Bushes Take Swings at President Trump

(LifeZette) Former President George W. Bush has slammed President Donald Trump, a fellow Republican, saying he “doesn’t know what it means to be president,” and unfortunately, the charge is making the rounds as Trump is overseas.


Photo by Beverly & Pack (CC)

Bush made the remark to Mark K. Updegrove, author of “The Last Republicans.” Updegrove had the cooperation of Bush and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, for the book, which comes out next week.

The elder Bush told Updegrove that he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The younger President Bush said he skipped voting in that race.

The timing of Bush’s remarks, widely reported on Friday, is regrettable, says one Trump adviser. Trump just left for a 13-day trip to Asia, and generally, criticism of a sitting president is muted by statesmen when a president is overseas.

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Indeed, both the elder Bush (often called 41, as in the 41st president) and the younger Bush (aka 43) made it a point to not criticize White House successors. Even strong Bush supporters say they do not understand why the Bushes are criticizing a sitting Republican president, at any time.

“My quarrel — and I am a great admirer of President George W. Bush given my defense of the Bush Doctrine — is the double standard,” said Robert Kaufman, professor of public policy at Pepperdine University. “Why no corresponding criticism of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for equal or even more egregious policies and behaviors? We should judge them by the same standard.”

Matt Mackowiak, a GOP consultant and chairman of the Travis County Republican Party in Texas, said the Bushes likely could not control the timing of the publisher’s press releases. But Mackowiak notes that both Bushes went out of their way not to criticize their Democratic successors.

In 1993, that meant former President George H.W. Bush stayed silent during the administration of former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat who bested him in 1992. For eight years, the elder Bush said nothing about Clinton’s policies, and even became personal friends with him.

In 2009, it also meant former President George W. Bush stayed mum on former President Barack Obama. The latter example was more unusual, as the younger Bush and Obama were not personal friends, and Obama rose through the Democratic Party by bashing the younger Bush’s policies.

What has changed? No one seems to know why the Bushes have changed their policy.

“Both Bushes have concerns about Trump’s conduct as president and what they see as his narrowing of the appeal of the GOP long term, both of which are concerns that other elected Republicans have expressed both publicly and privately,” said Mackowiak, in an email to LifeZette. “However, the Bushes did not criticize Obama when he was president, even though they surely had strong disagreements with his policies.”

Kaufman, in an email to LifeZette, suggests Trump bashed the two Bush presidents in 2015 and 2016 as a way to get at his GOP presidential primary rival, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the son of 41 and the brother of 43. At one point in the 2016 primary campaign, Trump told CNN’s New Day that the younger Bush had advanced notice that the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were coming.

“President Trump deserves his lumps from President Bush, given what President Trump has said about the Bushes,” said Kaufman, a LifeZette contributor, in an email.

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On the other hand, the Bush family is known for its soft Republicanism. In 1990, the elder Bush famously broke his successful 1988 campaign pledge not to raise taxes.

“Read my lips, no new taxes,” said the elder Bush in 1988. He went on to thrash Democratic presidential nominee Mike Dukakis. But Bush quickly folded to Democrats in Congress, raising taxes in 1990.

Jeffrey Lord, a former official in President Ronald Reagan’s administration, said Bush 41 never liked the conservative or populist wing of the GOP. Lord quoted Angelo Codevilla, a Boston University international relations professor.

In his 2010 book, “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It,” Codevilla said the elder Bush mocked Reaganites.

“Former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev has said that in 1987, then-Vice President George H.W.Bush distanced himself from his own administration by telling Gorbachev, ‘Reagan is a conservative, an extreme conservative. All the dummies and blockheads are with him,'” Codevilla wrote.

The rhetoric sounds familiar because the elder Bush told Updegrove in 2016 that he didn’t like Trump, and that Trump was a “blowhard.”

Bush 43 tried to learn from his father’s mistakes. He never raised taxes. But as the White House noted over the weekend, the younger Bush got bogged down in the Iraq War, starting in 2003. Bush 43 also failed to curb spending.

As for Jeb Bush, arguably he was the most conservative Bush. He ran as a conservative for Florida governor in 1998 and 2002. But preparing to run for the White House in 2014, Jeb Bush called illegal immigration an “act of love.” The tone-deaf remark cost him dearly with GOP voters.

Then, in 2016, as Trump took on Democrat Hillary Clinton, Bush 43 told Updegrove that he worried he and his father would be the last Republican presidents. GOP voters thought otherwise.

Mackowaik says the Bushes ought to extend Trump the same courtesy they gave to Clinton and Obama, and offer private advice.

“It would be best for Bush 43 to reach out to Trump privately to meet with him, to offer advice and try to be constructive and helpful,” said Mackowiak.

HarperCollins will publish “The Last Republicans” on November 14.

Republished with permission from LifeZette via iCopyright license.

  • Kathryn Jordan

    I never would have thought that two former Republican presidents would ever come out against another Republican president. I guess I was wrong. I realize that each president have their own flaws, but to strike out against Trump because you don’t like him is not being civilized. It makes you look smaller than you realy are.

    • Jorg37

      Trumpy is neither a Republican, nor a president! He is an incompetent, uniquely unqualified con-artist, an habitual liar and a disgrace to the nation. He has made himself a laughingstock around the world and become an embarrassment here at home. The sooner Robert Mueller can finish his most needed investigation, the sooner this fake can be booted out of an office he has no business occupying.

      • Carlos Thillet

        Jorg37. You are having a bad dream! Trump is President. Won the election fair and square. Please explain to us what crime Mueller is going to find in order for a Republican Congress to impeach Mr Trump?

        You should be worried about what will be discovered about Killary and o’Bummer!

        • Jorg37

          Just wait and see … What is dug out may very well be so embarrassing that even Congressional Republicans turn against him, like what some of the brightest and more honest have already done.
          The other two you childishly name-call, I wouldn’t worry about …

          • Godswitness

            What will you say when you are wrong? You are embarrassing yourself. You act like someone proclaimed you the prediction guy. But you are not. President Trump will never be impeached and Killery and Odumbo will go to prison, How is the for a prediction?

        • Eleanor Cummings

          Bull’s eye!!

          • Kathryn Jordan

            I think I saw something in my email where Comey actually accused Hillary of negligence with her email on an unsecured private server while she was secretary of state. Should be interesting. It that is the case, she may wind up behind bars.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            Yes, but he just kept saying it wasn’t intentional intent on er part to do any harm. He said ßhe was careless

      • Richard Young

        Whenever I read comments like yours, I wonder what planet Earth are you living on. Remember the TV show Sliders? Donald Trump is OUR President and the best in recent history while Obama was a FAKE president. This is our planet Earth! Now will you please go back your planet Earth?

