Islamic Group ‘Terrified’ Jury Will Learn of Its Radical Ties

( Eight years ago, the Council on American-Islamic Relations sued the investigators behind a daring, undercover operation that turned up evidence confirming the organization’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and violent Islamic supremacism.

Nihad Awad photo

CAIR executive director Nihad Awad/Photo by Elvert Barnes (CC)

Now, as its case finally heads to trial, CAIR is trying to block the defendants from presenting that evidence and other damaging information to a jury.

Last Wednesday, a federal judge in Washington, D.C., delayed a pretrial hearing scheduled for May 15 to allow more time to address a motion by CAIR to disallow evidence it describes as “anti-Muslim bias.”

“CAIR is terrified that a jury will learn the truth about its pro-Hamas founding and leaders,” said attorney Daniel Horowitz.

He represents David Gaubatz, a co-author of the book that published the evidence, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” and his son, Chris Gaubatz, who conducted the investigation as a CAIR intern.

During his internship, Chris Gaubatz wore a recorder on his clothing to capture video and audio of his activities. He gathered some 12,000 pages of documents, headed for a shredder, that held evidence of crimes committed by CAIR, including violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act, giving material support to terrorist organizations and providing fraudulent legal services.

But CAIR filed suit alleging, among other claims, violations of the federal and District of Columbia Wiretap Acts and the Stored Communications Act. In the complaint, however, CAIR has never defended itself against the actual claims of the book, which documents the organization’s founding as a front group in the United States for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Horowitz told WND the evidence of CAIR’s origin and character is “at the very core of our defense.”

“You can’t violate the rights of a criminal organization by exposing their violent underbelly,” he said, noting that Hamas is a recognized terror organization throughout the world.

“We are now going to have the opportunity to show the judge that our allegations against CAIR are based upon hard, proven facts,” Horowitz said. “Up until now we’ve had to endure CAIR’s constant cries of bigotry every time we have opposed them on this case.”

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the D.C. Circuit Court said in her order Wednesday that additional briefings are necessary to resolve the matter of whether the evidence regarding CAIR’s background and character can be admitted.

Horowitz noted he has a recording of a CAIR founder saying he prefers Hamas to the PLO.

“When the jury hears that, they’re not going to find wrongdoing by our clients who exposed them,” he said.

After naming the Gaubatzes in the lawsuit, CAIR added the Washington, D.C., think tank Center for Security Policy and three of its employees for their part in commissioning a documentary about CAIR. Also added was attorney David Yerushalmi and his non-profit group SANE, which campaigns against the advance of Islamic law, or Shariah.

Anti-Muslim bias?

A legal brief responding to CAIR’s motion to disallow evidence of its origin and character noted the group “has made numerous accusations of anti-Muslim bias on the part of the Gaubatz defendants and their counsel.”

CAIR’s motion stated: “For years, Defendants have promulgated and endorsed the mistaken belief that CAIR is a terrorist organization and Muslim Brotherhood front group. These allegations are blatant conspiracy theories intended to push Defendants’ anti-Muslim agendas.”

The reply brief says the defendants “agree that anti-Muslim bias should not be part of a defense and that persons of all religions should have equal access to fair treatment and justice in the courts.”

“However,” it argues, “fact-based evidence that is relevant to contested issues, should not be excluded simply because CAIR labels such criticism ‘anti-Muslim.’”

The brief notes that the criticisms raised by the defendants have been raised by others, including prominent news sources, a Democratic senator and federal judges.

It cites a 2007 New York Times story about CAIR that states in the opening paragraph: “With violence across the Middle East fixing Islam smack at the center of the American political debate, an organization partly financed by donors closely identified with wealthy Persian Gulf governments has emerged as the most vocal advocate for American Muslims — and an object of wide suspicion.”

The article describes how Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., canceled an award she intended to present to CAIR and canceled a meeting set with the organization.

Boxer commented: “There are things there I don’t want to be associated with.”

Also entered as an exhibit by the defense is a 2014 Washington Post article on the designation of CAIR as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates, a Muslim country.

It cites, in addition, the FBI’s suspension of contact with CAIR after the group was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of a sister Muslim Brotherhood organization that funded Hamas, the Holy Land Foundation in Texas. The case demonstrated CAIR and its founders were part of a group set up by the Muslim Brotherhood to support Hamas.

Documented meetings with extremists include a 2009 visit by CAIR’s executive director, Nihad Awad, with Muammar Gadhafi to solicit funds from Gadhafi for CAIR.

