Black Teens Run Over Elderly White Man w/ His Own Car

The victim, identified as 69-year-old Jim Willinghan, will have to undergo six months of rehab for his broken pelvis…

(CBS Baltimore) Carjacked, thrown to the ground, and driven over with his own car.

The wife of a Baltimore County man who was attacked during a carjacking talks to WJZ about the vicious attack that now has four teens behind bars.

Right now, Baltimore County police are looking for two other teens still wanted in connection with the carjacking that left a man seriously injured.

Police aren’t saying how they connected the dots, but we now know that a Comcast worker caught the entire incident on video.

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The victim, identified as 69-year-old Jim Willinghan, is still recovering at Shock Trauma, but his wife says he will be moved to another facility to undergo six months of rehab for his broken pelvis.

Last Wednesday morning, Baltimore County police say six teens viciously carjacked, assaulted, and drove over Willinghan.

“I got a knock on the door that my husband had been carjacked and assaulted,” Willinghan’s wife said. “My husband was innocent. It shouldn’t have happened.”

The quiet January morning on Overlea Street shattered by a violent attack.

“I come running out, and he’s laying over there on the corner of the sidewalk,” she said.

His wife, who didn’t want to show her face, says Willinghan went outside to grab something out of their car when the group attacked him.

She says he suffered bruises on his back and other injuries.

The most serious was a broken pelvis, which happened when the teens drove over him before taking off…

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  • Yosemite Sam

    This unfortunate victim of a violent racist attack, perpetrated by a black thug, is the direct result of the former Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who said back in 2015 “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”. When are anti establishment elected officials going to be held criminally responsible for their conspiring against society?

    • Pauly Bagadonuts

      in obammos regime, the DOJ would be pressing charges against the victim.

      • Maxine Albritton

        as funny as it sounds it is probably true.

        • deanbob

          ..was thinking the same.

      • CMSgt, USAF, Retired


      • Yosemite Sam

        I couldn’t agree more strongly. Obama was and remains a Marxist thug.

        • Golbalview

          He and his white privilege were just asking for this beatdown. We can thank Obama for this kind of logic. Why people want to live in Baltimore, Detroit, South Chicago is beyond me. Move out while you can or face the same fate as this poor gentleman.

          • therealworld

            Your Right, The Liberals have turned the inner city areas into post apocalyptic lawless zones and we haven’t even had the big one yet.

          • kerry88

            Fire does a great job of cleansing any thing.

          • george eady

            they know that they do that every time they wonts a new tv or to refurnish there home. it is way past time the rest of us show them what it feels like to a victims for what they wont.

          • kerry88

            That is going to take standing up to them in a ferocity that no one has advanced, thus far. It will mean going after them, on their “turf” and taking back from them what they have taken. We talk about it, who will do it?

          • george eady


          • george eady

            NOW 30 MIN .TO SEE WHAT THEY DONT YOU TO SEE .LOOK AT MY FACEBOOK TIME LINE eadygeorgem . going 25 yr . they dont you to see . i swear to every word .

          • kerry88

            I understand your frustration. To a point, they have cause, legally. Blatant threats to kill someone is illegal, and the sight has a right to say no, we will not publish your remarks. It is CYA on their part. It stinks, but it is the law. As for their general stand on issues, I think they are cowards, and decidedly pro-left. This Message is from Mr. Kerry Keel. It has been checked by AVG, and is Virus free.

      • george eady

        your right .the first question is what color are they. and when it is black. a go easy rule goes into effect. they are afraid the blacks will hit the streets and start burning down the town. ha since this has worked so well for the blacks. and stopped accountable. jest maybe the 200 millions whites should do the same.

    • deanbob

      She is the new establishment official! But, she and they still need to be held accountable, and legally beyond the voting booth.

      • Jim

        Needs to be SHOT. Along with ALL the scum like her.

