Border Wall Funding Passes First Hurdle

( The GOP-led House finally is moving President Trump’s long-awaited promise of a border wall closer to reality.

Michael McCaul photo

Michael McCaul/Photo by eschipul (CC)

The president’s plans for a border wall have been subverted by a number of obstacles – the Senate refusal to green-light a $1.6 billion down payment for the wall, wavering estimates on the wall’s total cost and a lawsuit from California.

But legislation for the project now is advancing.

The House Homeland Security Committee cleared the Border Security for America Act of 2017, a bill that would authorize $10 billion for “tactical infrastructure” spending for a wall on the U.S.- Mexico border, Wednesday.

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It’s past time lawmakers get a handle on the border, Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, the Texas Republican who wrote the legislation, argued during the legislation markup hearing Wednesday.

“We’ve been talking about border security for so many years, and now we finally have a chance to get this done. We finally have a partner in the White House who has prioritized this issue,” McCaul said.

“The American people are threatened by international terrorists, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and transnational gangs like MS-13 who try to sneak into our country, bring harm to our communities, and disrupt our way of life,” he continued. “Allowing this to continue is completely unacceptable.”

Strategic building along certain sections of the U.S. Mexico border will protect national security, but a wall alone is not suffice, McCaul argued.

“While physical barriers and advanced technology are important parts of achieving our goal, this bill goes even further,” he said.

The bill also substantially beefs up border security with an array of attachments that will halt a future wave of illegal immigration.

The Border Security for America Act of 2017 would also:

  • Add 5,000 new Border Patrol agents to safeguard the border.
  • Add 5,000 new Customs and Border Protections officers to patrol the ports of entry.
  • Mandate the government complete the biometric entry-exit system that was created two decades ago.
  • Authorize governors to deploy their National Guard to help patrol the border.
  • Allocate waivers to speed up construction.
  • Allocate funding to local authorities in the U.S. and Mexico government for cooperation on border-related enforcement.

The bill, which was backed by Republicans in an 18-12 party-line vote, will now be sent to the full House of Representatives.

Democrats are railing against the bill. They claim the president has deceived Americans and violated his campaign promise by using taxpayer dollars to fund the wall and argue $10 billion for infrastructure won’t nearly cover the total cost of the wall.

Rep. Benni Thompson, D-Miss., the committee’s ranking Democrat, predicts funding for the wall will reach $70 billion.

“The bill before us would authorize Trump’s border wall at all costs,” he said during the debate. “I hope that after today, we can have a serious conversation about the border and move forward together in a productive manner.”

Democrats proposed amendments during the legislation markup to impede the construction of the wall.

“I strongly oppose Trump’s wall,” Rep. Filemo Vela, D-Texas, said during the hearing. “In fact, I would take a bulldozer to every inch of existing structure on the U.S.-Mexican border.”

Mocking Trump, Vela proposed an amendment to the border security bill that would put in law the language the president has used to describe his proposed border wall.

Vela’s amendment would have defined in law a border wall system as “a wall between the United States and Mexico that is,” among others, “big and beautiful,” “see-through,” “real,” “inclusive of a door,” “aesthetically-pleasing and consistent with the general surrounding environment,” and “paid for by the Mexican government.”

“I offer this amendment to provide the members of this committee the clearest picture to date of the conflicting and absurd vision that the president has for his wall,” he said. “A vote for this amendment is a vote for Donald Trump’s vision. A ‘yes’ vote on this amendment is a vote for his big, beautiful wall.”

Vela, who during the 2016 race recommended Trump “take your border wall and shove it up you’re a–,” also proposed an amendment to withhold any border wall funding from the federal government until it received a promise from Mexico to refund any expenditures.

His amendments failed.

Construction is already under way for eight prototypes of Trump’s promised wall.

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The U.S. Customs and Border Protection selected six companies to construct the prototypes last Tuesday, which the agency says are meant to “inform future design standards” for the wall.

“Progress check: construction of concrete wall prototypes is well underway in San Diego. #BorderSecurity,” the CBP tweeted Wednesday.

The border wall legislation comes amid a heated immigration debate surrounding the now-discontinued Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Last, month President Trump ended DACA, which gave younger illegal immigrants a temporary amnesty, allowing six months for the closure to take effect.

Lawmakers have until March to decide whether to grant permanent legal status to so-called “Dreamers.”

