Buttigieg Bashes Dem. Defectors Who ‘Voted to Burn the House Down’

‘I want that voter back, voting Democrat again…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said that the only way Democrats can stop President Donald Trump is at the ballot box in 2020.

In an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Buttigieg, the current mayor of South Bend, Ind., commented on the recently revealed report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which he said didn’t change much for Trump or the current state of affairs.

“Politically, I’m not sure it will change much,” he said. “If we really want to send Trumpism into the history books, the best thing we can do is defeat it decisively at the ballot box in 2020.”

Buttigieg—who, if nominated, would become the first openly-gay candidate on a major presidential ticket—said he wants to re-attract the former Democratic voters who sided with Trump in 2016, claiming they left the Democratic Party and “voted to burn the house down.”


Despite the increasingly polarized and entrenched positions of many of his colleagues on the Left, Buttigieg said he still hoped to reach those mythical undecideds who might be swayed to oust the incumbent Trump.

“If there are voters that repeatedly voted Democratic and then voted for this president, out of any number of reasons—but basically voted to burn the house down—I want that voter back, voting Democrat again,” he said.

The frustration many voters felt in 2016 was understandable, Buttigieg said, but that left them “susceptible” to Trump’s message of “racism and xenophobia” due to his pledges to clamp down on illegal immigration and secure the southern border.

“So what we’ve got to do is reach out to those voters, reminding them that we’re the ones trying to get you a raise, we’re the ones trying to get paid family leave, we’re the ones trying to stop the Republican Congress from taking away your healthcare,” Buttigieg said.

“And while we do that—this is the important thing alongside that—we never budge on our bedrock commitment to racial and social justice, because that’s where our moral authority as a party comes from in the first place.”