      • Jerry Kimbro

        You just described Hussein Obummer!

      • Godswitness

        You are talking about Obama stupid. Get your info right.

      • John Rookus

        The gay jerk we had was a joke.Him and mike were the laughing stock of the world.They sold out America.

      • Larry Rhodes

        You got one thing right!!! Mr. Trump is not really a Republican, Thank God!!! He is a TRUE AMERICAN!!!! And he is MY PRESIDENT!!! The rest of that crap is what YOU ARE!!! If you don’t like it, there planes and ships leaving every day to where ever you want to go!!! Me and my family did not serve in the military for the likes of you to destroy our country from within!!! Mr. Trump is the legally elected LEADER of this country!!! Get with the program or GET OUT!!! I don’t care which!!!

      • katfan

        Jorg37, did you say the same thing about President Obama? He was in no way qualified to be POTUS. Truth is, President Trump is the legally elected POTUS, and he is more qualified that Hillary, Bernie, Obama, or most of the other GOP candidates that ran in 2016. President Trump does not play the political game of saying what the left wants him to say. He states the truth and that is what got him elected. Get over it!

      • Ann Knowles

        You are either watching far too much fake news outlets or a paid Trump hater. Because I find it hard to believe that any one still believe that fake rhetoric put out by the democrats. There is no proof there was never any proof and Muller has not been able to find a single thing . Now s for the incompetence you obviously don’t know what it takes to build a company from nothing as Trump did or what it takes to keep it going because the incompetent ones are those with out life experience who spend their life with their nose in politics and couldn’t care a less about ordinary people who vote for them and open their door to lobbyists. I also wonder if you even know American history. The founding fathers intended the presidency to be held by everyday business people shop keepers and such so that ordinary people voices might always be heard. Trump has done more for this country in Nine months than Obama did in eight years. He has brought strength and dignity back to this country and is widely respected and honored except for the globalist that see him as a threat perhaps you are one of those why else would you lie to try and stir controversy

        • Jorg37

          Dignity??? Grabbing women by their private parts and bragging about it, you call “dignity”?

      • Kathryn Jordan

        Be interesting to see the investigation come to an end with Americans finally getting a better idea of how the Russians hacked into our elections. If they could do that with last years presidential election (and not do anything to tally of electoral votes), the Russians could do the same in next years midterm elections as well as the 2020 presidential election.

      • backtofront

        Hey puppet, are you in for a rude awakening.

        • Jorg37

          Yes, indeed, – it was a rude awakening when someone as disgusting and incompetent as Trumpy “won” the last election. But, things are looking up now that Robert Mueller’s investigation is getting momentum. The sooner we get rid of this moron, the better we’ll all be, – even those so intellectually challenged that they don’t understand what’s in their own best interest.

    • sum1

      It’s because he called Jeb out during the debate. The Bush family is a joke.

      • Robert Cuillerier

        Please leave Barbara Bush out of this, she is the only person in the Bush clan that as any glass.

        • Nancy Page

          Alistair Crowley’s daughter?

        • Kathryn Jordan

          That is true. The rest is, to say the least, an embarrassment to my home state of Texas

      • Kathryn Jordan

        I would not be too surprised if the state of Texas winds up saying how embarrassing the Bush family is to Texas. You would think that if you didn’t like a certain president’s policies, you would still respect that president. I guess the Bush family do not understand that.

    • Carlos Thillet

      You are mistaken Kathryn. They are smaller and I regret that I voted for them.

      • Kathryn Jordan

        Then they are as tiny as ants. I wonder what my grandparents would say if they were alive today

    • truthseeker

      They belong to the ” Skull & Crossbones”. .Maybe George should tell us how you can belong to the Air Force Reserves and almost never attend a drill weekend. Jeb Bush had over One Hundred Million dollars for his Presidential Campaign and still had to bow out.

    • Godswitness

      Their not Republicans, they were RINOcrats. What they really fear is the taste of real freedom under President Trump. Knowing we will never go back to their dirty, scheming and vile ways, they feel they have to attack the greatest President in American History so we won’t feel the freedom. Too Late you RINOcrats

      • Kathryn Jordan

        Yeah. I forgot they are RINO’s in Democrat clothing.

    • buggs

      You mean you really thought they were Republicans

      • Kathryn Jordan

        Right. But they are really RINO’s in Democrat clothing.

  • jcrawdad

    Bushes Take Swings at President Trump.

    Just think if Jeb would have gotten into the WH

    • buggs

      Why do YOU think THEBUSHES are pissed at Mr. Trump

      • Robert Cuillerier

        We would probably, praying in those building where the Muslims go.

  • Diana Perkinson

    GW laments the fact that he was the last Republican president..Correction – you were a RINO – I am afraid. Why no comments about Barack Obama and the way he was destroying the country, but no problem attacking Trump? Like it or not, Jeb was not presidential material. He was a decent governor.

    • myfordtruck

      I live here in Fl.and to me he was just a half assed governor that right now I would not support him for a dog cage cleaner

      • buggs

        Well maybe an ASSistant dog cage cleaner.

        • Robert Cuillerier

          I have always believed that was Michael and Barrack’s job.

    • Godswitness

      You got that right Maam.

    • Maria castro

      So, so

    • Cool Hand Doc

      That’s because the Bushes, the Clintons and Obama were destroying the Country and they cannot handle the fact that Trump is at least trying to put it all back right.

      • mdice11

        There’s no difference between the Bushes and Clintons. They are all globalists and more than happy to support the corrupt political Establishment of DC.

      • smilee

        Boy, trump sure has you bainwashed as he knows not how to fix anything.

        • kep

          Always a commie troll popping up on this site.

      • Mark Owen

        Yeah and he upset their plans for a NWO one government with no borders. Would have been on the way there if Hitlarry had got in, Jeb would have been taking orders from dad and big brother. Along with Obama. Globalists all.

    • Wondering Woman

      Are you sure Jeb was a decent governor? He is also new world order puppet.
      And those traitors being called RINO’s should be called new world order puppets and traitors to this nation and its citizens! The incumbent congressional members are often called “deep state establishment” but they should also be called traitors because they are working hand in hand with the one world global government, to destroy this nation from within!

      • kep

        We need to rid ourselves of ALL career politicians and liberal communists.

  • pedro

    That picture says it all…”Bushes,” Clinton, Carter and Obumfuk. Birds of a feather…

    • Rodzzz

      A very bad breed of people.