Congress and Trump appear ready to grant some type of amnesty or freedom to many of those in the program. Democrats are demanding a full pathway to citizenship for the nearly 800,000 Dreamers, while the GOP want border security measure attached to amnesty.

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, warns granting amnesty for illegal immigrants in the DACA program will ultimately create “chain migration increases” and triple the illegal population to 1.4 million, as the parents and relatives of Dreamers enter the U.S.

Furthermore, the amnesty program would increase the estimated 12 million illegals in the U.S. to more than 14 million, Vaughan predicts.

“According to the most reliable research, recent immigrants have sponsored an average of 3.45 additional relatives,” Vaughan said during her before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday. “I estimate that if 700,000 DACA beneficiaries receive lawful permanent residency status under an amnesty, then they can be expected to sponsor at least an additional 1.4 million relatives over time.”

“In this scenario, the award of LPR status would result in a second, de facto amnesty for the parents of DACA beneficiaries — the very individuals who brought their children to settle here illegally, creating this policy dilemma,” she continued. “Ultimately, an amnesty for DACA beneficiaries likely would produce more than two million new LPRs over 20 years.”

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  • WhiteFalcon

    Build the wall and throw all the libturds over to the other side.

    • slk5

      i don’t trust the senate…especially mccain!!!

  • ROn Dastra

    It better due more than pass first hurdle ! Or President Trumps base wil be more than displeased !!!!!!!

    • therealworld

      Liberal Statement ???

      • ROn Dastra

        I am part of President Trumps base !
        It is what I said ! It better get more than past the first hurdle !
        If it fails BUILD THE WALL ! Myself and I believe the rest of Presidents Trumps base . Will be MORE than dis pleased !!!!

        • Pat Hunsucker

          Give the man a break. He has to fight uphill battles with dems AND reps about EVER SINGLE THING.He WILL get the wall built.

          • ROn Dastra

            We will see ! I
            hope he builds the wall !
            He is backpeddling on amnesty !
            Yes he is being stoped by his own party ! In many things ! But the wall and amnesty are not things that the president makes deals with !
            I support him ! But those two items !
            Building of the wall and blanket amnesty should not be dealed down !!!

          • Chi Sam

            Backpedaling, stupid…as in propelling a bicycle in reverse. It has nothing whatsoever to do with selling goods in a street market.

            Why would you use a term you clearly don’t know?

        • Vote for Truth

          Some Republicans offered to send $10.00 each to Trump to help build the wall. If we got millions of people to do that, it would be paid for!

          • ROn Dastra

            I am for that ! Is there a fund going to donate for that ? I do not do FB !

          • Brenda Sinclair

            ok how do we start this group i am in and all for it. ten dollars would add up fast and bring peace and safety to our families and friends. let’s get it started

          • therealworld

            I’ve already offered $100 direct from me if needed and would be willing to commit to $25 monthly. For the Country’s security we should all be on board financially if required.

          • Larry Huff

            I thought Mexico would pay for it? Are you saying that your urine soaked Dear Leader lied?

        • therealworld

          As long as it get’s started I’m good. He has both parties against him and we need to have Unwavering Support for our “Commander in Chief” and what he is doing. Blind Liberals and uncommitted Republicans in the government have no clue, In the real world Trumps Base is Expanding, That’s why we see the MSM with daily fake polls to the contrary. They’re getting scared.

        • Chi Sam

          In your frenzy, you omitted the strategic word ‘to’. Pay attention to what you are doing, Ron.

    • Fed up!

      How will the base be pissed, if the Rinos screw President Trump agenda. I don’t think we will be, the mid terms is where the Rinos and Dumbocraps will be taken out.

      • ROn Dastra

        Getting rid of the RINOS would be good !
        But what president Trump is coming out about DACA has nothing to do with RINOS !!! I do not know how the majority of his base feels about what he seems to be doing about this executive order ! But I am PISSED about it ! He can NOT back peddle on this ! He does not need RINOS to kill this
        executive order ! He can do away with it !!!!
        He can NOT deal down the wall or blanket amnesty !!!!

        • Chi Sam

          Backpedal, stupid. The word peddle means to sell ones goods, typically in an open street market.

    • Chi Sam

      Do, stupid. The common word ‘due’ is refers to the cause for an action. I’ll offer a couple of examples that may help.

      1. You’ve received the goods, and the payment is now due.
      2. You write like a recent immigrant due to your ignorance.

  • Yarbles

    Walls are effective. If they weren’t, the Jackasses would not be opposed to it. Fiscal restraint is NOT in the Dem vocabulary. Neither is social responsibility.

