Bloomberg Plans to Make Quick Decision About 2020 Run for Presidency

‘I think I know why I would want to run … but I just don’t know whether it’s possible….’

Billionaire Bloomberg Blasts ‘Epidemic Of Dishonesty’ After Obama

Michael Bloomberg (screen shot: Face the Nation/Youtube)

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, is considering a run for president in 2020, according to the Associated Press.

If he runs, it would be as a Democrat. Over the course of his career, Bloomberg has switched from Democrat, to Republican, to independent, and then back to Democrat.

“I will be a Democrat for the rest of my life,” Bloomberg assured in an interview with the AP.

The potentially momentous decision by Bloomberg comes after the billionaire business mogul spent more than $110 million helping Democrat candidates in the most recent midterm election.

But it’s unclear whether there’s room in the modern Democratic Party for someone the likes of Bloomberg, whom some on the Left may consider too fiscally conservative, despite his liberal leanings on social issues.

In deference to the tightrope-walking act that the Left faces in balancing its wealthy establishment donors with a rising wave of anti-capitalism among its younger generation, Tom Perez,  chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was cautious not to heap too much gratitude on Bloomberg.

“I applaud everybody who was involved. Very appreciative of Mayor Bloomberg,” Perez told the AP. “Equally appreciative of those grassroots activists who were knocking on doors every weekend, texting people, investing 50 bucks in the Democratic Party.”

While Bloomberg clearly wants to be president, he’s also realistic, maybe even pessimistic, about his chances, saying about his decision: “Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then maybe a few weeks into January—that’s when you really gotta sit down, talk to your advisers and say, ‘Look, do I have a chance? I think I know why I would want to run … but I just don’t know whether it’s possible.”

He added: “If people don’t seem to be warming to you, there’s plenty of other ways that I can make a difference in life and say thank you to this country for what it’s given my kids and me.”

So Democrats might not be fired up about Bloomberg 2020.

But they’re probably hoping he’ll continue to shower them with cash.