CAIR’s ‘true nature’

CAIR contends Chris Gaubatz had a “fiduciary duty” — a relationship of trust to manage or protect property — as an intern not to publish the CAIR documents.

But the Gaubatzes’ legal counsel argues “the relationship between a genuine civil rights organization and a person purporting to share its ideals is more likely to establish a fiduciary relationship than if CAIR is a criminal organization which used its intern program as part of its fake civil rights persona.”

CAIR also argues for an “expectation of privacy,” but the defendants reason that “if CAIR was regularly engaged in unlawful conduct it is logical for a jury to conclude that it would conduct its criminal activities in an area that was not easily accessible to an intern.”

“The quasi public office is likely not where illicit activities were planned.”

Entering evidence of criminal activity by CAIR, the defendants argue, also is relevant for determining the credibility of witnesses “who personally established the ‘civil rights facade’ and who personally engage in activity that is unlawful.”

FBI wiretap evidence from the Holy Land case showed CAIR chief Awad was at an October 1993 meeting of Hamas leaders and activists in Philadelphia. CAIR, according to the evidence, was born out of a need to give a “media twinkle” to the Muslim leaders’ agenda of supporting violent jihad abroad while slowly institutionalizing Islamic law in the U.S.

Republished with permission from via iCopyright license.

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        Either HORROR or a plaid dandy syfy movie, either way the mydslimes are a horror by themselves.


    I hate to say it, but if anyone is just ‘learning’ about the dangerous ties of this organization, then we as a nation are really really really in danger. Oh well, I guess we are really really really in danger anyway!

  • Jim

    Arrest and prosecution is what is needed!

    • jmark72

      Prison Or trials for TREASON is what is needed. Then Hang the subversives!

    • Nevadavoter1

      But only in our culture… if Sharia law and the Koran become ingrained in our business systems and processes we will have change our business and cultural principles entirely.

  • jaybird

    Shut CAIR down! The did not want a class at a local Community college to be held on “how to fight Islamic terrorist” for our law enforcement officers. It was a class for credit in their training.

  • Fed up!

    Cair is a Terrorist Cult that need to be brought up on charges of being front cult that fund terrorism. If the legal system sides with them, then their headquarters need to be demolished with the top terriorist Inside.

  • John

    CAIR and the Anti-American allies the liberal left and lap dog media are all complicit in attempting to legitimizing the Jihadist in America and around the world. This group, if not carrying out attacks or harboring them, they are supporting them financially and otherwise.

    • Jon Blake

      Nailed it

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  • ncgal

    Shut Cair down, send all Muslims packing. We don’t need them here. They’ll never be anything but what they are to us, Murders.

    • yehudabendavid

      There have been Muslims who have integrated quite well into America being a minority and not having to deal with the non-sense coming out of the mid-East today. In large numbers as Obama encouraged over Christians, the USA has created Muslims enclaves in states like Michigan, where it will be a long time before they appear to assimilate .

      • Naval Lint

        And even then it will still be nothing but appearance. They DON’T assimilate. They conquer or die.

        • kbfallon

          Well then….they will have to go find out that the 72 virgins are some dirty stinking old men with leprosy.

          • Gloria Allmouth

            It’s my understanding that “virgins” is some sort of mis-translation of “raisins.”

          • Naval Lint

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        • BTeboe

          Killing for allah is one way to assure your ascent to heaven and the glory that is waiting there. It is nothing but a death cult.

      • Andrew Molina

        This is part of their process – lay low until you have the numbers

      • BTeboe

        They will never assimilate. Once they’re are enough they will subjugate. And they will do this slowly. They will outbreed the natives and Sharia law will begin creeping into local laws.

  • forget the ties … just show what and who they are!
    Every practicing Islamist is subjugated to the Koran and Sharia Law … That means a practicing Islamic must annihilate (by whatever means and however long it takes), reject (not obey) any set of laws (USA’s Constitution, laws and the legislative and enforcement systems) and all non-Islamic entities (Biblical believers, edifices and principles) not subjugated as they are.
    To do so, all forms of lying, cheating, subterfuge, breaking of contracts, deception, murder, killings, terrorism and any anti-Biblical means that brings honor and glory to Allah (Satan) are praiseworthy to all Islamist. Hence Obama (a not so covert Muslim) and his peers never critiqued or condemned those actions unless it was ‘taqiyya’ (an approved form of deception to pretend they are offended while inwardly rejoicing and supporting such actions).
    Simply put, while many may deny it, every Islamist is a warrior and at war (to some degree) with every non-Islamist.
    Too few Americans understand (been blinded to and isolated from) the absolute hatred of the Islamic faith to our Constitution, legal system, Biblical believers and principles. The Satan authored Koran is the antithesis to and counterfeit of God’s Bible.

