Report: Border Wall Not Enough, Detention Reform Needed

The report says that illegal aliens must be detained in order to make sure they will appear at removal proceedings.

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McAllen Station/IMAGE: Time via Youtube

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) There are some who say that illegal immigrants caught crossing the border illegally should be allowed to go free.

But a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies shows that might be a bad idea.

According to a press release from the Center, the report shows that detaining illegal aliens is actually essential for deterring illegal immigration.

It asserts that in the absence of reforms to detention policies, even a border wall would not prevent those who would come to the country illegally.


The release of the report is a timely one, as there is currently a bill pending in the Senate which would increase detention beds to an average of 52,000 per day.

Possibly the biggest problem facing the currently flawed immigration system is the fact that illegals are essentially set free in the country following their capture.

While ostensibly they have to go before a judge to get their cases processed, illegals unsurprisingly tend to disappear into the shadows and face no consequences for their breaking the law.

The report says that illegal aliens must be detained in order to make sure they will appear at removal proceedings.

In addition, it asserts that aliens take advantage of American empathy by falsifying asylum claims and “fear of return” claims.

Saying that border security is now at a “crisis point,” the report also notes the severe backlogs currently clogging the immigration courts and speculates that the arrival of migrant caravans might force the executive branch to take emergency action to deal with the situation.

In other words: a wall is great, but it is not enough.

Dan Cadman, a fellow at the Center who authored the analysis, said: “While walls are important, the administration needs to do a better job of explaining why detention is necessary … when aliens are released from detention pending removal, chances are quite high that they will flee.

“Secure borders, a commitment to workplace enforcement, and an end to illegal-immigration-inducing policies will over time reduce the need, but at present the shortage of beds is at crisis level.”

View the full report here.