      • Larry Rhodes

        Carter wasn’t a bad person, he just wasn’t very smart!!! The rest were pretty much evil incarnate, especially Obama!!!

        • Criers

          He “wasn’t very smart.” He was an idiot and caused harm here and overseas. He has done better since leaving the White House, then ever in.

          • Larry Rhodes

            That’s what I was saying just in a nicer way!!! The difference between him and the others is that he did not have evil and selfish intentions behind what he done while in office!!! He chose bad advisors and listened to them and made many mistakes but not evil ones like the others in this photo!!!!

          • Snake

            You’re as stupid as Carter if you believe for one minute that “he did not have evil and selfish intentions behind what he done while in office!!” (sic) People like you can’t see what is right in front of your face!

          • posercom

            The Bushes had the evil agenda. The rest were just controlled by Zionists war mongers.

          • premaom

            Actually most of our past presidents have caused harm overseas and were more interested in being a global leader with plenty of money and fine with the rest of us being poor….Clinton did the N. Korea deal….Carter weakened us in the Middle East…..and Obama well he needs to be jailed for treason both nationally and internationally…..he is evil incarnate …..he did the Iran Deal without Congress and he gave 10 million dollars to N. Korea the night he left office…..the also authorized 221 million dollars to the PA……Obama really wanted to destroy this country….the man is full of hate but hides it well and most people are just plain stupid…..God Bless President Trump….

          • backtofront

            Ver, very well said.

          • premaom

            Thank you……God Bless.

          • cgretired

            “Than” ever in?

          • Criers

            Nice addition to the conversation.

          • Larry Rhodes

            I agree that he is better since leaving office!!! As for the harm, he caused much less than the others in the photo did!!!

          • Criers

            Tell that to The Iran diplomats

        • Rodzzz

          I’m glad you brought that to my attention. I actually like him. I’ll edit my post and exclude him from the evil group.

          • Snake


          • Rodzzz

            Get back to your libtard friends. I hear they’re missing an idiot.

        • kep

          Actually, Carter was, and is, a very honest American patriot.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            I actually got a chance to hear Carter give a speech at the college I went to back in the late 1980’s. He’s pretty smart. He may not have made some smart decisions in certain places while he was president, but he is a smart person.

          • posercom

            Carter was a pro-life democrat back when pro-life people were welcome in that party.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            That was something that I did not know. Thank you for telling me that.

          • Criers

            One speech does not equate to intelligence.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Well, remember Carter has been making speeches since his time as President. this was a rare occasion for the students of Stephen F. Austin State University (Nacogdoches, Texas) to hear a former president give a speech. I think it was good for all of us to hear a former president give a speech; we were able to ask him questions.

          • Criers

            I have been able to hear and shake Carter’s hand. But after everything is said and done, I do not believe he is any smarter than the average person. I believe that he knows how to talk intelligently but I don’t believe he is intelligent enough to make a decision for himself and honestly follow through on his own beliefs.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            You may be right; but remember everyone is entitled to their own opinions about Cater. He’s far better than Hillary; don’t you think?

          • Criers

            Hillary lost all my respect when her husband was in office. She stayed With him when he cheated even though she told other women to leave their husband when they cheated.

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            I do think Cart is more honest one of them since Reagan was our President.

          • Criers

            Barawha, ha, ha, *gasp 🤣

          • Criers

            Carter acts like a naive, honest, caring man, but I believe that is all it is, an ACT. How does the Iran hostage crisis equate to this ACT — it shows his true colors.

        • D L

          He wasn’t very smart? He was always reminding people he was a nuclear physicist. Plus he was one of the largest peanut farmer in Georgia. However he lacked common sense.
          Plus his brother Billy was always good for a laugh.

          • Larry Rhodes

            My little brother was third in his class in Nuke school in the US Navy and made straight A’s all through high school without ever bringing a book home but he couldn’t tie his shoes without step by step instructions!!! Book smarts and common sense do not always go hand in hand!!! That is all I have been saying about Carter!!! I have never said I was a fan or he was a good President!!! Only that he is a better PERSON than the other ex-presidents in the photo!!! And he caused less harm to our country than they did!!!

        • Snake

          @Larry Rhodes and @kep – WRONG! Carter, just like the rest of them knew exactly what he was doing. He is a leftist to the bone and his patriotism goes only as far as his pockets. If you don’t believe it then just research many of his “speeches” and interviews AFTER leaving office. And Bush 43 played the veterans like a fiddle !!!!!!!!!!

          • posercom

            DHS is controlled by Jews like Joe Lieberman and Michael Chertoff. These people have far more power than any of our presidents have had because they are backed by the Rothschild’s international crime organizations.

        • slidenglide

          Carter wasn’t a good President, but he has been a good X-President. I haven’t always agreed with things he has done, but I was a strong supporter of GWB. Notice I said I WAS. The Bush family has totally disappointed me. They have proven that they aren’t Republicans, just RINO’s.

        • posercom

          Carter had a degree in nuclear physics and was a nuclear engineer on a submarine while in the military. He was far smarter than the other “men” in this picture. He was undermined by the Fake News media in the same way Donald Trump is.

        • rennyangel2

          Carter tried to clean up DC, (end Indian Bureau, Bureau of Reclamation, end the crazy water laws in the West, for instance) and the Dems. turned against him as the GOP is trying to fight Trump. I think Trump is smarter, as he has had to fight unions, local zoning, diff. mayors and city councils, and entire whacko nations and has been a success. He will beat them all.

    • 7818TD

      If a person had had a free ticket, it would have nauseous to have been in the same room with any of them. One by one, they are dirt, and shameful.

      • Larry Rhodes

        Not true about Carter!!! Good guy just not smart!!!

        • Robert Cuillerier

          Carter destroyed Social Security, but transferring the fund to the GENERAL FUND.

          • Don Lindsey

            I thought that was LBJ?

          • slidenglide

            You may be right, but I had always thought that it was LBJ that did the transferring.

          • Larry Rhodes

            Carter did not do that Congress did!!!

        • Uncle Pat

          Jimmy Carter wrote a letter to the people of Japan. In the letter he apologized fro America dropping the bomb and ending the war. This letter is posted in the backroom of the Hiroshima Peace Museum, right next to a similar letter written by Jane Fonda denouncing America. I know as I was there and read it in 1989.
          Do you still think this a..hole was a good guy ?

          • slidenglide

            To the best of my knowledge and remembering, I don’t believe that Japan ever apologized for bombing Pearl Harbor.

          • Larry Rhodes

            That letter was because after the first bomb, Japan actually surrendered to Russia and Russia refused to pass the word to us therefore we dropped the second bomb which is what Carter apologized for!!! This is not in most of our history books but it was in a Russian history book that a couple of Russian students shared with me in college!!!

