‘SINKING SHIP’: Embedded Reporter Says Biden’s Campaign is Imploding

Leftist journo Olivia Nuzzi shocked at lack of faith in former vice president…

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Joe Biden / IMAGE: Late Show with Stephen Colbert via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is imploding, and even far-left reporters like New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi have admitted as much.

In a lengthy feature, Nuzzi describes how she’s followed Biden throughout the campaign trail and what she’s noticed from his supporters, staff, and other Democrats.

“It’s not just his age itself. It’s his tendency to misspeak, his inartful debating style, and — most of all — his status as a creature from another time in the Democratic Party, when the politics of race and crime and gender were unrecognizably different,” Nuzzi writes. “It’s not just that the Joe Biden of yesteryear sometimes peeks out from behind the No. 1 Obama Stan costume. It’s that the Joe Biden of today is expected to hold his former self accountable to the new standards set by a culture that’s prepared to reject him.”

Even those closest to him believe they’re running a “sinking ship,” Nuzzi explained in an interview with NPR.


“He says things that sound a little offensive, and then he tries to quickly walk it back and correct it. And I think when every little thing that you do seems to upset somebody, seems to result in a news cycle that you didn’t expect – for him, it’s like being on a different planet,” she said.

“Those close to Biden say that he has become incredibly anxious and incredibly self-conscious,” Nuzzi continued, describing how he second guesses and backtracks constantly. He’s the “least formidable front-runner ever,” she says in the article, and even Biden himself is “aware that it’s not going well.”

Biden’s failure to obtain former President Barack Obama’s endorsement is seen as a big blow to those trying to preserve Obama’s legacy, she said.

“He kind of emerged from the Obama era and steps onto the soil of this, like, foreign land where he is no longer a hero. He is no longer who he was very recently in American political life,” she told NPR.

As a result, Biden is looking for scapegoats and has began to lash out at the media coverage his campaign has received, she said. He’s particularly frustrated with the attention from far-left media types, like Nuzzi, who prefer more radical leftists like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

“They feel like – I think that they feel like the far-left that’s very loud and the activist left has a real voice in the mainstream media that moderates don’t have and that he has gotten a really unfair shake,” she said.

Nuzzi said that after the article published, she received tons of backlash from Biden supporters and other Democrats who accused her of trying to tank Biden’s campaign in an attempt to prop up Trump’s.

Regardless, Biden’s still the frontrunner in many of the polls, Nuzzi said.

But whether he can hold onto that lead is another matter entirely, and unless he can find a way to “fix” his “spirals,” “anxieties,” and “missteps,” Nuzzi predicts he won’t last.