Atheists’ Billboards Call Nativity Scene ‘Fake News’

Targeted for ‘the buckle of the Bible Belt’…

(Daily Caller News Foundation) A national atheist organization gave a big “bah humbug” to Jesus with Nativity scene billboards that say “Just Skip Church, It’s All Fake News!”

The American Atheists targeted the billboards for “the buckle of the Bible Belt,” placing them in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla., and Albuquerque, N.M., according to NBC.

The group also posted a second series of billboards with the message “Just like Santa Claus, the atheists are comin’ to town!” to advertise their upcoming national convention in Oklahoma City.

“Everyone knows that the stories we’re told in church aren’t the truth,” said American Atheists president David Silverman, according to a statement from the group’s website. “People ignore that fact because they enjoy the community, the friendship, and the traditions that go along with religion. But we’re here to tell them that churches don’t have a monopoly on any of that.”

Representatives of the group claim the billboards are meant to promote dialogue and to reach atheists in areas where their opinions aren’t popular, but local faith leaders say the message is just offensive.


“I think they’re trying to give a slap in the face to not only the Christian community but people that have faith and people that have hope,” Richard Mansfield, a senior pastor at New Beginnings Church in New Mexico told Christian Times.

Nick Fish, national program director for American Atheists, maintained that the billboards were not meant to offend, but appeared to contradict himself when he admitted to Christian Times that the advertisements were intended to “get a rise” out of religious people.

The group will hold their convention from March 30 to April 1.

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  • mtman2

    No I think they’re just jealous of strong Christians; as they’re small minded petty people that live in a myopic self centered “magical” little world.

    1) One where atoms and DNA invented themselves and that somehow billions of people must all be stupid.

    2) And that the 364 fulfilled prophesies of Jesus walking among us at being one chance in 10 to the 40,000 power isn’t clearly metaphyisical.

    3)Moreover the other 2,000 fulfilled Biblical prophesies are only chance.

    4) That life being an impossibility in light of the foundation of all science being the 1st+2nd Laws of Thermodynamics with Rule of Entropy (esp w/Chirality)= another lucky “accident” for spontaneous generation.

    Naw – but “We are the stupid ones”

    Tho the powerful Word of God and more even- the conviction of the Holy Spirit in communion with our’s yeilding worship and “peace that passes understanding” with willingness to Love other’s because of His Love for us that generously reaches out to the whole world is pathetic.

    So ask them what are they doing except grumbling about us…

  • robert v g

    I admit it is old news but it is not invented:actually happened.Whereas Msm news often incorrect.

  • Snakeman

    You ever notice…..

    Atheists never go after Islam? I’m just sayin’