          • Uncle Pat

            Negative ,,,Carter’s letter was clearly an apology to the Japanese people for the US dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Colluding with Russians whilst in college does not change the facts.The Japanese surrendered to the USA, not the Russians, per US and Japanese history books.

        • Snake

          Every time you open your mouth you prove more and more that you’re a bigger idiot than Carter! Are you so ignorant that you haven’t seen how Carter, Clinton, and the Bushes pal around the world promoting globalism. Carter is a wolf in sheeps clothing, and you are a sucker!

          • Larry Rhodes

            I never said that I “like” Carter!!! I said that he is better than the other ex-Presidents in that photo!!! I doubt very seriously if you would know the difference between a wolf and a Chihuahua since you obviously cant read!!!

        • Robert Cuillerier

          President Carter signed it knowing that Congress needed a piggy bank.

    • slk5

      and the disaster that was the last 30 years!!!

    • herb portere

      you mean TURDS of a feather, don’t you??

    • rocky49

      Bunch of flockers together

    • James Allen Wyatt

      Yes, these culprits yet again proving that these nuts never fell far from their parent tree!!!

    • Larry Rhodes

      Aint it funny now that Jimmy Carter is the most decent and honorable one of the bunch!!! I don’t hear any peanut jokes anymore!!!!

    • Snake

      Trump may not be perfect, but he is the first President in more than 60 years that actually supports what our forefathers intended this nation to be. And this is the reason that these disgusting previous globalist “Presidents” hate Trump and his supporters so much. If Ronnie Raygun was alive today he would be standing right along side of the other five!

  • Mike G

    George Bush rolled the cigars for Clintong

  • 7818TD

    These despicable Globalists ought to shut up & go away, they’re embarrassing Texas.

    • ARJAY

      The whole United States, not just Texas!!

    • Howlingmad

      That’s ALL, that they are too . . . GLOBALISTS !. Trump has “Zero Use” for such types, so their of no real loss anyway.Their nothing but another part of the “Swamp”,that HAS TO GO !.

      • Sandra

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  • Joe samo

    Never liked the bushes.

    • truthseeker

      Both Jeb and brother George would love to forget about the Silverado Bank in Colorado when they pushed out a mass amount of Sweetheart loans that did not have to be paid back and that bank went down along with a lot of Banks in 1984 . Their Daddy made sure they could leave Colorado and become Governors, Jeb in Florida and George in Texas..

    • Larry Rhodes

      Me either!!! Jeb is the smartest one of the bunch and he is a complete idiot!!!

  • Jack Scarpon

    When rhinos meet they bash the one who is not there to hit them back!! But alas,, they all will pay the piper!!

    • truthseeker

      No exit in the Iraq war. Taxes verses lower taxes.

  • Larry J. Johnson

    Bush Crime Family and William Jefferson Rockefeller Crime Family they Hate President Trump. George H.W. Bush is a Traitor to America his Cutting Trumps Throat Speaks Volumes about him. Former President George W. Bush Attacked Iraq because Saddam Hussein was going to remove from Petro Dollar and move to Gold with Iraqi Currency this is Real Reason for March 18. 2003 Invasion.

    • truthseeker

      It was called the ” Union Bank” and I think it was Daddy Bush that help the Nazi’s put their escape money in America . Rockefeller’s sent Germany all the Gas they needed, while us Americans had been informed we had to be on rations for the War effort. Germany had enough Gasoline to use to bomb England . That is where we got the idea of the Napalm for the Vietnam war.

  • slk5

    the bush’s couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, standing next to it!!!

  • herb portere

    Hey Bushes…crawl back under that heap of dung…you damn turn coats!!

  • sum1

    Bush declared war on America after he stole trilions from the military fund. The September 11th attack wasn’t done by anyone other than by Bush. Both Bushes were the worst besides Obama.

  • George

    Donald Trump is for the people not like you, Bush.

  • Reha Yenkovich

    Bushes did nothing for the working people pushing the globalization agenda.

  • Ted Cummins

    It will come out. Clinton/Bush are the same people.

    Biggest con on the American people.

    Clintons stole the DNC
    And Trump pulled the GOP rug out from under the Bushes.

    I’ve lost most respect for both Bushes.
    And Jeb is a dweb

  • myfordtruck

    What did the Bushes do for America except lie to the people about WMD’s and both put us in war and let muslims come in and take over I think them the clinton s and Obama all worked together to take down this nation

  • Elena Dan

    Bushes are a big disappointment to me!!! It looks like they were never Republicans!!!!!!!!! Shame on them!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      they are not republicans because they criticize our toddler in chief?no that makes them intelligent and interested in the best interests of this country unlike trump who is only in this for himself.

  • pippin2

    Am just disgusted with Both Bushes and am sorry I voted for them. Guess they don’t realize that President Trump is head and shoulders over obama and they NEVER said a word about him. They really are part of the elites!

  • Robert Green

    The comment preseented by George W. Bush as to his not knowing how to be president is a stupid remark. By the acts of this former President during his term in office was that of a traitor and murderer when it applies to 911. The same applies to him for the killing of Saddam Hussein because he refused to sell his oil in U.S. Dollars. The blame for the attacks on the Twin Towers also was also an act to get into war with Afghanistan. There wss enough seen and brought out by experts to place doubt as to who was involved. There is, even today, questions as to some of the things that took place. There was much found questionable, to include the question as to why the NY Fire department was not allowed to investigate the event and the material was removed by outside sources immediately. Why? Maybe because they would not have found traces of an aircraft in each area. How about the taking down of the center concrete and steel posts in each tower. Did anyone reading this listen to one of the architects prior to the completion of the Towers as to how it was not capable of a plane to take down the tower. you need to know what happens when a plane hits the building.

  • Ken Wade

    Read my lips, No New Bush’s!

  • James Allen Wyatt


    Many experience emotions ranging from some degree of concern to outright extreme alarm to the fact that the evil that is readily apparent in every increasing exponentially in both number and intensity among ever-increasing numbers of the multitudes, both those humans that occupy our nation as well as those who populate this planet.

    Evangelical Christians however, those who are BORN AGAIN , they who are THE REDEEMED, that exclusively made available through the Sacrifical Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ; they who have Repented and Surrendered Soul, Mind, and Body to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through His Redeeming Sacrifice in our stead are confident, filled with the CERTAINTY that each of those who reject Our Triune God’s Grace, His Unmerited Favor, have those chosen, whether they realize and accept the fact or not, have by default chosen to have their individual soul spend in Eternity with the one they have chosen to serve in their Earthly life as their god, Lucifer; Lucifer and his Demons, the soul of each of them spending Eternity in total isolation, in eternal solitary confinement, their only ‘visitors’ the god they chose to serve, Lucifer, along with his Demons who will torment them continually throughout eternity.

