Cory Booker’s ‘Testosterone’ Sometimes Makes Him Want to ‘Punch’ Trump

‘Those are his tactics. And you don’t beat a bully like him fighting on his tactics…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Presidential hopeful Cory Booker said President Donald Trump has abandoned all civility and that if Democrats are to beat him in 2020, they need to be less like him.

“This is a moral moment in America. And to me, what we need from our next leader, especially after the time of moral vandalism we’re in right now, is we need a leader who’s not going to call us to the worst we are, but call us to the best of who we are. And we need to be, as a party, we need to talk about not what we’re against, but what we’re for,” Booker said during an interview with “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

The New Jersey Democrat also said that he understands why so many Americans are mad at Trump and the GOP, but urged Democrats not to be dragged “into the gutter.”

“Donald Trump, this is guy — he hurts you. And my testosterone makes me sometimes feel like punching him, which would be bad for this elderly, out of shape man that he is. He’s a physically weak specimen,” Booker said. “But those are his tactics. And you don’t beat a bully like him fighting on his tactics, his terms, on his turf. He’s the body shamer, he’s the guy that tries to drag people into the gutter.”


“Don’t mistake strength for — to be strong you need to be mean. We will not beat Donald Trump by trying to be more like him, but by showing that we are not like him. We are not weak morally, we are not weak mentally. We are a strong nation,” Booker continued.

Tribalism and divisiveness are weaknesses that Trump stokes, Booker said, and to beat him, Democrats need to focus on 2020 as a “movement election” that fights for more than just the presidency.

“Why I fight so hard for this election is because I know the number one thing people in my party want is to beat Donald Trump. And I’m like, that is the floor, it is not the ceiling. We have to have bigger aspirations,” Booker said. “If we make this election all about him, that’s a small man, one office, that’s not what I want this election to just be about. We will beat him — I will beat him. But we’ve got to make this more of a movement election to create new American majorities.”