Black Law Prof Teaches Sons to Not Trust White People

(The College Fix) Imagine if The New York Times published a piece by a conservative academic in which the theme is the author teaching his white children that friendships with black people may not be possible.

 Yeshiva University photo

Yeshiva University/photo by K. B. R. (CC)

Imagine, too, that part of the author’s reasoning was being worried about his children’s safety.

It wouldn’t happen, of course — that is, the Times actually publishing such a piece. But a similar article was written over five years ago, and the result was author John Derbyshire being ousted from National Review.

The Times would — and did — publish, however, Ekow N. Yankah’s op-ed which posits essentially the same thing as Derbyshire did … but in the racial reverse.

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Titled “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?” the Yeshiva University law professor says the election of Donald Trump “has made it clear” that he needs to teach his sons the “lessons generations old” — that is, be cautious, be suspicious, be distrustful.

More succinctly, the question is “whether [his sons] can truly be friends with white people.”

From the piece:

History has provided little reason for people of color to trust white people in this way, and these recent months have put in the starkest relief the contempt with which the country measures the value of racial minorities…

As against our gauzy national hopes, I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible…

[Trump’s] election and the year that has followed have fixed the awful thought in my mind too familiar to black Americans: “You can’t trust these people..”

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  • Al Zabel

    I find it amazing, that only Caucasian men, can be racist.
    This is the liberal/progressive stance.
    Divide and conquer.
    While twisting everything normal? Upside down and backwards.

    • whoselineisitanyway

      Tis all noted verbatim in
      THE BOOK OF REVALATION in the Bible.
      Unless we confess and repent we can’t be saved.
      I’ll take my chances with Christianity.

    • John

      I could not agree more with you …black is white, good is bad, evil is ok and we have white privilege!

      • kbfallon

        White Privilege=Having to get up and go to work everyday for 10-12 hours -pay 35% of your pay to the govt. so they can give it to those who can’t or won’t work–pay 1000’s in health ins. so everyone else gets covered–and after all that -die and give the govt. half of what’s left.

        • slk5

          if thats a privilege, i’d hate to see what punishment was!!!

          • Fed up!


    • slk5

      liberal socialist mantra #4- don’t worry about what we do, just listen to what we say!!!

  • Kathryn Jordan

    I find it appalling that the liberals would say that only Caucasian men and women can be racist. It seems like we are in a period of “I don’t trust you” which keeps this country divided. This author is basically looking at things through history. It is divide and conquer. Are we twisting everything that is normal? I think so. Is it upside down and backwards now? Who knows.

  • richjack4

    It is simple. Blacks hate whites. Always have and always well. The sooner white apologists realize this the better off our culture will be! This should be mandatory reading for all the militant left! And for everyone’s FYI, blacks can and are an extremely racist culture despite with liberal ideology preaches!


    If a white professor did that, he would be CRUCIFIED as a nazi racist!!

    But blacks aren’t racists, they can’t be racists.


    Because blacks SAY SO!!

    Know what I say?

    blacks ARE THE MOST RACIST RACE ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Greg

      Amen to that.

    • Criers

      I lived in the Detroit area for over 30 years, they are more racist then more skin-heads I have met in the hills of Tennessee.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. you didn’t give me enough you are a racist.

  • Billdokie

    Smart black people will Laugh at this, and the “Other” blacks will fall into the ditch they have been in forever. The same ditch that has kept them from achieving an education and at some point a good job and a nice home. Again, smart blacks will laugh at this and make something of themselves, the Poor Pitiful will continue on as usual.

  • Christian_Prophet

    Speak of the hate white people taught their children to have towards black decades ago in Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Carolinas, Texas. Did I miss a state? Oh yes in Virginia. When blacks couldn’t sit at a lunch counter. You hypocrites and racists. Let’s talk about the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan and their teachings. Stand up for Black people, let them lead America. Whites will need to take the back seat of the bus for a decade or more.

    • Billy Bong

      Christian Prophet username is blasphemy. Christ would not tell call people hypocrites and racists

    • Billy Bong

      You are a false prophet spurn from purgatory

      • ron buice

        Brilliant reply, BB!

    • Criers

      I am hoping this obscene attitude is a joke. The KKK and Nazis are condemned my most people now-a-days. In the 70’s I had black friends, I am white, middle eastern descent, some friends were Irish descent, etc., we all played together. If the Democratic party didn’t keep racism active we would all be in a better America by now.

    • jaybird

      It will be longer than that “if both sides don’t try to get along and work together” and realize that our country is in the hands of an evil group that is trying to make slaves of all of us. It is time for each side to start trusting each other. Some blacks like Carson, Steve Harvey and other church leaders are getting more involved. Waters, Jackson and others are not part of this group, they are fueling the distrust, hate and corruption. A lot of blacks are taking advantage of their own people, when they should be helping.

