Bill Maher: Trump ‘Wants to be’ Kim Jong-un

(Breitbart) On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher argued that President Trump “wants to be” North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and asked, “does his love of dictators foreshadow him trying that sh*t here?”

Bill Maher: Trump ‘Wants to be’ Kim Jong-un

“Real Time” host Bill Maher (

Maher said Trump, “apparently, really likes to pal around with dictators. Remember Obama used to pal around with terrorists? Well, this guy, I mean, just — first of all, a couple of weeks ago, he talked about the maniac in Turkey, who had a plebiscite that basically ended democracy in Turkey, and he gave him a congratulatory call. Great dictating, man. Okay, then we have Putin. He loves Putin, right? That…guy in the Philippines. … Sisi from Egypt, he had him over at the White House, great guy, because he’s a dictator. And Kim Jong-un. This is unbelievable. Kim Jong-un puts out a video at the beginning of the week, where, it’s a stimulation of bombs…coming over to the White [House]. … Then, three days later, Trump says, I’d be ‘honored’ to meet him.”

Maher then stated, “He doesn’t hate Kim. He wants to be him. He wants to have military parades. He wanted to have tanks in the street for his inauguration…

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