Austin Texas Dumps Columbus Day for ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

(Breitbart) The Austin City Council voted Thursday to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, a holiday that honors Native Americans, and no longer recognize Columbus Day.

Austin Texas Dumps Columbus Day for ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

Christopher Columbus statue/photo by (aka Brent) (CC)

Austin follows such U.S. cities as Berkeley, Seattle, Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and most recently, Los Angeles, in replacing the traditional holiday to instead declare that the second Tuesday of October honor America’s indigenous people.

Councilmembers approved a resolution that sought “to create a path of healing and reconciliation” noting that October 12, 1492, marked the “beginning of the colonization of indigenous people that forever changed their identity, cultures, and achievements.”

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The resolution proclaims that the City of Austin has a responsibility to “oppose the systematic racism” directed at indigenous people in the United States” and promote “closing of the equity gap” through policies and practices that “reflect the experiences” of indigenous peoples, ensuring access and opportunity…”

It states: “…honoring the role of Columbus as a historical figure promotes values of intolerance and violence that are still common in today’s world and are opposed to the values of the citizens of Austin.”

The resolution also “strongly” encourages Austin public schools to include teaching the history of Native Americans, and recommends that city businesses, organizations, and public institutions recognize Indigenous Peoples Day…

Councilwoman Ellen Troxclair told her peers she heard from Italian-Americans and the Knights of Columbus, an Italian-American fraternal service organization, in her district who thought the resolution’s wording was “disrespectful to their heritage.” Troxclair wanted to give the city council the opportunity to be “inclusive” and proposed an amendment to celebrate both Columbus and indigenous people on the same day. The motion failed, garnering support only from Councilwoman Alison Alter…

Councilman Gregorio “Greg” Casar proposed an amendment stating the city would only celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day and not Columbus Day. It was approved…

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