Bill Clinton Silent About Flights on Pedophile’s Sex Plane

(Richard Pollock, Daily Caller News Foundation) Former President Bill Clinton continues to remain silent about the 26 flights he took aboard convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express,” which reportedly offered underage girls to passengers to rape.

Bill Clinton photo

Photo by Landre Photography (CC)

Fox News wrote in 2016 that the Lolita Express, a Boeing 727 jet, was “reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.”

Clinton flew on some trips where the flight logs showed only the first names of female passengers.

The Daily Caller News Foundation contacted the Clinton Presidential Library last week to obtain information about the former president’s relationship with billionaire Epstein, who in 2008 was convicted of soliciting sex from underage girls as young as 14.

At the time of the request, the Clinton Presidential Library was preparing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Clinton’s 1992 presidential win. It was attended by a small army of Clinton loyalists.

TheDCNF contacted the media office for Bill Clinton, but it refused to respond to a variety of questions about Clinton, his trips and his friendship with Epstein.

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Between 2001 to 2003, Clinton and Epstein traveled together on extended trips around the world, according to flight records released in 2015 by Gawker.

Accompanying Clinton aboard the private jet was Doug Band, his “body man” and president of Teneo Holdings, a company that arranged speaking engagements and lucrative business deals for the former president.

On one trip Clinton also traveled with actor Kevin Spacey, who is now accused of have sex with an underage boy.

Clinton traveled aboard the “Lolita Express” with a soft core porn actress and traveled on 11 flights with Epstein’s assistant Sarah Kellen, who allegedly procured underage girls for men, according to Gawker.

Gawker reported Kellam was “accused in court filings of acting as pimps for him (Epstein), recruiting and grooming young girls into their network of child sex workers, and frequently participating in sex acts with them.”

“In January 2002, for instance, Clinton, his aide Doug Band, and Clinton’s Secret Service detail are listed on a flight from Japan to Hong Kong with Epstein, Maxwell, Kellen, and two women described only as “Janice” and “Jessica,” Gawker reported.

Clinton ditched his Secret Service agents on five of the flights, according to Fox News.

Epstein also sent his friends to his personal, 72-acre island called “Orgy Island” on Little St. James in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A team of traffickers allegedly solicited girls as young as 12 to service Epstein’s “friends,” according to Gawker. It is unknown if Clinton ever visited the island.

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, filed a Freedom of Information Act request in 2015 before the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to obtain records of all Secret Service expenses incurred to provide “security and or/other services” to former President Bill Clinton during his trips with Epstein.

Michael Bekesha, a Judicial Watch attorney told TheDCNF they never received any records from DHS.

TheDCNF request about Clinton and Epstein occurred as hundreds of loyal Clinton aides, campaign workers and former White House officials converged onto the Presidential Library to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the President’s first win to the White House.

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While the conference convened amid a swirl of sexual assault accusations against prominent men in politics, industry and in Hollywood, none of it was raised at the 25th anniversary programs.

James Carville, Clinton’s irreverent former campaign manager from his 1992 presidential run moderated a lengthy and “safe” interview with Bill and Hillary Clinton at the library.

Instead, the conference addressed the environment, education policy, childhood development, strife in the Balkans and even, the Human Genome Project.

Women who previously reported sexual assaults by Clinton told TheDCNF the silence from the Clinton camp over the Epstein flights did not surprise them.

“Well he’s guilty, and he knows he’s guilty. So, he’s not going to comment on anything,” said Kathleen Willey, who claims Clinton sexually assaulted her while she worked at the White House. She worked in the White House counsel’s office and in the office of the White House social secretary.

“Have we ever heard a word from him since all of this came up? I mean this has been going on since his college days,” Willey said.

As for his flights aboard the Epstein jet, Willey said, “Well, I don’t think Bill Clinton was playing checkers there. I think it’s despicable, it’s disgusting. He was there for a reason. It’s called pedophilia. Most of those girls were underage.”

Juanita Broaddrick, who says Clinton raped her in a hotel room in 1978 when he was state attorney general, told TheDCNF, “Well I don’t see how they could speak about it now after they’ve lied about it for two decades and harassed and trashed us. I don’t see how they personally can come back and say anything.”

Broaddrick said during the assault Clinton bit her lip so hard it started bleeding. “You better put some ice on that,” she remembers him telling her as he walked out the door.

“I cannot imagine how and in what manner they could ever say the names: Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey or Juanita Broaddrick. I don’t think that will ever come out of their mouths,” Broaddrick told TheDCNF.

