Calif. Dem Rep. Gets Free Food for Fighting Trump Immigration Policies

‘I guess that’s what happens when one opposes ripping kids away from parents….’

Ted Lieu photo

Ted Lieu/Photo by New America (CC)

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) A California Democrat bragged that he’s been given free food and at local restaurants for opposing President Trump’s immigration policies.

“My experience at restaurants: I ordered take out at a Greek restaurant. When I arrived, the owner saw me & threw in a free baklava (one of my favorite desserts). He said he appreciated what I was doing. I guess that’s what happens when one opposes ripping kids away from parents,” Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., tweeted on Monday.

Lieu continued to brag about this special treatment, saying he’s regularly received thank-you letters in the mail.

“My experience at the mail box: Below are a fraction of the thank you letters and postcards I have been receiving. I guess this is what happens when you tell the truth. #MondayMotivation,” he tweeted.

Lieu has been a vocal critic of Trump’s family separation policy at the border.

Last month, he played an audio clip of crying migrant children on the House floor before being escorted from the chamber.

“Imagine being ripped away from your mother or father and not knowing if you’re going to see them,” he said on the House floor.

Less than a minute into the recording, which is about 8 minutes long, Rep. Karen Handel, R-Ga., called for him to stop on the grounds of “breach of decorum.”

Lieu refused, saying there was no rule prohibiting him from playing sounds.

“The gentleman will suspend,” Handel repeated,sitting in for the Speaker as the presiding member.

Lieu still refused, saying: “I think the American people need to hear this.”

Lieu continued to play the recording for five minutes before he was escorted from the chamber.