Berkeley Students Trash Vigil for Kate Steinle

Demonstrators accused GOP students of using Steinle’s memory to advance fascism…

Illegal Alien Who Confessed to Shooting Kate Steinle Found Not Guilty(The College Fix) A large poster at UC Berkeley of Kate Steinle was torn and trashed by vandals just one day after it was used to honor her memory and mourn the verdict that allowed her killer to escape a murder charge.

The vigil, hosted Thursday by the Berkeley College Republicans, was also protested by a small but vocal group of demonstrators who accused the GOP students of using Steinle’s memory to advance fascism and racism.

The vigil included candles which spelled out the name Kate, flowers, and an easel which held aloft a poster of Steinle’s smiling face.

“The burden of tragedy no longer solely rests on the shoulders of her family, but on the shoulders every American,” Naweed Tahmas, external vice president of the Berkeley College Republicans, said during the event.


“However, when illegal immigration policies kill Americans, we are told that we must remain silent. The media lectures us on how we are politicizing a death,” he added during prepared remarks.

“The media and our politicians want to erase Kate’s name and story from history. It’s on us to speak the name of America’s lost daughter: Kate Steinle.”

After the event, the flowers and poster were left atop the steps of Sproul Hall, where the event took place.

“We wanted students to see it in the morning,” Tahmas told The College Fix. 

Instead, the poster was torn up and thrown away….

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  • Steve G.

    We need to move the Berkeley campus to a border town like Laredo, TX so liberals can see first hand what illegal immigration does to an American community. Away from their privileged lives they may be able to see the truth.

    • R G

      These liberal clowns don’t and won’t care at all . What is needed is hardcore law enforcement , however those officials in charge don’t and won’t care either.

  • Diane Karmis

    Take away the financial aid….take it away!