    We who have surrendered our soul, mind and body to Our Triune God are understood to be destine to be among the spectators at the Great White Throne Judgement where each soul will stand before our Creator, Our Triune God, and have their individual life replayed in minute detail providing true foundational evidence irrefutable evidence supporting the complete true all-encompassing justice which each is to suffer for Eternity. We, therefore, will witness the inevitable full, complete, final justice that each of those we have so long considered so, so evil and thus so totally deserve.

    So, folks, those of us who are the Redeemed, will ultimately see total complete final justice for each AND EVERYONE of those who have for so long propagated continuous total evil among us; INEVITABLE TOTAL COMPLETE AND FINAL JUSTICE the likes of the Cintons, Obamas, the Soros, Demoncrats and all other of their ilk, they the totally dedicated disciples of Lucifer, AWAITS THEM!!!

  • Jerry Kimbro

    I used to respect the two Bushes, but I now see that they are establishment politicians. The elder Bush must have dementia to have voted for crooked hiLIARy, he also has become bosom buddies to Billery Clinton.Maybe he is on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation “charity”.

    • Maria castro

      They share commissions, probably they got their cut from Haiti too

  • Godswitness

    Tell the two old has been Progressive Demoncrats to STFU. No one believes anything the losers have to say.


    A pair of losers and the 3rd worst (Shrub2) and 4th worst (Shrub1) Presidents. They got us into the ME quagmire by deceit and accrued $10 trillion in debt. They are not worth listening to. I am sure Trump agrees. Plus Shrub 1 has exposed his sexual harassment proclivity just recently. Takes a lot of ‘moral’ wind out of his sail. The media didn’t make much of that because they are fake news against Trump. Trump is actually accomplishing a great deal and will turn out to be one of our great Presidents, despite the Flake/McCain/Corker/Shrubbery attacks. Go Trump!

  • mudguy1

    Rino G W Bush has just gone lower than Rino John MaCain.

  • Maria castro

    I voted for the bushes, but I always saw something sneaky on their faces, they never attacked the Clintons, as per their own words they considered them their children,and they never critized the closet muslim. Jeb’s wife was caught trying to pass over $15,000 worth of goods from France without paying duty at Miami International Airport, they are not trustable and they are globalists.

  • buggs

    I think that Barrack Bush and his son Hussein are scared to death of the honorable President Trump.

  • Bernie

    So let me get this straight…
    W, that was bashed to death for eight years buy the left and media, is suddenly the darling of them????

  • Ken

    Neither 41 nor 43 were good conservatives. 41 raised taxes unnecessarily and we can thank 43 for expanding Medicare with the prescription benefits boondoggle. I admired 43 for his handling of the military and foreign affairs. 41 was far too liberal for my taste in many areas. They managed to keep their mouths shut while Clinton and Obama destroyed our country, why can’t they at least do the same for someone who is trying to put us back on the RIGHT track?

    • Mike

      they cannot because they are intelligent and know that trump is completely unfit to be our president.

      • Ken

        And a ‘community organizer’ i.e. protester, was? Get real.

  • takefive

    What a useless pair. If Trump had had these two endorsing him, he might not have made it to the WH.

  • JoePaul


  • Unforgotten27

    Total; “BS”!!, came from the Bush’s while Presidents, they never said a word about the following horrible examples of Presidents nor kept there word while Presidents. Why do they have any knowledge, to put down the FIRST REAL President we the people have had in many, many years. Just stay retired, pound nails with Carter & let; “OUR”, President Trump straighten out the mess’s you; Rino’s caused!!!

    • The duck

      The crap we are experiencing today began to raise it’s ugly head with vengeance with Truman firing MacArthur. We could well have finished the fight had MacArthur been turned loose as he wanted. china would never have been Communist and North Korea would never existed. Every president since has turned a blind eye to the problem of Communist despotism. Obama was even the worse we have ever seen since.

  • Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    bushes–Blowfart –Dumbfart and Assfart–the 3 stooge farts

  • Reid Thibodeaux

    The narrowing of appeal in the GOP ? The GOP has gained over 1100 seats in state and federal elections in the last 6 years. What are they talking about? 2 Bush presidencies = 2 recessions, a total financial collapse, and the most unnecessary war in American history….enough said

    • Mike

      so you want to continue the tax cut policies with trump? yeah smart plan.

  • Not A Farmer

    The Clintons, the Bushes and the Obama’s are globalist. Trump is America 1st. That is the difference.

  • Zane Tyler

    one of the biggest lies a president ever told before clinton took office
    “read my lips, No new taxes” August 18, 1988 by herbert (the liar) walker bush
    of course as we all know, just about as soon as he took office, HWB signed a tax increase.
    george “W” quotes about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction (Where are they at george?)

    Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons.
    George W. Bush September 12, 2002

    Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.
    George Bush March 18, 2003

    Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent.
    George W. Bush January 28, 2003
    We have sources that tell us that Saddam Hussein recently authorized Iraqi field commanders to use chemical weapons — the very weapons the dictator tells us he does not have.
    George Bush February 8, 2003
    We are learning more as we interrogate or have discussions with Iraqi scientists and people within the Iraqi structure, that perhaps he destroyed some, perhaps he dispersed some. And so we will find them.
    George Bush April 24, 2003

    We’ll find them. It’ll be a matter of time to do so.
    George Bush May 3, 2003

    I’m not surprised if we begin to uncover the weapons program of Saddam Hussein — because he had a weapons program.
    George W. Bush May 6, 2003

    We’re still waiting GEORGIE!
    We haven’t forgotten

    Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie,
    Kissed the girls and made them cry,
    When the boys came out to play,
    Georgie Porgie ran away
    Georgie puss’ed out-as they say

    not very flattering to be a liar, not being able to act like a man,
    huh Georgie?
    And tell daddy we still remember that Reagan didn’t really want herbert as his V.P.
    We didn’t forget that one either.
    Reagan = Lots of Chrisma
    bush = ZERO chrisma

  • Criers

    I’m here in Texas and am embarrassed that they are from here or live here.

  • katfan

    Presidents Bush, the elder and the younger, your time has passed. I supported both of you and I now support President Trump. Do you think that America would be better off with Hillary as the POTUS? You both need to get over yourselves and support our current President. If you want to look at fault for Democrats following both of you in the White House, you might want to look in the mirror. Both of you compromised your principles while in office. I still appreciate what both of you did while in office, but you left the door open for the left to replace you. For that you deserve less respect than if you were followed in office by members of the GOP party. So. please get over yourselves and start supporting our current POTUS.

