Biden Condemned Trump ‘Lynching’ Tweet, But Said the Same Thing in 1998

‘Trump…chose his words deliberately today…’

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Joe Biden / IMAGE: Late Show with Stephen Colbert

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Joe Biden immediately condemned President Trump yesterday for comparing the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry to a “lynching,” calling it “abhorrent.”

But as it turns out, Biden said the exact same thing in 1998 about the Clinton impeachment proceedings.

“Even if the president should be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching or whether or not it was something that in fact met the standard, the very high bar, that was set by the founders as to what constituted an impeachable offense,” then-Sen. Biden said.

He’s not the only one.

Several Democrats — including Harry Reid, John Kerry, Jerry Nadler, Gregory Meeks, and Danny Davis — all referred to Clinton’s impeachment as a “persecution” and political “lynching.”

When confronted by his past words, Biden admitted he shouldn’t have used that word, but then claimed he didn’t do it “deliberately,” unlike Trump.