      Groups that are protesting should be working in the poor neighborhoods” to make life better for their community and neighbors. The blacks in the sports teams should get involved (I know some do) instead of buying all that “bling” and help pull their fellow man up. Think of what could be accomplished for especially the very young and vulnerable.

      I am 73 and live in a small town between 2 large cities in Virginia, my father worked in a local factory, every once in awhile different black men would come to the house to talk to him, this was back in the 50’s. We never thought anything about it. I have had black friends since I was in my early 30’s (none were in my neighborhood), I trained some in the jobs that I held. Not everyone in these states were racist. I had never heard of KKK or any hate groups.

      You are a racist, you are stuck in the past instead of working and promoting a better future.

    • ron buice

      This is complete BS! I was born raised in Atlanta and west Georgia in the 50’s. Democrats had instituted Jim Crow laws and they were part of life. I NEVER knew of anyone who hated blacks folks. Factually, most white prople had pity and compassion for most blacks and many more whites who were just as poor. People don’t remember that the South was decimated and left mostly in destitution and had little opportunity to rebuild since foreign (Yankee) carpetbaggers came down and bought up everything of remaining value. It was not the native Southern people who made life difficult for blacks. So stop blaming Southerners. Democrats caused lesser educated balcks to have to go to schools out of their neighborhoods to get smarter by sitting in classroms with much better educated whites and start off life with an inferior feeling. Don’t just read stories condeming white people for black attitudes. After Republicans freed them again in 1964 black leaders took over and Democrats ave kept them down even more.
      Never vote for a Democratfor any position of authority as you can see where that always leads..

      • ABCDE

        And all those efforts resulted in black professors teaching their kids to hate whites and black NFL players kneeling during anthem.

    • ABCDE

      And why Blacks lead America (I wonder where exactly?) Whites may take the back seats of the plantation buses heading to lynch spots, correct?

    • Robert Wayne

      If you knew anything at all about what happened after the War for Southern Independence was lost and how carpetbagger trash were stealing what little bit southern whites had left to subsist on you’d know that the Klan was started to fight back against the maggots who had traveled to the South to take everything they could. But it’s obvious that you’re a fool who hates white people anyway.

    • omikehawk

      Yeah, let them lead America, just like they given control of Africa! How’s that working out for them?

  • SA Ander

    That’s okay, I wasn’t looking to become a friend of his anyway.

  • Billy Bong

    “Yeah go play with your black friends. They’re much safer then those white kids. We live in Chicago, what could go wrong?”

  • Peter J

    Maybe it’s time to teach white kids not to trust black people.

  • Willie the 6’snake in the barn

    So I imagine if white parents taught their children to despise black folk that would be just as fair? That didnt work out with the democrat triple k clowns in the past.What makes this loser think this anti white hating domestic terrorist ideology is going to work? Im sure the african continent can use a wise man like you. LMAO

  • Criers

    Professor please teach your children not to trust “white” people and then “white” people will never trust your children.
    There is an old saying that the amount of education is directly inverse to the amount of common sense. This professor is demonstrating how lacking he is.

  • Ernest Albritton

    I’m white and I am not RACIST, but all blacks believe that all whites are RACIST. At the end of the day,we should be judged by our actions not the color of our skin. God help us all if we continue to believe that someone is RACIST only by the color of our skin

    • ABCDE

      Don’t you hear black screaming all day long about racism of whites? Don’t you read about “white privilege” and “white gilt”?

      • Ernest Albritton

        Yes,I have read and heard all of this but if you are not RACIST, those people who are saying that can’t make me RACIST

  • lokiswife

    “If you want to see the poor remain poor, generation after generation, just keep the standards low in their schools and make excuses for their academic shortcomings and personal behavior. But please don’t congratulate yourself on your compassion.” Thomas Sowell

  • Sylvia Avila

    What? Has America gone backwards? Thanks to Hateful, Prejudice Obama, Racist is on the rise? We really need to move passed this, and remember we are all the same! Humans! Last I look we all want the same thing and all Americans! God Bless all!

    • ABCDE

      I can tell that you are very white and very naive.

      • Sylvia Avila

        Maybe, but Black Leaders should be helping the community! Period

      • kbfallon

        Ouija board perhaps ?

    • Kelly McIntyre

      Since Trump gave us permission to be racist, you’ve all come out of the closet. Like cockroaches.

      • Sylvia Avila

        What? Have you been listening to MSM again everyone knows they lie for a living! Stop! Watching those hate news Media’s! Wake up! Educate yourself on what our President stands for!

      • omikehawk

        Explain how Trump gave us permission to be racist! Go on! I can’t wait to hear!

  • ron buice

    As an elder white man born and raised in the segregated South, I have seen the effects of forced integration divide the country and create a hatred of blacks toward the very people who paid for them to come here and educated them (remember their state of being when they arrived) cared for them and allowed them to assimilate into our far advanced society. Now I see that blacks are using their blackness to demean and disrespect white people. Blacks should be praising and honoring whites. Any black who insists on be called AFRICAN American obviously has not read and seen African history. NOT Northern Africa but Sub-Saharan Africa where they originated. They should thank God every morning that they ancestors were brought out of that desolate existence. Move and become real Africans today and think back on what they left.