She also was not surprised the sex scandal did not come up at the Clinton conference this weekend.

“I don’t think they’ll ever go there and admit to anything that Bill Clinton did. I personally don’t think they have the guts to do it,” she said.

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After federal prosecutors identified at least 35 young girls who were solicited by Epstein, the U.S. government elected to have Florida state, not federal charges leveled against him.

He was given a sweetheart deal of 13 months of an 18 month sentence in the Palm Beach County Stockade. He was only charged with one count of soliciting an underage girl.

The punishment was so light Epstein was allowed to leave each day to go to work as a power broker in the financial field.

He also is listed as a registered sex offender and had to make financial restitution to about 30 girls.

Epstein now spends most of his time on his island estate in the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to the Palm Beach Post.

For Broaddrick, the memories of Clinton’s assault are still vivid. “I still cry, I still have that pain. It never goes away,” she told TheDCNF.

Republished with permission from the Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.


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    Slick Willie is a no-good, lying, sex-starved pervert. He’s the perfect hero for the democrats.

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      And like his low-life wife, will never discuss topics for which their hands were caught squarely in the cookie jar!

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        He shared the girls with her

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    • Fire and Brimstone

      History will not reflect favorably upon the Clintons. In fact, hundreds of years from now, when the U.S. likely no longer exists, Bill Clinton’s time as president will probably be compared Nero’s reign in Ancient Rome as key moments in the decline of the nations.

      • Louie Rey

        Unfortunately, the way things are going, I don’t think the demise of this country is actually going to take even close to the centuries you suggest. The shelf life of a society throughout history has been around 200 years. The fact that we’re 241 years old only means that we’re ahead of the curve. However, it doesn’t guarantee us eternity. I’m not all that far away from my expiration date so hopefully I won’t be around to see the end of America as we’re accustomed to knowing it. However, I sincerely fear for the next generation or two. That’s when it’ll hit the fan.

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    Sick Willie would be a better name for the Pedophile President.

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      Sick Slick Willie or
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    Because there were none, this is just more lies from the supporters fo Roy Moore, pervert and Trump, super pervert and trailer park trash

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      Moron, the body of evidence against Clinton is huge, and has been around for decades. Just look at the number of sexual misfits there are in the Democratic party, it seems every one of them has a sexual aberration of some kind, and those that don’t have some other criminal past, often well hidden. If it’s true about Moore, it’s true about 40% of all Democrat politicians.

      As for (your words) trailer park trash, most of them are Government supported Democrats, way to insult your own kind idiot! Besides I thought Dems were the party of inclusion, you divide the population into groups so you can make a show of including all types, why not just stop using “types” at all (I think it’s called Profiling), and treat everyone the same? Oh of course not, that would make you a Republican!

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    And the liberals and some repubs want to bring dow n the housr on Judge Moore for alleged sexual conduct 40 years ago.

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      jeffrey epstein? you mean the same guy who orange cheeto man used to pal around with? THAT jeffrey epstein?

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    It would be delightful to see both Clintons taken down,and it will happen, only a matter of time. Has anybody offered any of those 35 under age girls if Clinton personally abused or raped them? It might be a great way for them to make much more money than they made in the settlement!!

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    EVIL EVIL EVIL. Through and through. And the spouse/enabler is equally guilty. Their marriage was only for political power.

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      Political power and GREED!

  • stopspending4

    Carly Feorina said it best in an interview yesterday when she said that MEN need to stop this abuse. Not just the men that do the abuse but the men that also know about it and ignore it. That includes judges in the Epstein case who gave a worthless punishment to him. The men that surrounded Billy and protected him. The men that knew/know what goes on in Hollywood, the men that see it in the workplace and ignore it. These acts are well know by the vicitms but also those around them and often neither speaks up.

    • Ricarrdo estavans

      I would like to know how many judges visited “child rape island”

  • Jere Crouse

    Of course he will not discuss it, he was involved.

  • John McClain

    We pay “former presidents” large sums, and provide life-long protection because of their “service”. Those who are paid by “the monies of The People” are still, in fact, liable to questions and charges by “The People”, and the sole purpose of “the Justice Department” is to reach those who are beyond the reach of local sheriffs, local police, routine law enforcement. Since Clinton accepts the pay, security, and perks, he is subject to the law too.
    The sole issue is how a “complacent, lazy people” can be gotten worked up enough to hold a former president liable, as if the 12 year old were our own daughter, because she is “someone’s darling child”, or once was.
    This is no “dalliance with a foolish college woman enthralled by his position”, it is the highest level of rape we have on the books as a crime, that of children. There’s no shortage of facts, merely a shortage of principled people between those who laugh and joke about what has been done, and those who have heard, but are afraid their careers might suffer. I have to wonder if any of those capable of making this issue come out, ever considered it might provide the leverage to rise to president?
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    • Lynn Johnston

      Thank you for your SERVICE, and AMEN TO WHAT YOU SAY!