    • teachersaide

      Hopefully, this man will recover. However, as a retired RN, a broken pelvis in a person this age can kill. Waiting to see outcome. Baltimore is on MY LIST of NOT to be Visited places, along with NYC, Chicago, LA, SF, Denver, etc.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    The chair is not enough! They show no compassion to this gentle elderly gentleman, and his supportive beautiful wife!

    That is what they should get: No Compassion!

    Out you go! Back of the woodshed! 50 lashes each from a BARBWIRE WHIP! Then since we are generous people 2… no 3 bullets thru the ol potato as a goodbye to life gift!

    Dump them off at Hanford to plug up the holes in the radioactive waste tanks!

    Yeah… that should do it!

    But what will happen… some liberal judge will call a mistrial because of some white privileged BS. They will walk in 1-2 years(if that).

    ”Tis a shame… ”tis a shame…

    • Maxine Albritton

      or the liberal jury will find him not guilty. after all Black lives matter.

    • CMSgt, USAF, Retired

      Hand them off to Obama. As he has previously stated, they could be his sons. With his outstanding style of non-leadership I am sure he could reform them and turn them into pillars of the community. In case you fail to realize this is a bunch of horse hockey, let me tell you it is and these sorry excuses for human beings need to be prosecuted and held fully accountable for their actions.

      • ekim


      • deanbob

        Are you kidding? Other than for a few press ops, Obama wouldn’t be caught near any of them! They don’t measure up to his class/wealth. His attitude is do as I say, not as I do.

    • Alan

      The penalty should be the same as that of any other rabid dog.

  • chocopot

    But, but, they’re just poor oppressed minorities!

    • Alibaba

      Who wanted a car for free! Poor oppressed people! So sad nobody wanted to give it to them…

  • mathis1689

    The victim should be allowed to run over these thugs just like they did to him. Afterwards deport their useless butts to Africa. If they want to live like jungle savages then the African jungle seems to be an appropriate place for them.

    • kerry88

      I’d rather see them made into human statues in Antarctica. Peel them down to zero clothes, and dump them off near the South Pole.

      • mathis1689

        Not a bad idea, but why torture the penguins by making them look at something as ugly as that?

        • kerry88

          Had not thought of that point. The Penguins might, however, just avoid that area.

          • mathis1689

            If I was a penguin I certainly would!

  • Karma

    Well lets see the defense…black lives tires matter…hail black cows matter and he drank milk..he was racist..he was a republican..trump made us do it ….all of them need be carried out into the streets, shot in the forehead, and left on the curb about a week so the b/s news outlets cant help but to report on it.

    • kerry88

      They just might survive a shooting like that. It has happened. It might make them little more than a “vegetable” as the term goes, but they would still have to be taken care of. That is unfair to society. A better way, is to put that bullet into the back of the head, aimed up into the skull. Use of a frangible round would be best. Going after the back of the head, at the base of the skull targets the area that controls automatic functions of the body, such as heart beat, and breathing. Destroy that, and they are good to go for worm food.

      • Karma

        I see you gave that alot if scientific thought haha ! thinking they should be tied out over a fire ant hill, covered in honey, and slowly shot to death with a low power bb gun, but, i didnt want to seem sadistic or something..that, and i really hate to see good honey wasted..

        • Daniel F. Melton

          Cut off their eyelids too.

          • Karma

            No no that would be cruel and unusual punishment..but you could take an upholstery needle and course thread and stitch their eyelids to their eyebrows ;)….and the pig thing below would probably cure em of wanting to do such idiocy again !

          • Daniel F. Melton

            I learned some techniques in discussions with a Comanche.

          • Karma

            Being part Sioux myself i will nominate you, D.F. Melton, as the man to mete out the punishment for this horrific crime…does anyone here second that motion ?

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Let’s draw straws for the job.

        • independent thinker

          If you use an active large fire ant hill no honey needed. Just tie them face down naked with their genitals centered over the hill then poke the hill if the ants are not yet out in force. If it is a large hill they likely will not survive anyway so no further action would be needed.

          • dsrguns

            Really? I happened to be reading this as I eat my dinner…Going back for seconds.