    • Kelly McIntyre

      Dear Lord, are you talking about slaves and about the opportunity we gave them? Really???

  • RealAmerican407

    This is perfectly acceptable to the social justice mob since only whites can be racist.

  • Murphmeister

    I think the general rule we should teach our children is to always be discriminating – about a person’s character – among other things such as taste in music, for instance. This guy just wants his 15 minutes of fame so he says something outlandish, gets published in the NYT and goes on Tucker Carlson where he doesn’t make a very good case.

  • ernest gonzales

    I wish this negroe could find his way back home(Africa)

    • ABCDE

      There he will be finally able to trust anybody he wants. For some time, though.

  • Paul

    When I was growing up I could not trust my black friends to have my back. They would jump in with birds of a feather. Needless to say I will not have any now-I simply cannot trust them. Now this is all a product of affirmitive action.Been there done that.
    Maybe father should teach his sons the value of friendship from a different perspective.
    I bet he did not live here in 1973.

  • Louie Rey

    I saw this jackass on Tucker Carlson last night and the only thing that he proves was that HE was the racist. I’m still waiting for him, or ANY so called Black activist, explain how Blacks make up 13% of America’s population yet are responsible for over 70% of the violent crime in America. You think that that might be a reason why there’s a disproportionate amount of Blacks being incarcerated? And did you catch his name, Yankah? Perfect, he just wants to Yankah your chain.

  • publiusnj

    Yeshiva University needs to fire this racist, bigoted hater.

  • R M

    Well I hate to tell the professor that I don’t trust white people either and I am white of course I don’t trust any people white, black, yellow or any other color, race, religion or sexual orientation.

  • Ted Cummins

    Black on black crimes?
    All one needs to say.
    Two days ago, 4 blacks shot in Under ground Atlanta. 2 dead at the scene. Rap concert.
    BonB crime, not WonB crime.
    It happened all over this country last night too.
    If I were black, I’d move to a white neighborhood asap.

    Where did Obama move? He’s a professor too.

    • Robert Wayne

      It doesn’t work when they move to white neighborhoods though. When they take over white neighborhoods, property values plummet and crime rates skyrocket. And white people know that if they want to get anything for their house they’ll sell to some sucker as soon as possible.

  • James in Texas

    This Dad is a truly stupid man! And, he is setting his children into a poor poor life! Sir, you are a terrible Father and one low-life Human Being.

  • Kelly McIntyre

    This dad had an excellent point. I’m not sure I’d trust white folks if I were black either.

    • ABCDE

      If you were black you should not trust other blacks first.

    • Al Chemist

      This dad is a racist, and giving his children really bad advise. Are Blacks safer in a Black neighborhood or in a White neighborhood? Look up the statistics before you answer, or are you not interested in facts?

  • Gregg Parker

    The only place this crap exists in the classroom and in the minds of those they teach. Students of hate accept the words of their educators as the assumption is that they know better. Every day life among regular people are devoid of this understanding and we can all be friends… what breaks real people apart is the content of their character not the color of their skin. The latter is used to conceal the corruption within the former….

  • VL

    And if I taught my son to not trust black people what would this so called professor say? Really…. how about Asian, Indians etc. His son is going to be very lonely. In other words. .. what a schmuck.

  • John

    Obama claimed that his Grandmother who raised him, taught him to distrust black people by her reported by him reaction.

  • J.B. Young

    Then take your family and move to Africa.

  • Dan Topp

    Very light armor to make it to retirement,sad mentally ill soul

  • Fred_K

    This idiot is about as racist as they come. He should be arrested for child abuse, because he has damaged a part of his future.
    I trust people up to the point where they start acting stupid. I test people to see if they are trustworthy. They do not know I test them, because I do not advertise the fact, but I will give them higher level tasks until they try to pull something stupid. When they fail, I know haw far they can be trusted.

  • Robert Wayne

    And after the way blacks have gotten their way on anything and everything for the past half century no white person in his right mind would trust them or their leaders.

  • potusYUGE

    Lol… funny this is how white people perceive the african American black!
    Lazy, racist, uneducated, filled with hate… black people!!

  • This “professor” is going to be teaching racism to his students. If he wants to f*** up his own children that’s up to him. It doesn’t say whether he’s a Harvard law professor (I doubt it) but still, law schools are quite an expenditure. I’d take my son/daughter out of this school and hit it with a law suite to get every cent of my tuition to this clown college back. How ridiculous allowing a slime like this to teach vulnerable minds.

  • CommonSenseReborn

    College professor tells it all…..send your kids to college to be brainwashed by mostly communist, socialist, fascists, race baiting, America hating, gay/lesbian supporting, anti-Christian left-wingers. Add “black” to it for real hatred.