  • Ann Knowles

    Sorry elder Bush I think you don’t no what it is to be a republican who isn’t influenced by money and power you never stood up for us with gun rights For American rights over illegal immigration, you never cared when Obama tried to make us an Islamic country, tried to sell us out to Islam and began bankrupting our country, Keep your mouth shut we don’t care what you think

  • Robert Cuillerier

    It would appear that the Bushes, Carters, Clinton’s, Obamas, are part of the creators of the Washington swamp, and they should not talk too loudly. They all have a skeleton in their closet. George Jr. needed to send Barbara Bush to San Diego to retrieve his daughter from dancing wildly in bars. Obama drained the DNC of $24M bucks. He also commandeered, $300B from the Social Security in order to start the failing Obamacare. Jimmy Carter transferred the Social Security fund from its special account to the general fund, in order that the Congress would have a free piggy bank, George Senior you are another story, but due to the respect that I have for Barbara, I will not embarrass her in this editorial. Now gentlemen, please shut up and sit the f&*^ down.

  • Kenneth Wetzel

    Last closet Democrat as President!

  • danandsis

    The attack on President Trump by the Bushes smacks of sour grapes. The fact that Trump is more popular than they were is something that goes against their inside Beltway personas

  • Wondering Woman

    Both 41 and 43 Bushes, like the Clintons and Obamas, are one world global government, aka the new world order, puppet presidents, with crimes of their own they don’t want revisited or reinvestigated. There is a video of both 41 and 43 espousing the new world order while they were president. Most people, by now realize that 9./11/2001 that occurred under 43’s watch, was most definitely a crime that Mueller and Comey worked to block investigation of and cover it up.

    Both 41 and 43 obviously are trying to intimidate President Trump to not re-open their personal pandora boxes that could at best tarnish their reputations and at worst imprison them or even capital punishment by identifying them as traitors, working with the new world order to destroy us from within!

    They didn’t slash at Clinton and Obama, because they are also new world order puppets and traitors!

  • Rosalie Remil

    from voting? For a few years I’ve looked for signs of dementia. And now his sleazy history of
    grabbing butts. And his wife Barbara laughs about it. Shades of Who?

    I want to remark that I feel that the treatment of George W. has been brutal from the beginning.
    The media didn’t give him a break just as they are doing to Trump.

    The media doesn’t report on their visits to hospitals, veterans homes, children ‘s hospitals and
    many good deeds.

    • Mike

      well for trump you have to actually accomplish something first.

  • Robert Jourdan

    I thought the Bush’s were good Republicans ,but now they are showing their true colors. And one of them voted for clinton ? so sad . God Bless America !

  • RightVote

    The BUSH Elitist GLOBAL Contingency has been Exposed as Seditionists. PLEASE CLAP !

  • Sylvia Avila

    Time for Bush’s and Clinton’s to ride into the sunset and leave the political field. Both are finish, they really mess up our Country so bad with their lies, corruption and criminal activity. Bush’s go all the way back to WW2 with grandfather Bush. Clinton’s just so evil and very Corrupt. Don’t need those kind of Leaders, we the people want Honesty. In our President! Thank God for our President Trump!!

  • Yarbles

    Family of complicit Globalist RINOs. W was responsible for 9/11 along with his Saud family ‘brother’ Prince Bandar, who grew up in the Bush household. Ol ’41’ was a Deep State CIA Director.

    Statesmen to be sure. Selling US down the pipe to the Globalist Cabal.

    Thanks for the update on the book. Will make sure to ignore it and anything that comes out of it.

  • Raymond Miller

    The Bush Family have shown them selves to be even bigger losers than Hillary. What a couple of whiny two faced POS they are. Just because little Jebby couldn’t get out of the starting gate let alone win the primary. I used to respect them, but no more, they both sat still while that F-in SOB Obama destroyed our country and ran up our debt. We choose a man who is turning our country around in record time and these a** holes undercut him at every turn, F them.

    • kep

      Emperor Obama was placed into power because America’s were sick of Bush. I thought he was the WORST President we had ever had in my lifetime. Then the Emperor started to show his true identity as anti-American proMuslim Communist that actively worked to destroy our country. ALL career politicians and liberal communists should be removed from OUR country.

      • Raymond Miller

        Can’t argue with that.

  • Codygunn

    Bush Senior belongs to the global elite. He is a part of the new world order.

  • Charles Cleveland

    Junior also NWO RINO like his pop. Haven’t heard he pats fannies so far. ?

  • Barbara

    The Bush’s should be ashamed of themselves, neither one of them did anything for this country, no wonder they get along with Obama Hussein, he did nothing either. It’s a shame you all are envious of what he has done. He’s not a politician but I will take him over any one of you any day. You should all go out to pasture where you belong….you are all jealous of his accomplishments…

  • Darby2

    The Bush family as all the other politicians are starting to squirm. They see that maybe just maybe President Trump might “drain the swamp ”
    They fear the gravy train coming to a halt.
    Its President Trump against the entire government. I wish he would let the militia’s we have help him put this trash down



  • johndubose

    What Bush s 41 – 43 had to say was not so much about policy or even corruption. They are concerned about Trump’s not doing the dang job as president. That is way different and more important.

  • Nancy Page

    Bush presidencies always involve TREASON because they work for SERCO and Trump does NOT. Goodbye Bushies, and GOOD RIDDANCE to BAD RUBBISH! The gallows await YOU!

    • How Not To Play The Game

      ………I always wondered why it was called that. Makes sense now.

      • Nancy Page

        AND Jimmy Carter gave China OUR Panama Canal in 1977! He also started the Senior Executive Service under the evil Kristine Marcy, a 75,000 -member treasonous bureaucracy which is now known as “The Swamp”! So Jimmy Carter definitely belongs in the criminal SERCO rogues’ gallery pictured!

  • Hope

    The globalists, communists still calling themselves democrats or progressives), the RINOs, and the never-Trumpers hate that they all lost to President Trump and they probably all have skeletons to hide. I liked Laura Bush before, but I now have no use for any Bush, Clinton, Obama, Romney, etc. No wonder Bush 41 said that Clinton was like a son to him – they’re more alike than we ever dreamed. Glad they’re all out of office and wish they would all have the dignity to stay quiet as they did when our past administration was trying to destroy us.

  • philip gunby

    I support the President of the United States. Donald Trump, MY President. My name is Philip Eugene Gunby.