          • independent thinker

            I take it you have never accidently stepped on a fire ant hill. By the way, wanna hear what I recommend if any do survive?

          • dsrguns

            Personally I have not nor would I want to. I’m all ears.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Tie their ankles and toss ’em to pigs. There will be nothing to clean up afterwards,

        • NRApatriot

          I sure wouldn’t want to eat any of that pork!

          • Daniel F. Melton

            it don’t taste as bad as pigs fed with fish.

          • NRApatriot

            My dad was from a well to do family here in the rural county where I live but fell in love with mom who was from what everyone called a poor white trash family. They didn’t receive any government assistance nor did they want it! They raised everything they ate themselves when I was little including pigs. That’s how I discovered a pig would eat ANYTHING! I once shot what Texans call a havolina hog that run wild there when I lived in south Texas. After dressing it out and cooking some meat from it I discovered the meat was to spicy to even eat! Maybe the Mexicans could handle it but I certainly couldn’t! A Mexican guy I knew told me the meat becomes so hot because they eat what the Mexicans call chili petines. That’s a chili pepper that grows wild there. My ex once saw my reaction to eating one and said “It can’t possibly be that hot!” My Mexican friend offered her one and when she bit it off she got some juice on her lip and went into hysterics! It actually blistered her lip! Never tried pork that has been fed fish but I can only imagine?

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Them are what I know as “turkey peppers” The turkeys down in Texas eat ’em and the flesh is so spicy that coyotes won’t eat ’em.
            You’ll know at the first taste when pigs have been fed a steady diet of fish. It tastes like it has been cured in fish oil.

    • ekim

      DO NOT waste a penny on THEIR extermination, LET THE PUBLIC decide THEIR fate and the only case presented would be THEIR ACT of ATTEMPTED MURDER !

      • Karma

        Yeah we been letting public decide things just look what has been voted into office for years..oh it will work out fine..time they whine about discrimination, bad upbringing, on drugs, etc, etc, maybe bring jesse jackson and oprah to court with them, and get time off for good behavior they might be imprisoned what maybe 6-8 months, if that, for their deeds ?…thats justice..

  • Pauly Bagadonuts

    Diversity in action. But surely the victim was subconsciously oppressing those poor, college bound Honor Students.
    A tsunami hitting Baltimore would be the next best thing to happen to Maryland.

  • Timothy Draheim

    People beware !! This is happening at an alarming rate. Be ready and be prepared whenever you must be out around this sort of people. Beware!!!!

    • ekim


  • kerry88

    This act might best be punished by tying their hair to the rear bumper of a vehicle with a length of rope, and take them on a joy ride. Once their hair has been pulled out, put a rope around their chests and finish the job. If they still survive, then toss them in jail to heal by themselves as best they can. If they want to act like savages, then treat them as savages.

  • Warren Wagner

    A libitard democrap judge. To bad we can’t deport them.

  • Joseph111

    Perhaps these teens should have attended the ‘White Privilege’ class at Florida Gulf Coast University. At least then they would have understood that their actions were completely acceptable.
    (sarcasm intended).

  • ShadowB

    The people that live there own it. You get what you vote for. So…They can either deal with it or do like the rest of those MD liberals and move to Northern Virginia and ruin that state.

  • Gregg Parker

    The modern day black version result of “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock… Plymouth Rock landed on us!”

  • mark

    They aren’t fit to be called human!

    • Mort Leith

      Liberals pay them to breed below the Human species level via welfare etc

      • ekim

        TERM LIMITS for congress = ONLY ONE …. CHILD BIRTH CARE AND ASSISTANCE = ONLY ONE …….. When you realize your mistake, YOU FIX IT !

    • ekim

      ARE you acytually refering to BLM, WHY are THEY not flooding the streets in anger of this ATTEMPTED MURDER !

      • mark

        BLM has nothing to do with the actions these punks committed! They acted like rabid animals and should be given no mercy!

