Buttigieg Silent About Mayoral Program to Give IDs to Illegals

‘It’s a great way to provide benefits to people without the strings and risks attached to a traditional municipal ID card…’

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Pete Buttigieg / IMAGE: Fox News

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg gave illegal aliens access to the city’s public services without requiring them to obtain government-issued IDs, but he is not discussing the program with voters.

Buttigieg partnered with Sam Centellas, the executive director at La Casa de Amistad, a South Bend organization that helps illegal aliens, to create a private ID known as “Community Resident Card,” NBC News reported.

Once La Casa de Amistad created the Community Resident Card, Buttigieg signed an executive order that forced South Bend’s government to accept it as a legitimate form of ID.

Buttigieg also partnered with local businesses such as banks and pharmacies so that illegal aliens could open bank accounts and receive medicine.


“It’s a great way to provide benefits to people without the strings and risks attached to a traditional municipal ID card,” Centellas said.

“Traditional municipal ID card” is newspeak for driver’s license, passport, or other form of government-issued ID that all U.S. citizens must obtain before accessing taxpayer-funded services such as law enforcement, libraries, schools and utilities.

The “strings and risks attached” include paying the government-issued IDs, complying with America’s citizenship and immigration laws, and paying taxes—all things which U.S. citizens must do.

La Casa de Amistad, as a private organization, does not have to provide information to the federal government about illegal aliens who have obtained Community Resident Cards, allowing illegal aliens to remain undetected in the United States.

Buttigieg started the program to help the 4,500 illegal aliens living in South Bend.

The program, which began in 2016, has issued 2,153 cards.

Other cities have followed Buttigieg’s example and initiated similar programs.

Unlike many government-issued IDs, Community Resident Cards cost only $25 and are provided for free to those who cannot afford them.

Buttigieg said he is not worried about discussing the program on the campaign trail.

“Well, it’s certainly something we’re proud of. I could probably talk about it more,” Buttigieg said. “It’s probably an undervalued approach. And one more example where you have a national challenge, where, if the city steps up, you can really make an impact.”