    • lill8

      Hell-o Phillip Gunby, Stand Proud!

  • Stephen Pettine

    GWB is an effete Republican who cozies up to the Clintons like they were family. He has the temerity to suggest President Trump misses the boat as president; yet, he led the US into a war because
    S. Hussein of Iraq threatened his dear old dad. What a commensurate, class A twit.

  • Ron Penn

    Cant say im a big trump fan but ” that son of a gropper” has more nerve than the devil at this point. “Sweep your own porch before worrying about your neighbors”! Oil pigs are all alike… pointing that finger to take heat off themselves.

  • Don Lindsey

    I am badly disappointed in both of these [email protected]$$es! I can not believe I voted for both of them!

  • Louis Whitestone

    The Bush needs to be burned.

  • Jo

    I’ve lost respect for the Bushes.. one voted for Hillary and the other didn’t vote… not a very good example..still carrying a grudge because Trump showed up Jeb and stopped the Bush dynasty

  • Jesse Hayes

    They don’t criticize Obama and the Clintons because they supported them. And they knew what they were doing and still supported them. Probably getting kick backs for their support.

  • Al Parker

    They are just upset Jebby wasn’t the parties nominee. He stunk as governor.

    • Janelle

      You are a FL resident?

      • Al Parker


        • Janelle

          Why do you think he was a bad governor?

  • premaom

    The Bushes made plenty of dirty money especially in the Iraq war…..how dare they…and if they are so honorable and the last real Republicans how come they are acting dishonorably towards Trump instead of helping….the worst politician is one that does nothing to bring the country together….that goes for both major parties……what is the benefit of what the Bushes are saying?…..it is self serving and certainly not to the benefit of us as a country…..God Bless President Trump…..

  • chris VN

    I think the Bushes would be the some of the last people Trump would want ” advice ” from.

  • Why does the media and politicians that Trump is not a politician? He is a businessman. That is why we the people elected him. we are tired of politicians leading us. We find too many slippery slopes. Shut up and get out of the way. Maybe these folks will learn how to really run government. Businesmen know how to run successful businesses.

  • potusYUGE

    With everything osama obama has done to this country… you two frickin hitlery voting idiots are an embarrassment to America!

  • posercom

    All of them controlled by the Rothschild Gods of Usury. Their alliance is to Israel (Rothschildistan) with the exception of Jimmy Carter who’s character was assassinated by the media in the same way that Donald Trump’s is. Notice Carter is the only living president that has not attacked Trump.

  • Carol DArcangeli

    Arrest the Bushes for treason! Stewwebb.com

  • kassa1

    If they would’ve taken Jimmy Carter are there they would’ve had a picture of the stooges. All or globalist floors including all man Bush who is on the council of the CF for and the illuminati.

  • Lili J

    GO [email protected] MAGA!
    You KNOW you’re doing something right when the elite Bush family goes after you!

  • Jorg37

    Although Trump lost the populare vote by millions, it has been quite a mystery how anyone at all could vote for someone so incompetent, so uniquely unqualified for the presidency of the US, a self-centered braggard and sexual assaulter, an habitual liar and cheater, a childish name caller with a limited and simple vocabulary, a math-challenged science deniar who has made himself a laughingstock around the world, as well as an embarrassment here at home. How could anyone in his right mind pick such a misfit as the next occupant of the White House, the most prestigious and important job in the world, – especially after President Obama has set an elevated example through 8 years of pulling us out of the ditch that the former Republican administration sent us into? Comments on sites like this one provide a clue to how confused, uncivilized and outright hateful some people are. The words used to demonstrate disrespect for President Obama and the former First Lady Michelle Obama, should be beneath anybody’s dignity, – if you have any at all. Such a model family should be spared gutter talk by people so clearly out of touch with reality, – not to mention human decency.

    • Janelle

      Nice to see you are the epitome of judgment. “It is not that liberals don’t know everything, just that everything they know is wrong.” Ronald Reagan

    • lill8

      Thanks for the chuckle there, Jorg!

    • BatGuanna

      You are funny, but if I was you I would not give up my day job, that is if you have one! Comedy is not your forte!
      The only ditch the USA has been in a long time is the gutters of Obama land Chicago!

      • Jorg37

        Nothing funny intended; – perhaps you have a weird sense of humor?
        But, thanks for your good advice, – except in my rather fortunate position, I don’t need to work, – I only do what I enjoy, like making fun of the 1/3 still not understanding what a ridiculous occupant of the WH we have!

  • retired4ever

    You have to feel sorry for the bushes, people I respected at one time although neither a very good president. Now the best you can say is turncoat. Next they will be kneeling for the national anthem. I’m ashamed to say I voted for them!

  • Tk Matthews

    The Bushes and the Clinton’s are the same kind of $hit.!!

  • Zane Tyler

    one of the biggest lies a president ever told before clinton took office

    “read my lips, No new taxes” August 18, 1988
    by herbert (the liar) walker bush

    of course as we all know, just about as soon as he took office,
    HWB signed a tax increase.

    george “W” quotes about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction (Where are they at george?)

    Here are more georgie W LIES

    Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons. George W. Bush September 12, 2002

  • Zane Tyler

    more Georgie W lies

    Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised. George Bush March 18, 2003

    Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent. George W. Bush January 28, 2003

    We have sources that tell us that Saddam Hussein recently authorized Iraqi field commanders to use chemical weapons — the very weapons the dictator tells us he does not have. George Bush February 8, 2003

  • Zane Tyler

    More Georgie W Lies:
    We are learning more as we interrogate or have discussions with Iraqi scientists and people within the Iraqi structure, that perhaps he destroyed some, perhaps he dispersed some. And so we will find them. George Bush April 24, 2003

    We’ll find them. It’ll be a matter of time to do so. George Bush May 3, 2003

  • Zane Tyler

    More Georgie W Lies:

    I’m not surprised if we begin to uncover the weapons program of Saddam Hussein — because he had a weapons program. George W. Bush May 6, 2003

    not very flattering to be a liar,
    huh Georgie?

  • 27633171

    The Bush’s are Globalists and are more than willing to cede American sovereignty to the one world government crowd. Remember, it was Daddy Bush who first started pushing his New World Order philosophy. Then his son G.W. attempted to remake the middle east to conform with Daddy’s dreams. They thought they could continue their NWO dreams with Baby Bush ( Jeb) but he got his rearend kicked in the primary in his own state and left the race with his tail between his legs. Of course they hate President Trump because they have much more in common with the Clinton’s and Obama’s than they do with Republican voters. You’ll notice that neither G.H. or G.W. ever had any derogatory comments to make about Mullah Obama for eight years but have suddenly found their voice when it comes to President Trump.