        • ekim

          These are young BLACK LIVES, do they not matter ! Perhaps if BLM were to garner the media attention and bring this ATROCITY TO LIGHT for the next 3 weeks in the tv MEDIA, THEY ( BLM ) could make a difference in OTHER YOUNG BLACK ACTIONS in the future ! C’mon Mark, think for a minute ! Thanks for your participation here and in our Freedom and Liberty!

          • mark

            This is not something BLM cares about. They only care about sticking to the police and the white people! If they do show up. It will be to defend these hooligan’s and blame the victim! You need to think for a minute. BLM is a racist group.

  • Maxine Albritton

    well, |Baltimore is catching up with Chicago. If the left that have any hope of not being stupid are not getting this as it is in all liberal cities rampant crime. wake up someday please. Our country is putting the old west stories to shame. you know the ok corral and stuff. lawlessness is rampant. we are supposed to be a civilized society and I guess we still are better than some others but it needs some serious fixing.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      People are much more law abiding and polite where citizens aren’t denied their Second Amendment rights.

  • Mort Leith

    Idiot should have had his legal concealed weapon,,,
    then there would have been multiple dead N1663Rs instead of huge hospital bills…

    Here in Georgia they’d have been DRT…

    • Who ever

      In Maryland had a little lamb, you can’t even have a gun for self defense. It is a cesspool.

      • Mort Leith

        People GET what they VOTE for in their area.

    • Gene Hollon

      HOLD ON MORT, THE IDIOT (S) were the SORRY THUGS who attacked the innocent victim.
      REASSESS your thought processes. You are WAY OUT OF LINE to denigrate the 69 year old maimed victim.

      • Mort Leith

        YOU and your liberal friends are too clueless to exercise you 2nd Amendment rights..
        Get a clue already

        You libbies love walking around in a lions den with a raw steak tied around your neck,,
        and then want people to NOT call you out on it…

  • Bill

    Well as Obama said all they need is a job its not there fault well there is more out there now then ever. Obama put us back 50 years and raised racism higher than I seen it in my life it is a shame he had a chance to reduce the racism greatly but he just kept fueling the fire well that is where he gets half of his votes. Prayers are with the abused family god bless

    • ekim

      THOSE VOTES ALONE would not have given him TWO TERMS as COMMIE and chief !

  • MASR53

    no worries… they’ll pull out the victim card and get off scot -free so that they can wrek further mayhem on the streets of the USA!
    Apparently Martin Luther King was lying when he said: ” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Color of skin seems to dominate most dark skinned peoples’ thinking!

  • Dixon Ermouth

    Now let’s see how the main stream media spins this so the minority hoodlums are the victims. I can see the headline now: “Poor Oppressed Minority Youths Strike Blow Against Their Oppressors”. Wow, I can say if this had been my dad, his .38 would have spoken to these youth loud and clear, and they wouldn’t be stealing anything ever again.

    • NRApatriot

      Tell your dad he needs to get at least a .357 magnum! A .38 is pretty uneffective! With a .357, he can practice with low recoiling .38 rounds but load .357 rounds in it for defense! It will fire both rounds.

      • Jim

        38+P As well.

        • NRApatriot

          I forgot about that round. Some revolvers chambered in .38 special can’t handle the plus P round long! I would hate for your dads revolver to blow up in his hand! My daily carry weapon is a Taurus 617 seven round .357 magnum snubbie. Recoil is pretty harsh but I can handle it!

      • Dixon Ermouth

        My dad passed away 8 years ago. I remember as a kid, he always had his .38 in the car when we went on trips, just in case he needed it. He was a pretty good shot with it too.

        • NRApatriot

          Dixon, Please accept my condolences on your dad’s passing. I lost mine also about ten years ago. He was very sick from multiple myeloma and I thought it would be a relief from his suffering if he died and I thought I was ready, but when he passed, it was still a kick in the gut.

          • Dixon Ermouth

            My condolences to you as well. You’re right, it is a kick in the gut. My dad had kidney problems and complications from diabetes. His quality of life got to the point, where it was merciful of God to call him home.