  • Gerry Lednicky Seger

    So T and his idiot cronies are going to spend BILLIONS on a wall, but tunnels have already been constructed underground to enter the US and they will build more. The WALL will be a WASTE of Tax Payer money ~~~ WASTEFUL SPENDING by Congress AGAIN ~~~ Give Tax Breaks to the Wealthy. INCREASE the National Debt. Cut programs to help the low income to build a WALL and Give TAX BREAKS to the Rich. The SWAMP is getting BIGGER !!!

    • therealworld

      I’m glad you understand and are On Board with the plan. We need more libbys, not!

    • therealworld

      Oh, and Dude, “Lednicky” , I hope you slapped your parents.

      • just care

        I want to start a long line to slap that Diaper Boys parents

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          Count me in. I am against abortion but people like him makes me want to think twice and wonder why he was not aborted.

    • Vote for Truth

      Israel built a wall and it very successfully kept Palestinians from coming across the border. No, it isn’t a waste because a lot of drugs will be stopped too. Part of building the wall was to go underground real deep to stop the tunnels too.

    • Gregg Parker

      Since you put it that way it seems to make sense. BUILD THAT WALL!!… thanks for the encouragement!

  • Bob

    What 1st hurdle? Didn’t the Orange Blossom, Tax Evader, Draft-Dodger tell America hundreds of times, MEXICO IS BUILDING THE WALL. LIES, LIES, LIES. The Prince of Twitter and FAKE NEWS!!!!!

    • Vote for Truth

      Bob, there are many ways for President Trump to make Mexico build the wall. We send money to Mexico, we stop drugs coming into America, etc. So, no, YOU are wrong, Trump will eventually make Mexico build the wall.

      • Gregg Parker

        I think he really wants Mexico to pay for the wall with a check… he saw it on SNL and wanted a picture for his wall. Don’t be too harsh on him. Bob is just more passionate about seeing that the wall is built than most people….

      • Bob

        Truth???? Are you really as dumb as you sound? The only one who thinks Mexico is paying for the Wall is you. Even Drumpf and the Republicons know Mexico’s not paying. Only you Uneducated are fools!!

      • Larry Huff

        There will be no wall.


    Good walls make good neighbors.

    Why else would we have a wall/fence around the white house?

    Why do we build walls around important buildings?

    You can tell who profits from open borders by who fights building a wall.

    Follow the money trail.



  • therealworld

    Democrats can whine all they want, We Are Building The Wall. AND, We are gonna send back as many as we can before it’s done.

    • Richard

      All sent back before, during and after building the wall, deportation should continue until the last illegal is deported. Incarceration in a tent city prison in the desert behind barbed wire fencing with guard towers for illegals that re enter the County.

      • Right View

        Yes, we can deport
        5000 illegals/ a day
        by trucks, trains, boats, & airplanes

        • Gregg Parker

          or big slingshots…

  • just care

    Build the damn wall. Nuff talk already!

  • therealworld

    We fence our yards, We wall our important stuff, Walling The Border is just Common Sense. Saying we don’t need to secure our border is like taking down all the fences and barriers at all of our Airports. Duh

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      Great comment and so very true!!!

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Well, It is a start, maybe the illegals will get the full Picture!

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      I doubt it because they will continue to find another way across if not the liberals will bring them here one way or another. But they will not carry them to their homes and feed, support, pay medical expenses, etc… No, they will continue to holler for taxpayers to do that and continue to take away from the legal home born American citizens. Sometimes I think all liberals need to be deported along with all the illegals since they want them so bad. Wishful thinking.

      • Ronald Show

        Liberalism is a disease. I think a frontal labotamy might cure it. If not it’s still worth a try!

  • DJT Supporter

    The American people are threatened by international terrorists, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and transnational gangs like MS-13 who try to sneak into our country, bring harm to our communities, and disrupt our way of life,” Senators continued. “Allowing this to continue is completely unacceptable.”

    Just put the Big Sign saying for all illegal immigrants to read “No Trespass Beyond US Borders” or You will be arrested, put in jail and deport with profile records. New walls will build with secret timing sensors.

    • Fed up!

      Sorry they don’t speak ingles

    • Gregg Parker

      starts out good… hop back in for a brief edit of the second paragraph. Thanks

  • Don Lindsey

    Come on Texas we need your help…Vote this Vela out of office, we will never Make America Great with idiots like this and the Rinos in office!

