Apple CEO Tim Cook Lauds Gun-Control Activists

Speaking at Duke University, Tim Cook urged the students to reject the status quo and be fearless like the Parkland Florida student gun control activists…

Apple CEO Lauds Gun-Control Activists

2018 Apple iPad (screen shot: Engadget/Youtube)

(Bloomberg) Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook waded into divisive political topics such as gun control and immigration during a commencement speech while continuing his criticisms of internet companies over a lack of user privacy.

Speaking at Duke University, where he graduated from business school 30 years ago, Cook urged the students to reject the status quo and be fearless.

“Fearless like the students of Parkland, Florida, who refuse to be silent about the epidemic of gun violence and have rallied millions to their cause,” Cook said to rousing applause.

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“Fearless like the women who say ‘metoo’ and ‘Time’s Up.’ Women who cast light into dark places and move us to a more just and equal future. Fearless like those who fight for the rights of immigrants, who understand that our only hope for the future is one that embraces all who want to contribute…”

With a market value approaching $1 trillion, Apple is the world’s largest technology company.

Since taking the reins from the late Steve Jobs in 2011, Cook has also catapulted Apple into politics, tech policy and environmental responsibility…

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