  • NRApatriot

    I will not walk outside my home unarmed at any time! If this isn’t a good case for being armed at all times I don’t know what is? Anywhere I spend any amount time within my home, there’s a firearm within close reach and the it’s same for my wife! Intruders here will face not just one firearm but two!

  • Dan Topp

    Just stand back and watch,how about giving then a dirt nap.

  • Kevin Madary

    Leave it up to the Bowel Movement Matters Obamao minions to fill more slots in prison …. seems like playing with a ball, committing rascist crimes against whites, and going to prison are the only job skills that negro thugs have these days

  • Al Chemist

    It is sad, but most people in this country will never hear about this. This story does not fit the mantra promoted on MSM stations that Blacks are always the victims…thus, it will never be shown or talked about.

  • Gene Hollon

    These maladjusted, miscreants should BE SHOT BETWEEN THE EYES.
    BUT, Since we can’t do that, 10 years in prison, NO PARDON, NO PAROLE.
    SERVE every single day. Up to and including the very last minute.

  • rchguns

    It would seem the word down one more step into an impending Civil War. Blacks in America seem to think that because of the color of their skin they do not need to follow the law.
    Everyone else is afraid to say anything to a black individual for fear of being labeled as a racist and facing criminal charges.
    There’s going to be a backlash like this country has never seen before. While almost every other race on earth strives to improve humanity black race seems bound and determined to go the other way.
    Tribalism, illiteracy, violence, and every other characteristics of civilized humanity is taken over. Mankind came out of the trees and eventually prospered. The black race has turned around and is heading back towards the trees as fast as they can go.

  • blogengeezer

    In Alb NM there were a few incidents of similar description. NM is a southern border state with Mexico and has a little different demographic. Though the same attitude prevails.

    After two very headlined events, added to earlier slaughters in actuality, the applicants for CCW increased drastically.

    The lightly populated border state of NM today, has well in excess of 70,000 concealed carry Citizens. Even the last two governors were CCW. Susanna Martinez was previously a border city DA. She ‘knows’ the score.

    The chance that any altercation, difference in opinion of who will become victim, will have a bit of ‘gunplay’, is definitely more likely. The pre-CCW years were all one sided. The victims Always lost.

    Today the outrageously Liberal Leftist [Democrat controlled] ‘news’ only covers the events, when the career repeat offenders, the professional ‘Turning their life around’, ‘Didn’t deserve to die’ assailants, are taken out of the equation.

    Today’s ‘news’ attributes all crime to the availability of Guns. Even the latest mayor of ABQ won on a bankroll of Bloomberg money. The Liberals mindlessly, endlessly demand a return back to ‘the good old days’….. when only the professional assailants had guns…

    No Thank You Comrade Bloomberg, we, the taxPayers, those who voted to MAGA, that increasingly rare breed of Citizenry, those with traditional families, role models, morals and Faith, prefer at least having a fighting chance.

  • jwoodhorse

    ..and these idiots wonder why blacks are seen as ignorant friggin’ morons and make it really hard on black people who just want to live their lives in peace.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Proves how Obama spread his racist prejudice violence during his term in office! Now we see the results. Unless these people are going to his training camps! Obama worst puppet, NWO elite gang member ever! Time to Stop! Their madness! No more we are tired of all this evil they are spreading in our Society! We the people of the righteous are now standing up against this Evil! God bless all good Americans! Pray for the victims! God bless!

  • just care

    White man infringes upon black men’s rights by diving under car and blocking their path

  • therealworld

    It’s time for a serious cleansing of the USA. I am 60 and carry a S&W40 just for this type of attack. Not One would have walked away here.

    • Yosemite Sam

      Well said…

    • Beeker D.

      In KOOKY KALIFORNIA you’d be in jail for : “PROTECTING YOURSELF”!

  • brooksmd

    If it’s all on video and crystal clear, skip the trial and straight to prison. Just for a month and release due to overcrowding. After all, dey gud boys an didn mean no harm.

