MORE BANNON: Elites Committed ‘Economic Hate Crime’ Against Working Class

(Breitbart) Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told Charlie Rose that elites on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Washington, DC, have committed an “economic hate crime” against working-class Americans by eviscerating the country’s industrial base.

MORE BANNON: Elites Committed 'Economic Hate Crime' Against Working Class

Steve Bannon/IMAGE: CBS News via YouTube

Rose aired Bannon’s remarks Monday evening on his much-heralded Charlie Rose Showon PBS after 60 Minutes devoted two segments to Rose’s interview with Bannon on Sunday evening.

Bannon said though Donald Trump had a double-digit deficit in the polls when he took over his campaign, he knew Trump was going to win the election as soon as Hillary Clinton gave her infamous alt-right speech.

“America does not think it’s a racist country. You saw [that] in Houston. This is the greatest country in man’s history in how we pull together. People don’t think they’re racist,” Bannon told Rose. “And she’s up there with identity politics at the time when elites in this country have had an economic hate crime. You wanna talk about hate crimes? Economic hate crime on the working class people in this country. That’s a hate crime.”

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Bannon said the “industrial base in this country has been eviscerated, and the elites in the ascendant economy in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, and Washington DC” are living large.

“And she’s got the gall to sit up there and talk about that,” Bannon said of Clinton. “Her whole defeat was summarized the day she came back … and we knew it.”…

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  • Kathryn Jordan

    Much as I did not like Bannon in the first place, I do agree with him in what he said about what the Silicon Valley and a few others are committing — a hate crime to the middle class in the way of economics. With the Silicon Valley and Hollywood being in California, the entire state is so expensive to live. The houses I lived in when I was in Junior High and High School are now in the millions; in 1979 and the early 1890’s those houses only cost between 300,000 and 500,000. It is a shame that those homes are now in the millions.

    • Allyx Young

      Look at the price tags on a 1,200 sq. ft. house in Orange County. Flip or Flop gave us a close-up view of ridiculous home prices.$450,000, $330,299. Come on. A guy in AZ told me that the middle class is fleeing CA and going there and bringing their PC and liberal lack of values.

      • Marie Graves

        They are!

      • Kathryn Jordan

        I can tell you that I don’t plan on moving back to California. It is too expensive to live. Had I not left in the first place, I might have a different attitude. I don’t know how my parents can live there, but they do. It’s a shame that Cupertino, where Apple is located, is so expensive to live.

      • RamonaCDuhart

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  • brian

    That’s exactly what’s going on, the liberal elite have hate politics against the working people, they actually look down on us