    • BatGuanna

      The Clintons and the puppet Master George Soros may be buying the mouths, all this is lip service from the past! It is amazing that when most politicians go in office they do not have a pot to pee in but when they come out they are the financially wealthy, they did not get that on their salary?

  • Angel before you meet God

    Both the last four Presidents are part of the swamp and trump is showing how corrupt the four have been

    Both bushes are jokes and started the end of the USA IN THE WORLD
    Obama the clown put icing on it and slick Willy got rich with bribes

    All four are a disgrace and I the next three years the world will see the corruption these idiots have done

    Papa Bush was crooked as they come


    The bush family is SCUM!!!!!

    I was very disappointed in BOTH bushes!

    RINO to their ends!!!!!!

  • James Ruddy

    Those swamp creatures do stick together don’t they!

    • Ronald Nelson

      Maybe they are worried about sharing a cell in prison?

  • tCotUS

    America has had enough of the BUSH Family..http://www.oldamericancentury.org/

  • rennyangel2

    Odd how the Bushs were fine with Carter, Clinton,and oboza, but can’t remember Reagan who said don’t bash other Republicans. The Bushs must see their power and nonsense ebbing away, too. Good riddance.

  • BatGuanna

    The older bush and the son, were really no monumental impact as being a good or even a mediocre president. The son and his wife did visit many injured troops which was a good thing, my only question if we had run the BS Wars, called police actions better would there have not been less wounded and dead on our side. It seemed like some of these police actions have been an governmental attempt at population control to attempt to prevent a baby boom following WWII which I am part of. I always wondered in WWI it was wide open to win; since then it has been like going to a gun fight with a knife. Very little support to win, look at the room full of goons watching Bengasi like it was a soccer game, they had time to respond but did not!

  • cgretired

    Yeah, well, as much as I liked the Bush’s as Presidents, they said absolutely nothing when obama was in office. That, and their recent comments about President Trump really lowers my opinion of them.

  • ernest gonzales

    I liked the old man but as far as accomplishments go they both had very few

  • Ginger

    Third tier of bankers family, also both are 322 Skull n Bones guys. The 322 club of the Illumini. Do you believe they were ever for the common people? Their alliance was an oath taken long before they ever got in office of President.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Why didn’t these rinos speak up when the kenyan pretender was working overtime to destroy America?

  • howie1347

    What a couple of losers. The Bushes are only reducing their own legacies, such as they are. Why turn millions Americans against you? I guess that old slogan, “stupid is as stupid does” is right on in this case. I just hope Trump doesn’t go to old GHWB’s funeral. Can you imagine that old fart voting for Hillary? What’s wrong with those people?

  • Jim

    Why don’t all the Bush’s just go away and take the Obamas, the Clinton’s and McCain with you. By the way thanks for 9/11 because of you we are the ones being held hostage.

  • barb

    Of course the Bushes voted for Hill! Of course 43 never criticized 44. They are all on the same team for one world order and the destruction of America

  • R M

    They don’t like President Trump because he is not kissing their a–es, he made fun of George W son durning the primary which sent him crying to mommy and dropping out. Once a RepublicRAT always a RepublicRAT.

  • Jim Williams


  • backtofront

    Very disappointed with W. Used to love him.

  • slarvage

    “Even strong Bush supporters say they do not understand why the Bushes are criticizing a sitting Republican president, at any time.”
    Again, as I’ve being trying to state. The Bush family are globalists. Clinton was a globalist. Reagan wasn’t and President Trump isn’t.
    The ‘Eastern Establishment” will do whatever their masters tell them to do and they are out to destroy President Trump. The dumocrats and the repukians are opposite ends of extremes firghting for the same goal – that is social/communist government for the U.S. and the world.
    See Antony Sutton’s book, “Americas Secret Establishment.” At least read the introduction about Hegel’s philosophy and opposites. You can read in for free at internetarchive

  • Joseph Medley

    So disappointed in the Bush family. You would think having two members of one family being elected president would be a blessing but because Jeb didn’t make it

  • David Carpenter

    If the Bushs’ are trying to be politically relevant again, I think they just shot themselves in the foot.

  • Joseph Medley

    And he has gone down in history as one lousy president much like the l

  • Joseph Medley


  • William Andryuk

    Murderers liars and thieves except for Jimmy Carter of course George Herbert Walker Bush had everything to do with the death of President Kennedy Bill and Hillary Clinton have killed dozens of people and stole millions of dollars Obama well he could have been better George W bush well they took down the Trade Centers on 911 and then he got us into a phony War Jimmy Carter is a great man but he was a weak president

  • Bergiebee

    All the Bushes should just go away if they cannot support the President. I hate it when a person runs as a Rep but when elected doesn,t act like one. God Bless America and the POTUS and his family.

  • travis690

    Looks like some sore former Presidents are trying to Bush-whack the current President.

    In my family, my dad was a Republican when President Reagan was in the White House. But as soon as Bush-41 got elected, he saw which way the wind was blowing, and abandoned that ship.quickly.

    Looking back, I think the Bush family has done more damage to the Republican brand than anyone else could possibly do. And I place most of that blame on Bush-41, who was never on board with the Reagan Revolution. That was not just a revitalization of American ideals; it was also a restoration of the Republican brand. Reagan-Bush was not a perfect combination, since the two had very different ideas about how the national government should work. And when Bush got in charge, he showed how to ruin a brand in less than four years.

    If either of them had the will, I have a few questions I’d like to ask them that they have never addressed before. But I don’t think I’ll get the chance.

  • Daniel Michael Lynem Sr.

    Time will usually expose the truth of a person’s heart. This is no less true when it comes to the Bush family. I despise double standards no matter who practices it(Democrats or Republicans). We find out that 43’s daughter’s support planned Parenthood and therefore support the killing of babies. We’ve learned that Bush Sr gropes women, and his wife is also a supporter of Killing babies. We also know that both father and son sold themselves as Conservatives and we now know that was a lie. In reality their sold out to big business. It’s disappointing and disgusting that 43 doesn’t have the integrity to be consistent in his behavior. To openly be critical of president Trump but to remain silent on Obama is pure hypocrisy at it’s worse.

  • Mary

    I totally am so disappointed in both Bush 41 and 43. How for 8 long years of Obama destroying the US for One World Government and an open boarder country. I wish I had never voted for either Bushs’. I am a proud American and work hard. I do not have the luxury of a Government pension to support my family. They need to be silent. They are loosing the respect of many! Be quiet Bush Family.