  • Medic RN

    I’ve read all of your comments. Curiously, no real racism here. Not even prejudice or militancy.
    Much frustration and fear; with obvious cause. Its difficult living amidst hateful, willful preditors.
    Most commonly, the black community murders each other due to proximity and availability. Deep social ills which they themselves are failing to correct.
    See Somalia, Mogadishu, Detroit, Chicago. Its certain to get much worse; Now, for public safety concerns, defining groups and communities; White flight out of collapsing, suddenly hateful, self-serving environments where these groups devolve to overlap. Failure to recognize risks may cost your life.

  • rocky63

    Black thugs in action. It would be some sort of fairness if this sort of thing should happen to every white liberal Democrat who supports Black Lives Matter.

  • geweldigaum

    If Obama had four sons…

  • Darby2

    Prison, 30 years each kid.

  • Jim

    What do you expect from destitute and losing Negros? A defeated race that wants America the same as Africa.

  • Philomena

    Thanks Obama for promoting Racism and hate. Obama you are the Divider in Chief,

  • Beeker D.

    As ‘The Obamaman’ would say: “Jim Willinghan acted “STUPIDLY” in trying to defend himself with ‘White Privilege’ against ‘Black Entitlement’!

  • Steve G.

    Where are you BLM, LeBron, ACLU, ANTIFA? Say something about the hatred you created. Explain yourselves, don’t just take a knee. By the way; why didn’t the Comcast worker help this man. Instead of calling 911 the worker videos it.

  • Jim

    Sounds a lot like more of Obola’s sons. ALL these scumbag need to be shot and then fed to wild critters.

  • SA Ander

    Isn’t that a hate crime? Will it be handled that way?

  • Yarbles

    This problem can be solved by a Glock (any one of several models) and a little training.

    Baltimore is the real problem here.

  • Robert Morris

    Baltimore is nothing more than a cess pool. I can’t imagine why any white person would want to live there. I’m tired of hearing about so called white priviledge since I worked my entire life to get where i’m
    at today. Never had the benefit of affirmitive action so I had to work and pay my way through college and then compete in the job market when I finished school. Our ignorant elected officials gave Black americans every opportunity to become first class citizens but they chose to go on the welfare rolls and have babies instead of becoming productive individuals.

    • Beeker D.

      BLM and the Socio-Fascist demokrats consider that’s part of “White Privilege” too, meaning: “Having A Job, Working and Getting Paid For It”!
      Now what they want in order to compensate for “WHITE PRIVILEGE” is more “BLACK PRIVILEGE” wherein: “Blacks Will Not Have To Have A Job and They Still Get Paid For It”!

  • This is a sad but not unexpected result of the horrid city being run in Baltimore and other atrocious places such as Chicago.

  • joe mama

    Typical black behavior.

  • Roy Veteto

    how come those who bring up CRUEL & UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT are silent when stuff like this happens.

  • Roy Veteto

    they only want a good seat for the mlk day parade

  • Free Man (NOT)

    Those thugs should be UNDER the jail. Let’s say about six feet under!

  • Ken

    Those thugs need to be removed from society for a long long time. If it were up to me they would be put on a deserted island with other prisoners to play survivor for real.

  • JR

    Black Privilege, commit crimes against the White Man and you are a Thug Hero in the Black communities.

  • Tell it like it is!

    I am sure the teens just needed to get to church in a hurry or were in a hurry to get to their volunteer community service position at the local soup kitchen. As teens they will get off with very little and they know it, plus playing the race card will also help.

  • golfdoc

    I don’t care about the age of any of these criminals, they all need to be thrown in for life, no parole. That or I’d be happy to use them for target practice. I’m not as good a shot as I used to be, but I’ll pay for all my bullets. I ought to be able to finish the job with about 100 bullets.

  • george eady

    so why is not the race hate. thing brought up here. if you dont lock these punks up it will happen again. when a adult crime is done then put an adult prison time on them. for them that go easy on punks like this .i can only hope there next victims .are them that did not hold them accountable

  • omikehawk

    Teenage Ubs, how surprising!

  • Name

    This should be a hate crime. OH, wait only whites can commit hate crimes.