    • Nevadavoter1

      Said more accurately and better than I could/did! Well done!

    • Gloria Allmouth

      But but but … muslims say all this talk of taqiyah is but a figment of non-believers’ imaginations. (You’d be wasting your time to look for consistent spelling of the word.)

  • downs1

    Ever heard of “taqqiya”? You should; it is part of the Islamic belief! Essentially, it says it is O.K. and expected that believers (i.e., Islamic believers) will lie in order to further the goals of Islam . . . which is a world caliphate! Islam is well on its way to taking over this once “Judeo-Christian” nation! Remember what Barack Obama said? “Whatever this country once was, it is no longer a Christian nation.” Really?!

    • homer1057

      “TAQIYYA” that is the same as Sharia Law #1 which is an “OBLIGATION” for all Muslims to LIE to further Allah’s commandments! Here’s a reason, another, NOT to trust these LIARS! According to Habakkuk 1:7 KJVit says, “Their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves” In other words, Muhammed when he wanted something he always snorted like a camel, sweated profusely, had his epileptic fits and claimed to talk w/a 600 winged angel, which NO one else ever saw, and then he made what he wanted or said, the law, saying that same freeking angel said it was OK! This man took credit and took what was not his and got what he wanted w/out working etc and just made up the crap someone wrote in the Koran! You want to believe a man like this, do you? LIAR!

  • Islandream

    Slight correction to the part of the article that states: “Federal judge in DC delayed a pretrial hearing, scheduled for May 15, to allow more time to address a motion by CAIR to disallow evidence it describes as “anti-Muslim bias”! ”
    Corrected to: “FERAL “judge” in DC delayed a pretrial hearing, scheduled for May 15, to allow more time to see how much more cash, or other kickbacks CAIR would be willing to throw his way”!
    And as for “anti mudslime bias”, this scumbag, “robed clown” cares no more about “anti mudslime bias” than most of the rest of us!

  • Cowboy Randy

    When they are found Guilty it will be ROUND UP time to ship them all back to where they came from and let them fight to reclaim their Home Land and practice what ever religion and law their little hearts desire

  • Faye

    It is beyond my comprehension how anyone in our beloved US of A can bless and condone a muslim group, muslim organization, or a muslim individual by calling it “peaceful”. One can read everyday in newspapers on the ‘net or on the news how this terroristic race beheads and murders even their own kind; they use little children as shields; they kidnap and pillage all in the name of allah. The muslim people are taught the way of mohammed from the minute of their birth. There is no cause to defend this barbaric race of individuals.

    Oh, how I wish Christians were this zealous in defending our blessed God, Jesus. God grant me the strength to stand for You in the face of adversity.

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      • Faye

        Yvw, 101Airborne. I hold a special place in my heart for the 101st. My husband was in the 82nd then he traneferred to the 101st here at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. We were married only four months when he was sent to Vietnam.

        He came home 1 1/2 years later, but he was a different person. God love him.

        As far as the muslims go, I know I should pray for them but, I’m ashamed to say, I find it so hard.

        I just don’t understand the generation for them by some ppl.

        God bless.

      • Faye

        Yvw, 101Airborne. I hold a special place in my heart for the 101st. My husband was in the 82nd then he traneferred to the 101st here at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. We were married only four months when he was sent to Vietnam.

        He came home 1 1/2 years later, but he was a different person. God love him.

        As far as the muslims go, I know I should pray for them but, I’m ashamed to say, I find it so hard.

        I just don’t understand the generation for them by some ppl.

        God bless.

  • Sueja

    Obama’s friends are finally being outed. It’s about time.

  • Randy

    Why is a terror group being allow it’s day in court and to demand the demands it is making? I just don’t understand why our country is bowing down to these terrorist and letting them away with all the crap they are. We have spent to many years and given to many deaths to keep our country free to allow this to happen. Wake up America.

    • Tadpole

      You can Thank Obama, Clintons, Soros, and the American communist party,”the democrats” for that. We need to round the muslimes up and ship them out. soon.

