Bushes Welcome Trump to Funeral, Unlike McCain Family

‘This is the way the country says goodbye to presidents…’


The casket carrying George H. W. Bush on its final ‘mission’/IMAGE: CNN via Youtube

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) The Bush family plans to stay away from anti-Trump sentiment at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral.

The Bushes told the White House this past summer that President Trump would be welcome at the funeral, which will be held on Wednesday at the Washington National Cathedral.

The family promised Trump that the service would only focus on the late president’s life, not political disagreements, reports the Washington Post.

Many of the family’s confidants said the 41st president wanted to put aside his differences with Trump.


“If anybody at anytime knew anything about the 41st president of the United States, they would completely and totally understand that he would welcome the current occupant 100 percent,” said an aide in the office of the former president. “This is the way the country says goodbye to presidents.”

The Bush family’s welcome truce with Trump stands in stark contrast to the late Sen. John McCain’s funeral service, which Trump did not attend.

McCain’s family members aimed several pointed jabs at Trump and his disagreements with the late Arizona senator.

“If you have a sensitivity for human feelings, you just don’t get into that,” former senator Alan K. Simpson, who will give a eulogy at Bush’s funeral, told the Washington Post. “It’s not what a funeral is for.”

A former senior White House official to George W. Bush said the family appreciates that Trump is coming to pay his respects, according to POLITICO.

“This will be about the celebration of the noble public service that George H.W. Bush gave. It’s not going to be about anybody else. I don’t think it’s going to be about Trump,” a senior H.W. Bush White House staffer said.

The George W. Bush aide said the Bush family will show “kindness and class” to Trump at the service — nothing more and nothing less — because that’s what H.W. would have wanted.

“He was going to be the same gracious guy in death with his funeral plans as in life and that’s the definition of grace, acting a particular way regardless of how you’re treated,” the aide said.