Australia Worried US Will Take Jobs After Massive Tax Cut

Treasurer wants nation to respond with own corporate tax reduction…

Australia Worried US Will Take Jobs After Massive Tax Cut

Scott Morrison/IMAGE: YouTube

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison sounded alarm bells about the impact of the recently-passed American tax cuts on Australia’s economy.

If Australia doesn’t pass its own version of the Trump tax cuts, Morrison fears the country will take a hit to its GDP of up to 1 percent.

Morrison initially proposed a $65 billion tax cut, saying it will add 1 percent to Australia’s GDP.

After Trump’s cut, however, Morrison warned that the cuts are necessary for the country’s economy not to contract.

Morrison cited treasury analyses showing that Australia “may experience a significant recessionary impact and a potential downgrade in revenues if it does not lower its corporate tax rate from 30 percent to 25 percent in coming years, in response to Trump’s cuts,” according to The Guardian.

Because the United States will no longer be a country with one of the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world, Australia risks being “marooned,” as the country’s Treasury Department said in its analysis.

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“The Trump tax cuts are coming. If we fail to respond, they will take Australian jobs, investment and wages with them,” Morrison said.

The recently passed Republican tax bill is one of the most dramatic overhauls of the US tax code in 30 years and lowers the corporate tax rate from a high of 35 percent to 21 percent. Over 80 percent of individuals will see a lowered tax rate as well.

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • kbfallon

    When President Trump speaks–the World listens.

    • Paul Williamson

      When Trump speaks..the world laughs – at him. He constantly makes a fool of himself every time he speaks or tweets. My 7 year old grandson makes more sense and is more mature than this man-baby moron.

      • Criers

        Did you actually read the article. What you just commented in your post is the dumbest thing I have read in awhile.

      • bill14729 .

        Your 7 year old grandson makes more sense than You

      • Bimu

        Paul, perhaps you and your grandson can go run off into a corner with your Aussie and Muslim socialistic/totalitarian friends and cohorts and have a good cry !

      • kbfallon

        That would be President Trump … go back to sucking your thumb and crying about something you can’t do a thing about except whine like a dumbazz.

  • Robert Stack

    Of course, because Australia is dominated by left-wing dogma and conservatism is frowned upon and economic rationalism is perceived as evil!

  • omni

    he really should be worrying about his country going muslim

    • x_ray_tech

      Do you recall President Trump has decided to honor obama’s promise to Australia to take the illegal migrants from the prison camps Australia has been holding them in? The first batch has already arrived here. Since these were trying to enter Australia illegally they were put in camps on small island off shore. Australia will not allow them into their country, into their neighborhoods, free to roam and taking advantage of welfare as they have been deemed “criminals” and many declared to have serious mental illness – most are single younger muslim males in all male camps that have been there for some time. But obama agreed to take them off Australia’s hands and bring them here to set them free in our neighborhoods. Trump is honoring that agreement for some reason after promising America he would never do this.
      Go to refugee resettlement watch dot word press dot com and search “Australia” to read up on this.

      “January 12th: next batch of Australian detainees headed to Any Town, USA”
      Posted by Ann Corcoran (refugee resettlement watch) on December 16, 2017

      • jaybird

        Elaine Pearson, the Australia Director for Human Rights Watch said that the refugees have acute mental health problems made worse by years of uncertainty and insecurity on Manus & Nauru islands where they have been keeping them. I am calling my Congressman’s office after they are back on 1/8/18.

        I have received Ann Corcoran’s e- mails since she started blogging.

        • x_ray_tech

          Ironically this claim that their mental illness is being made worse because of imprisonment on those islands and “uncertainty” is a reason the libs and muslim refugee supporters use to bring them IN to the U.S. rather than to keep them OUT. And to be free to roam our neighborhoods same as U.S. citizens is the most insane part. Thank you for making that call on 1/8 and STANDING UP! There is also email address for the White House, to President Trump at www dot white house dot gov / contact

          • jaybird

            I am an activist, I do not set on the side lines and post things. In fact my Congressman’s office called me on Dec. 5th and I was on another line -never had that happen before!

            The staffer left his name and thanked me for signing a petition on immigration to to call anytime to talk. So I have made a list and checking it twice for when I call and speak to Luke on 1/8/18.

            I became a Delegate to help get Trump and other Delegates to the RNC to support him when I was 71 yrs old. I get phone calls from a lot of Political organizations. I even got a confirmation from twitter account that Trump was following my tweets. New at it so not many out there yet. More people need to get involved especially if he runs again!

