BANNON RESPONDS: ‘Left-Wing Media’ Stirring Things Up

‘Nothing will ever come between us and President Trump and his agenda…’

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Steve Bannon/IMAGE: CBS News via YouTube

(LifeZette) Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon reacted Wednesday and Thursday to President Donald Trump’s fiery rebuke to him, saying he supports Trump “day in and day out” and that “nothing will ever come between us and President Trump and his agenda.”

Trump shocked a lot of people when he turned on his former strategist and released a blistering four-paragraph takedown Wednesday of Bannon, who shares Trump’s anti-Establishment and populist viewpoints.

The president bashed Bannon after released excerpts from Michael Wolff’s forthcoming book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” indicated that Bannon ripped the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., for holding a “treasonous” meeting with a Russian lawyer.

“Nothing will ever come between us and President Trump and his agenda,” Bannon said Thursday on Breitbart radio, as CNN initially reported. “There’s nobody we think higher of than President Trump, and the agenda, so let’s not let the left-wing media stir that up.”


“Don’t worry about us and the MAGA [Make America Great Again] agenda and President Trump … We’re as tight on this agenda as we’ve ever been,” Bannon added. “I think [Trump has] had a heroic year in the first year.”

On Wednesday night, Bannon said on “Breitbart News Tonight” on SiriusXM radio, “The president of the United States is a great man. You know I support him day in and day out.”

Trump deepened the rift between himself and his former chief strategist when he said in a statement released to the media that Bannon “has nothing to do with me or my presidency.”

“When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind,” Trump said in the statement. “Steve had very little to do with our historic victory, which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of this country.”

The president also said Bannon “doesn’t represent my base” because “he’s only in it for himself” and leaked “false information” to the press throughout his time inside the White House.


Left-wing media outlets, pundits, and Never-Trumpers reacted gleefully to the Trump-Bannon feud and the rift between various factions of the GOP that it represented heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

Though liberals have long despised Bannon and his brand of populism — they naturally welcomed his criticisms of the Trump administration and Trump Jr. with open arms.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough — eagerly jumping into the fray — claimed Thursday that the Trump-Bannon feud proved why Trump was “ill fit to be president of the United States.”

“I know we’re focusing on Bannon and everybody else is focusing on Bannon. But this isn’t Steve Bannon versus Donald Trump battle. This appears to be the entire White House and the entire world versus Donald Trump’s ability to be president of the United States,” Scarborough said.

“There is a universal understanding that on January the 4th, 2018 — and there has been this understanding for a year — that Donald Trump is ill fit to be president of the United States,” Scarborough added. “There’s been this understanding for several years. And yet it’s now all out in black and white. And people are actually shocked by it, when the Republican Party should not be shocked by it.”

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