‘RIDICULOUS:’ Biden Slams Warren’s Silence on Middle Class Tax Hike

‘The last thing the Democrats should be doing is playing Trump’s game…’

Joe Biden Slams Elizabeth Warren's Campaign, Compares Her to Trump

Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren/IMAGE: CNN via YouTube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) After fading into the background during Tuesday’s fourth primary debate, Joe Biden is trying to reclaim his spot as the Democratic frontrunner by downplaying Elizabeth Warren’s recent surge in the polls.

Warren might have “moved up,” but she still doesn’t have what it takes to beat Trump, Biden said, especially since she’s using the exact same tactics as the president.

“The last thing the Democrats should be doing is playing Trump’s game, trying to con the American people to think this is easy,” Biden said, referring to Warren’s refusal to admit that a Medicare for All plan would require a middle class tax hike. “It’s fascinating that the person who has a plan for everything has no plan for the single most consequential issue in this election in the minds of the American people across the board.”

Biden said Warren will need to be “candid and honest with the American people” if she hopes to continue her campaign.


“I don’t want to pick on Elizabeth Warren,” he added, according to the Columbus Dispatch. “But this is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.”

Earlier this week, Biden slammed the media for labeling Warren a “co-frontrunner.”

“I haven’t seen any polling showing that nationally, on average, that anybody else is a front-runner,” Biden said, according to Fox News. “You guys keep talking about that.”

When asked why Warren was given the most amount of speaking time if she wasn’t a frontrunner, Biden downplayed her campaign once again.

“It’s kind of about time other people get questioned,” he said.

Warren was grilled by other Democratic candidates on Tuesday how she plans to pay for her costly Medicare for All plan.

Even after Bernie Sanders, the author of the Medicare for All bill, admitted the middle class would face higher taxes, Warren doubled down and claimed costs for the middle class “would go down,” not up.

According to a Warren campaign aide, however, the senator is now reevaluating how she’d secure enough revenue for her nearly $32 trillion healthcare plan.