    • Louie Rey

      Thank you for your service to this once great country. And what you say is spot on. In this case the “service” that Clinton’s related to is the service that these girls, and all of the rest of the women he’s either cheated with or preyed upon, could provide him, if you know what I mean.

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      Thank you for your service, Gunnery Sergeant. I was never a marine, but I admire most of them greatly. God bless you.

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    Epstein was so brazen about soliciting young children. I guess if you have powerful friends you feel untouchable. Who are these powerful people?

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    Because he knows he will be jailed! For all his crimes against girls on that Island he visits. Yes, Bill big time molester and criminal! He should be accountable for it. But again, he is one of the Elite Rich and will get a way with his crimes. Where is the DOJ? Or AG?

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      They are in the left’s pocket.

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    jeffrey epstein – you mean the same guy who orange cheeto man used to pal around with? THAT jeffrey epstein?

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    More importantly…..the mainstream lying media not asking any questions.

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      What media moguls are on the flight manifests? This is very big, and is slowly unravelling at the edges. Will all the truth come out?

  • Eguth3

    You can’t expect a man who doesn’t have a conscience or has NEVER showed signs of remorse for any of his action because he’s been under the delusional belief that he is entitled to do as he pleases. Did you really believe Bill Clinton would grow a conscience after all these years or suddenly show signs of remorse? The MSM portrayed him as some lovable rogue, that his womanizing was some quirky part of his personality. When he was a serial rapist, sexually assaulted women and was a sexual predator. I remember the MSM saying if Hillary doesn’t have an issue with it, then why should anyone else. Because both Clinton’s lack morals and values, which says a lot about who they really are as human beings. Bill Clinton is and will always be a sociopath, full of self-indulgence.. Hillary stepped in to ridicule, called them liars and humiliated them.

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    The key word is “reportedly”.
    Another trial in the media.
    Another trial by public opinion.

    And then there was Trump:
    “Just grab them by the p u s s y”
    “I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?”
    ‘You have to treat ’em like s—-‘

    • Hillary the Cankled Liar

      LMAO! You welfare slobs will let the CLIT-ons get away with murder, selling uranium to Russia, giving missile secrets to China………………………………………….

      • AKLady

        The 2010 sale to Rosatom was subject to approval by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, an intragovernmental agency that includes input from the Departments of State, Treasury, Justice, Energy, Defense, Commerce and Homeland Security, as well as the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

      • AKLady

        Hillary was not involved in the technology sale to China.
        The Commerce, State and Defense Departments approved the sale.
        Congress (a Republican Congress, I should point out) conducted a full
        investigation, and found that while some information was passed to the Chinese
        by Loral, it didn’t amount to much. The CIA, in fact, said that Loral hadn’t
        given the Chinese much useful information, and even the Air Force said that the
        material given to the Chinese by Loral had increased their capabilities only

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    The writer of this article left out one very important FACT Hillary went for at least one of those 26 rides Clinton took on Epstein’s plane. So she can add pedophile to list of crimes.

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    I bet he was just talking about his golf game and grandchildren on the plane. That’s what he does when he runs into people that he either knows or wants to get to know. You know, like former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Because, of course, being a Democrat he’s completely incapable of doing anything untoward or, God forbid, illegal. Ah, but he’s the one that the mainstream media, the Hollywood elite and the liberal Left would want us to use as the ideal for POTUS. Yeah, right.

  • Louie Rey

    I have no desire to see what the site you posted includes. It’s immaterial because regardless of how long the list might be it doesn’t exonerate the person that we’re talking about here. If you want to make a case for whomever’s on your list go right ahead but Clinton is still Clinton. And incidentally I wouldn’t be surprised that of all the people on your list none of them was a sexual predator AND a murderer. Or have you forgotten the name of Vince Foster. How about Seth Rich? And how about ALL of the others in between? Just saying. By the way, Simon was the really talented one of the duo.

  • Christian_Prophet

    Bill Clinton is not an office holder. Don’t you people get tired of talking about someone who is now retired and has not held office for two decades. Roy Moore is running for the Senate and is a pedophilia, cover his immoral actions and demand that he retire from public life. An apology from Roy Moore, confession of his sins, might be in order.