  • JWB

    As is always said, “follow the money”! This , so called, non-profit organization whose headquarters are in DC was formed in 1994 and has infiltrated every level of government. Extremely dangerous group of extremists who will not rest, unless exterminated, until their goal of a global caliphate has been achieved. Determining where the funding originates and halting all “contributions” would be a prudent first step to restoring a partial security to the homeland. Prosecution and incarceration or execution of the individuals in authority positions is mandatory for the survival of this nation.
    Pray that our judicial system will not cower to the political correct zealots.

  • scott forman

    CAIR is a terrorist organization and needs to be expelled from our shores or all members of CAIR need to be tried and executed.

  • Jimh77

    CAIR needs to be eliminated, put in prison, tried and executed. The rest deported and never to touch American soil ever again. Just another terrorist organization on Obama’s agenda to perpetuate America to make like his homeland Kenya.

  • James Higginbotham

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  • Julie Smalley

    I was waiting in line to check in at a receiver when a discussion came about and this man claimed my christian god was false and his god was the true god( islam). He had more rights to speak than I did and he mentioned cair and I thought he was going to rip my head off when I gave facts about cair and the true agenda he was made cause he couldn’t defend or prove my facts as wrong, he just had to degrade me instead. Cair is what will bring down Christianity down if we all don’t fight for our freedom, it people like Maxine watters, shumkie Schumer, pelosi, lizzy Borden warren, and the rest that protect these, terrorist groups,. Its cair and their off spring groups that will force their will on us if we don’t vote out the likes of the ones that protect groups like cair, from their political pulpit. Vote everyone of these scum bags out.

    • Tadpole

      This is why the “democrats” have been trying to take our guns for the last 40 years or so, to make it easy for the muslims to kill us like sitting ducks.

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  • Grim Reaper

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  • needful

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  • Phil Esposito

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  • Nevadavoter1

    Anyone with any experience no matter how short, exposed to the islamic culture of the Middle East knows for a fact that their beliefs, culture and behaviors are so antithical to western culture and behavior that we cannot coexist! It is like trying to mix oil and water…
    I spent close to 30 years up close, personal and trying to do business with these turkeys and have developed a keen bellweather of their unconscionable and down right illegal way according to acceptable western standards of doing business or trying to strike any kind of a deal. They are dishonest, lie, cheat, steal and operate in a manner so foreign to western values but they do not feel they are doing anything wrong! The very principles that western business is based upon are looked upon by Muslim business folks as stupid, limiting and have no value.
    What we have is a failure to communicate! Let alone understand unless you are able to threaten, blackmail, steal, hide your activities from the FTC, forget trying to get anything accomplished. You had better be prepared to commit murder and kid napping if you plan on coming out on top or even with any Muslim business or organization.

  • Robert Early

    Sooner or later, we must kill the enemy before they kill us and our children. Wake up, America. Islam is a death cult of a false god and false prophet.

  • Michael

    If the government won’t protect America and Americans from CAIR then Americans must do the deed. We’re more than willing so government better step in and do what’s right for Americans and their property rights.

  • Jmanjo

    CAIR should be put on the list for eradication as it is terrorist oriented and Obama’s pet dog!

  • Craig Vandertie

    Mr. Trump is dropping the ball repeatedly these criminal acts by judges endangering U.S. citizens.

    I have repeatedly said it and my opinion is still the same the only good “Moonie Muslime” is a dead “Moonie Muslime” or a means to guarantee that none that embrace the words of evil are no longer have a foot upon U.S. soil.

  • Andy in the desert

    Watch this in its entirety and you will understand much as relates government [both state and federal] and how they view the people:

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Same thing the left always cries, it’s just bias, except the truth is not bias, it is just the truth.

  • Donald Lindsey

    Eight years ago, the Council on American-Islamic Relations sued the investigators behind a daring, undercover operation that turned up evidence confirming the organization’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and violent Islamic supremacism.

    And Barack Hussein Obama allowed it because he too is a Muslim Traitor/Terrorist and should be sitting in Guantanamo Bay prison for his crimes, his family and the Terrorist groups aka democratic party, brotherhood of muslims, chair, well as all the rest of the Anti-American terrorist groups against the people of America.

  • Larry Baker

    What is puzzling is the support the Islam cult gets from Democrat leaders. Are the Left that stupid? If anyone does not know that a major war between Islam and Christians is coming then they are just clueless. Radical Islam and Islam are just getting started in this country and they are growing their soldiers right here on our soil. If Islam ever becomes the majority in this country we are doomed!