      • omni

        yes, that was a major disappoint to me. Especially after CANDIDATE Trump said we should help these people in their own countries! Having said that, I believe that with President Trump, we have a better chance at ending chain migration and lottery immigration than we ever would have with Hillary. Also, deportations will be higher under President Trump than they would have been with Hillary. He would do more, but , remember the left is fighting him every inch of the way. In the longer run I am hopeful that he will prevail and immigration will be controlled(My hope would be BANNED 100%).

        • x_ray_tech

          I agree with you on each of your points. And I thank God every day for giving us President Trump. MAGA

    • Sol_of_Texas

      I would have said the Australian Treasurer should also worry about radical Islam, but that specific concern is for different Ministers’ of Parliament (Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, and Defence).

      • omni

        as an AUSTRALIAN he has a perfect right to worry about the Islamization of HIS country, no matter what his title. If he is a patriot.

        • Sol_of_Texas

          Couldn’t agree more, cobber. Good on ya!

    • slk5

      and it’s ok to say Merry Christmas…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

      • omni

        MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!

        • Kathryn Jordan

          hope you are having a Merry Christmas as well

      • Kathryn Jordan

        and thank God it is ok to say Merry Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    • That, and we’re taking back so many of the jobs we lost due to our past high tax rates caused by democratic rate hikes for pork barrel spending. Thank the Lord Trump has so brilliantly cut taxes and leveled trade restrictions and tariffs.

      • omni

        Yes, I am hoping he will take the USA out of the NAFTA and GATT treaties completely. After all, what has “free trade” got us other than a $66BILLION a year trade deficit? That is $66BILLION that no longer circulates in out economy-PER YEAR! Raise tariffs and make it cheaper for companies to manufacture here than outside the country.

        • You nailed it omni.

      • Kathryn Jordan

        I am glad we are taking back our jobs that we lost. We need to focus on our economy. Australia needs to do same with their’s. I wonder what my cousin and her family think of Trump’s tax cut and how it would affect them where they live in Sidney.

        • We have to focus on American interests first, and I hope Australia does the same. Have a Merry Christmas.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            You also have a Merry Christmas

  • Criers

    GOOD!! Make American Great Again! Trump 2020

  • just care

    What’s up Aussies?
    Afraid of a little open competition? This ain’t obamaland anymore. Let’s see what you got?

  • chris VN

    Maybe that might also create jobs for all the African gang members running amok in Aus???? lol.

  • Jack

    Great! Fact of the matter, corporations should not be taxed at all.

  • SA Ander

    Socialist having to cut taxes, I bet that is a real hard pill to Swallow.


    When our President Trump talks the world listens

  • Yosemite Sam

    Too late. Score TRUMP 1 – World 0, game over. If there is one thing I cannot stand it’s a cheap copied knockoff. The world can try to copy [impersonate] our great American POTUS, but there is no substitute for the original. First Trump beat Hillary Clinton, the FBI and the DOJ in the 2016 presidential election. Now Trump is beating the entire world, and they know it…

  • Lizard

    Who going bail America out if we should crash and burn like Obama trying to do ?? ..just what i thought no one

  • Buddy Williamson

    Yup with there minimum wage $18 per hour (US dollars) they better do something soon.

  • Gasman

    If Trump’s tax cut is so terrible why are so many demorats, states and Australia in such a panic? Because since they all know it’s actually good and are all late to the party it’s making them look bad.

    • Darby2

      If obama or the liberals want it then it must be bad for america.
      As long as mr trump keeps doing the opposite of the Democrats were gona be in high cotton in no time.

    • Bimu

      We all know – it’s truthfully not about debt the Dem’s are hooting about but it is all about control – economic control and political control of the citizenry and other people residing here. They know but refuse to agree to these kind of results that tax cuts are good for the economy and require no government intervention or action or thought or program or cost…but as stated, this is against their position of we know better than you what you need, when you need it and how much you need instead of you being personally responsible and accountable !!!

  • Gregg Parker

    The Trump ripple felt round the world… Wait until the human traffickers are no longer an evil influence towards doing things completely wrongheaded so as to cover their tracks and reward them for their own crimes. The dawn of a new day. MAGA!

  • tCotUS

    Exactly Right….They ALL want “OUR” American jobs …Screw Em, bring them back home Trump !!

  • Kathryn Jordan

    The Australian PM should worry about his own countries problems: their own economy, terrorism, etc. Getting our jobs back to the United States should not worry the Australian PM.

  • Louie Rey

    I think it’s called “America First.” Just like for them it’s “Australia First” and for all of the other nations on the planet. However, only Trump is demonized for expressing out loud what every other country practices.