    • Brenda Sinclair

      i am from texas vela wants as many illegals in to vote for him, he could care less about helping the poor illegals just give him their votes

  • JWB

    The progression of legislative “bills”, as we all know, can be a “painfully” slow, arduous and “formidible” task, extremely complicated and confounded further by the likes of the Honorable Representative Filemo Vela ( remember that name) with his immature, disrespectful and disgustingly vulgar language and behavior. This legislation, which at first glance appears to be a solid, fairly simple solution to the funding and the implementation in a noble effort to further secure our southern border, has made its “way” through the “labyrinth” of drafting, sponsorship, sub-committee, committee and now to the full House for a vote that will undoubtedly be along strict party lines. The real “debate” and vitriolic controverting may begin post haste, without any further deliberation, with only one apparent obstacle to an actual “vote” on this long awaited codification of this new “law”, TIME. There are around forty days, and counting down quickly, left in this “session”, with what are obviously more “pressing” issues that will be addressed, before our “exhausted” elected officials begin their well deserved “recuperating” process (vacation), the Speaker will drop the gavel and with relief flee Washington with nothing to show for our patience.
    Sorry boys and girls, maybe next year, just maybe.

    • Vote for Truth

      Did you forget that President Obama is a builder who is known for coming in under budget and before time. That saves a lot of money

      • JWB

        Greetings VfT,
        President Obama? You were referring to President Trump, of course. Yes, a “builder” and an extremely successful one at that! The security of our Country, although “coming in under budget” would be favorable, should never be postponed or rejected entirely, imho, because of “cost” and if anyone thinks the expense to great, they are immorally putting a greater “value” on mere capital over that of human life. Unacceptable. This “first line of defense” should have been constructed decades ago with the debate now being on improvements and maintenance, but hopefully installation will commence “quickly” and avoidance of a major “cataclysmic” event can be avoided. If Congress could understand and appreciate the urgency that many of the American citizens do when contemplating this issue maybe the necessary legislation would be implemented sooner rather than later. I Pray that it will not be too late.
        Best Regards

  • Gregg Parker

    I could while away the hours counting up guard towers and talking to patrols…(da da dadada da da)
    In the end we’ll be thinking no more drugs they’re gonna bring in, if we only had wall…
    Oh I can tell you why it got 10 more feet high Mexico thought that they caught us in a lie and then we smiled and built for miles.
    If any one’s as crazy as lib-e-rals are lazy and they’re questioning a wall…(we just can smile and say..)
    We might miss Tijuana and grow our own marijuana if we only had a wall…

  • Ronald Show

    No amnesty!!! Deport them immediately!!!! Why should we be responsible for them and their families when they broke the law getting here? It doesn’t matter one iota if they were children and their parents brought them. We owe them nothing!!!! The constitution only affords protection to U.S. CITIZENS!!! NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! Taxpayers have had enough shoved down their throats already by the muslim loving obummer. Why should we compound it when they sponsor their families and double or triple that burden!!!

  • Fed up!

    Vela is voted in by illegals, he is a piece of Mexican 💩. Build the Security Wall and throw his asz along with all illegals back to Mexico.

  • Fed up!

    Why not, government has no money. What they spend is money confiscated from hard working Americans.

    • Gregg Parker

      It’s never enough though… They simply create massive digital numbers on a screen and buy whatever they want…

  • John

    Let’s hope the Senate can wake up and pass it.

  • just care

    Deport all the illegals. That savings would build the wall, finance our schools, give everyone a $3. An hour raise, lower crime and the money saved on prisons would finance health care for the needy. You’re brain would work too if you take it out of hate mode.

  • ROn Dastra

    You are correct !
    He can get rid of DACA with a order ! He seems to be dealing down on immigration !
    It does not make this president Trump supporter happy !!!!!!

  • Kathryn Jordan

    What I wonder is where the the border wall will go when it comes to Texas. The Rio Grande River is the border between Texas and Mexico currently; will the border go on the Texas side or on the side of Mexico? As a Native Texan, I would want to be able to see the Rio Grande River. God only knows what the senate is going to say about this.

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      Before the wall is built they need to cut the cables installed across certain sections of the Rio Grande that were installed to help the swimmers.

  • just care

    Didn’t do so well in math did you. It’s free. And the savings are incredible. No more people sponging off us. You just don’t want to cut your own lawn. Try some exercise. Might help your math.