  • BTeboe

    Yes I know there are already laws on the books, but aliens? Come on, breeding with giants? Okay

  • Gloria Allmouth

    Not quite dollars to donut holes, but close to it — Clinton appointee Colleen Kollar-Kotelly will rule in favor of CAIR. True to form.

  • Gloria Allmouth

    I’m quite familiar with McCarran-Walter — and you’re definitely misreading the law. What you say would be in violation of the First Amendment. Just sayin’.

    Furthermore, the McCarran-Walter Act has been superseded by more recent immigration law — thanks largely to Chappaquiddick Teddy Kennedy. Extensive changes were made both in 1965 and in 1986.

  • Zero Nada

    Best way to Deal with a Muslim is To Act like a Muslim & Beat Them, Rape Them, Behead Them & Kill Them! Do Unto Muslims as They Do Unto You!

  • H. E. DAVIS

    Hopefully the court will allow all evidence against CAIR and it will become public knowledge exactly what they are, what they’re doing here in America and hope to do to us. I’m behind the Gaubutz’s 100% and believe everything they’s stated happened.

  • james Conner

    Bad enough that our schools are teaching Islam to our children due to OBAMA’S pressure on the US Education Dept. OBAMA lied about only bringing 10,000 here when it was about 200,000 of them which we paid for their flight, welfare, food stamps, medicaid, housing and training for jobs.
    In the past when immigrants came they paid for their own travel housing food and got their own jobs and they wanted to be citizens. Muslims on the other hand hate us, think they are a cut above because Islam tells them so, they refuse to assimilate, because we are the ones who need to change and accept Sharia Law. The way I look at it they had a chance to go to several Muslim countries with free housing but ISIS and the Quran tells them to go to the west. Once they are here the liberal are so busy kissing their behinds its unreal, even my Community College gave two of them paid scholarships. Why=Islamic Our Government Makes the schools to do it! Hijabs!!!

    • MichaelH1836

      Well stated…reasonable. The left — of course — won’t see it that way. Thanks!

  • Original Anna

    Gees, the Mafia said it was just another business but was still operating illegal activities against the citizens of the cities the Mafia was in. The more one learns of these Muslims and their organization they claim they are a religion but their activities are against the citizens of the area they exist in just like the Mafia of the olden days with the same illegal control through guns, bombs, threats, control of women, etc. CAIR needs to be treated as such and get them on something other than tax evasion although if tax evasion works, so be it. Just like the Mafia of yesterday CAIR has its own structure of family and organization life. You don’t get to leave it alive once you become a real member unless you hide somewhere hoping you don’t get found. We had the Mafia in our nearby city during the 40s and 50s. The Brother of one of the kids I had a crush on in my school class was found in the trunk of his car dead. The kid I had a crush on was the lucky one, the FBI destroyed the Mafia finally in our city in the 60s which unfortunately opened up the city to other illegal stuff and uncontrolled drug gangs. But putting the Mafia family in jail gave my crush the freedom to live a normal life outside the Mafia. His Brother, not so lucky, due to his being an older Brother he was over 18 at the wrong time. CAIR reminds me of the Mafia on a much larger scale and wanting to own the country not just a portion of a city like the Mafia did. The Mafia was interested in not paying taxes and controlling their own territory without legal interference on what they were selling, drugs, prostitution, illegal Indian made cigarettes, liquor, candy, etc. CAIR is much more dangerous, believe me, especially if they get what they want, the ownership of all women and the replacement of the Constitution by Sharia Law which means law enforced by and made by men, mean men.

  • homer1057

    Muslims: are terrorists and by their own admission, they are to KILL and SLAY, and FIGHT and strike TERROR into the hearts of men to gain a foothold in all countries! Sura 2:191-193/5:33-36/8:12-13/9:5 and 29-39/47:4 and 47:7. These are commanded for Muslims to do, as well as Sharia Law #1, which is an OBLIGATION, to lie to further Allah’s commandments, and #2 which is Jihad=war against all NON-Muslims! Muslims are LIARS, and KILLERS! NEVER TRUST ONE OF THEM!

  • homer1057

    Well, Jimmy crack corn and I don’t CAIR’ Ship em all back to that desert they came from and let em eat the sandwhiches there!

  • Scott Campbell

    There is no question in my mind that “CAIR” is a terrorist organization. The head of that organization has PUBLICALLY stated that their goal is to enact mooslime laws in the US and to force EVERYONE in the world to follow their INSANE religion. The whole organization should be tried for TREASON and immediately executed.