Pro-Warren Feminists Slam Biden for ‘Taking Credit for a Woman’s Work’

‘It was cringe-worthy…’

Joe Biden Slams Elizabeth Warren's Campaign, Compares Her to Trump

Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren/IMAGE: CNN via YouTube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Progressive women are upset Joe Biden attacked Elizabeth Warren during Tuesday’s debate and claimed credit for the creation of a consumer agency.

Warren touted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during the debate in an attempt to prove she knows how to get things done.

But Biden said he was just as responsible for its creation.

“I went on the floor and got you votes. I got votes for that bill,” Biden said, pointing at Warren. “I convinced people to vote for it. So let’s get those things straight, too.”


Ignoring Biden, Warren noted, “I am deeply grateful to President Obama, who fought so hard to make sure that agency was passed into law.”

Biden’s “baseless” attack was nothing more than a “man taking credit for a woman’s work,” according to Amanda Litman, cofounder of the progressive group Run for Something.

Several other women agreed: “It was cringe-worthy,” Kelly Dittmar, a professor at Rutgers University Camden, told the Boston Globe.

Biden’s criticism made Stephanie Taylor, cofounder of a grassroots organization backing Warren, physically angry, she said.

“Every woman can recognize herself in that moment — watching a man take public credit for her professional accomplishments,” she said in an email to the group’s followers.

Former Sen. Chris Dodd, one of the chief architects of the bureau, said both Biden and Warren helped make the legislation a reality.

Warren “was critical in the debate, obviously cared a lot about it,” he said, and Biden “was helpful and the administration was helpful.”

“This is mole hill stuff we’re talking about here,” Dodd said when asked who deserves the credit.

Biden also went after Warren for her costly Medicare for All plan, which economists estimate could cost up to $32 trillion.

“The last thing the Democrats should be doing is playing Trump’s game, trying to con the American people to think this is easy,” Biden said, referring to Warren’s refusal to admit that a Medicare for All plan would require a middle class tax hike. “It’s fascinating that the person who has a plan for everything has no plan for the single most consequential issue in this election in the minds of the American people across the board.”