wants to be anti American then Americans should stop supporting them monetarily, with their time, and with any other support. That is probably the only thing that will get their attention. California High School is despicable. Why would any parent want their children to be educated there? Or should I say indoctrinated there?

  • Maggietish

    The students made their choice but now the American taxpayers can make their choice and which were all federal tax payer money from the state of California.

  • meddah4

    People still haven’t got the clue. California wanted to secede the U.S. .. . so what could be wrong about that? I don’t have a problem about it. Why, with all the billions they 5uck outta the economy we’ll save a billions more than we lose. They’re a deficit state, we’ll be better off without them. Let’em leave the union.

  • GBarry

    How long is treason to be tolerated? Start putting these morons, students and teachers, in jail and see what happens.

  • Karen Berger

    I left California decades ago. Oregon and Washington are just as bad.

  • Andrew

    Socialist Idiots! Most of them probably couldn’t answer simple questions about their nation. This is just an attempt to say, “Look at me, aren’t I being so racially aware?” Keep it up, you are playing into the hands of those trying to divide America, not unite us. Oh, and your One World Government should be along shortly, then you will have no rights whatsoever.

  • higgy01

    Every time I thing the Marxist country of California has reached it’s limit they take it a step further. It is time to seriously think of either giving it back to Mexico and divorcing ourselves from the absurdity.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    If anyone has a problem with the National Anthem, get the Foxtrot out of my country Snowflakes.

  • Louie Rey

    Gee, I never thought the California was so radical. Oh. wait, isn’t that state consistently elected the likes of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Governor Moonbean? Never mind.

    • Beeker D.

      Close but it’s “MoonBeam” as in like a “STAR CHILD”. Up Next will be Gavin”USELESS” Newsome.His big ‘Claim to Fame” is~~~~~~~~~~~”Nothing That’s Useful”!

  • Bearcat

    Believe it or not I’m 72yers old born and raised in USA was in the ARMY in Vet-Nam 2yrs sang along with the Nation Anthem at Foot Ball games and a whole lot of other things and I never knew but one verse of the song and that is all I have ever heard

  • Linda Fogleman Kalkbrenner

    And these are suppose to be the up and coming Americans. LORD HELP US !. What do they believe in— THEMSELVES !

  • geweldigaum

    They’re still trying to win the Mexican-American war

    • Dennis C Krueger

      What do you mean “still trying”? California has all but surrendered to Mexico and other S””””hole countries by becoming a Sanctuary State. No fear though, there will be plenty of graduating students from San Ramon High School (see article above) available to fill the menial jobs that the new “citizens” soon won’t want to do.

  • Ross Armelli

    naacp is racist, black lives matter is racist, al sharpton is racist, irish were slaves,chinese were salves,jews were slaves, white people didn’t make blacks slaves,african blacks and muslims made blacks slaves, stop blaming white people for ALL your problems, and thank them for the freedom you have today, you have freedom to come and go as you please,so if you don’t like it PLEASE GO.

  • Dennis C Krueger

    The next generation of useless leaches has spoken. How is it that a bunch of spoiled brats get to make school policy? (Silly me!!!) Their leftist parents probably went to the same school. Clearly, Starbucks should have no problems filling Barista positions for the next 4 years. That is the best future that any of these skulls full of mush qualify for.

  • A J Jackson Gum

    This is because Conservatives and Christians have abandoned our most vulnerable citizens, our children, to Liberal influences for far too long. These children have no understanding, and we’ve given them none.

  • Calling It Like It Is

    HEIL Moon Beam

  • Vaquero

    Brain dead imbeciles.We need a draft in this country.