AP Omitted Quotes that Didn’t Support Global Warming

(Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller News Foundation)  An Associated Press reporter sent some questions to Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. about what role global warming played in this year’s slew of billion-dollar natural disasters.

Pielke, an expert on natural disaster costs, apparently didn’t give AP reporter Seth Borenstein the answers he was looking for, because his ensuing article didn’t have any quotes from the University of Colorado professor.

Pielke’s answers largely reflected the work he’s been doing for years — that there’s no evidence global warming is making weather more extreme. Any increase in natural disaster costs is caused by an increase in wealth and population, according to Pielke’s research.

Borenstein, however, did quote Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann, who claimed global warming was “impacting extreme weather in ways we hadn’t anticipated.”

Mann is an ardent advocate for liberal policies to address global warming, and has even suggested the fossil fuel industry has launched a campaign to marginalize his work. Mann recently gave an academic freedom lecture at the University of Michigan, where he attacked his critics as “climate deniers” shilling for energy companies.

Borenstein also quoted a meteorologist at the insurance company Munich Re, who said a bigger role in natural disaster costs is that more people are living in areas prone to extreme weather.

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Pielke suggested his answers didn’t match the narrative Borenstein was looking for.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a report on the number of natural disasters costing more than $1 billion this year. NOAA said the damage from hurricanes, fires, droughts and floods would make 2017 an “unprecedented year,” Borenstein reported.

“It is likely to tie or break the record for billion-dollar weather disasters that was set in 2005,” Borenstein wrote. Borenstein asked Pielke six questions about NOAA’s report by email, but included none of Pielke’s responses in his subsequent article.

And of course, Borenstein’s article did quote Mann, who told him global warming was making extreme weather worse, despite the fact respected scientific institutions have slapped down that claim.

Borenstein did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment over Twitter.

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    Climate change has always existed:
    it’s called weather.
    Deal with it.

    • Frank Budz

      This is true but then how would these people make their money. Al Bore has made millions off of Global Warming, using false data and people grew tired of it. So now they change the name to Climate Change to get more money. You are 100% correct the weather runs in cycles and all the crying and nashing of teeth by the left isn’t going to change anything.

    • Askjrsk

      Seasons. Four actually.

  • Erik V Johnson

    Were NO Different Than NATURE…Times When I Come Home Dirtier…I Take a More Aggressive Shower…just sayin…Cept for SMOG…People Think That Rain Actually Washes the SMOG or Brings IT Down to Earth and Leaves the Air Nice n Clean…but…SMOG is Positively Charge and Water is Also Positively Charge And the Downward Rain Pushes the SMOG Up ( cause ” Like ” Pole Repel ) High into the Atmos and Then the Prevailing Winds Blow IT Away…( This is Why USA Gets China’s SMOG ) I Also Believe This Is Why The MOON Is Redder Now Than It Was in the Past…

  • MIKE6080

    the ap , la times , nytimes , chicago tribune , washington post are all liberal fake news , dont read any of it

  • don

    According to the Weather Channel, 2017 has the greatest number of hurricanes since 1893 huh? What could we have done recently to insure the wrath of the weather gods?

    • Sue

      As if they were widely recorded.

    • Francisco Machado

      2017 is seeing colder temperatures and increasing ice in the Arctic. The relationship to more storms? The Gulf Stream is variable. When it slows, the Arctic gets colder, the U.K. gets a cold winter, the return current, the North Atlantic current returning cooled water to the mid Atlantic slows. The Gulf and the Atlantic off Africa get warmer and we have more storms. I lived in Florida in the fifties during a significant post war growth in residency, in home building. Our home, like most of the old buildings, was a few steps above ground level, but Florida had experienced a long spell without major storms – and most of the new construction, even big retail stores and business establishments like banks, was being built with the first floor at ground level – called “Walk In” – With predictable results when we got some storms in the late fifties with major flooding. That’s how disaster costs go up.

      • don

        All true, but proof of manmade climate change? Manmade expensive events caused by regular climate interacting with civilization.

  • dave72

    Gore-Bull Warming.

  • Clete Tacker

    Just another issue used by the globalist socialist liberals to control the flow of money and peoples lives, especially those that realize “global cooling”, “global warming” and now renamed “climate change” is just an issue used for money and control.

  • Gregg Parker

    Al Gore would be so proud. Hiding facts and inventing science is not easy to do! …at least not for people with a conscious….

  • appsptspcl

    Yep, Mike6080 is right. Don’t bother with agenda driven liberal media.
    Don’t bother with Hollywood trash shows either.

  • Yarbles

    NO scientific case for Anthropogenic Global Warming, Climate Change, boo hoo, hoo.

    UN and others have already admitted that it is simply a wealth redistribution plan designed to hasten the collapse of free market economies. Venezuela anyone?

    “America should adopt the economic policies of Venezuela…”
    Bernie Sanders 2017

    • Alan

      Great quote, proof the man is an economic bozo.

  • larry

    The reporter “shopped around” until he got the answers he wanted, then wrote a (fake) news article reflecting his bias. Most of the uncritical thinking public accepted the fake news as fact. Not complicated – why we such divisiveness in the world.

  • Francisco Machado

    “….global warming was “impacting extreme weather in ways we hadn’t anticipated” – Should we suppose he’s referring to the dozen years without a major hurricane hitting the U.S.? According to their predictions back around the beginning of the century, they sure didn’t expect that.

  • Ovomit1

    ..Michael Mann hahaha- the debunked hockey stick boy

    • Askjrsk

      So far up his behind it’s exiting out through the hole in his head the debunked hockey stick boy

  • Ovomit1

    …when we have mass killers – the leftwing nutcases should blame their global warming hoax/myth

  • davegrille

    The AP is simply not honest.

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      Funny, they agree on a story and pass it around to all affiliated stations for verbatim readback of copy and call it “newscasting”. Man, old Hermann Goebbels would be jealous of the propaganda system they have created.

      • davegrille


  • Askjrsk

    That’s why it’s called propaganda. Fake news false stories. BS in short.

  • Christian_Prophet

    You conservatives imbeciles can lie to yourselves if you like, but the atmosphere is warming and the weather is becoming more severe. The 500 hundred year storms are occurring every year. We can ignore reality or we can do something about it. In Europe they have acknowledge the threat and are taking action. It seems there is a badge of honor in the USA to be stupid.

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      No one questions weather, we question your jump to the conclusion that global cooling, um, warming, er, climate change is man made with no evidence dum bass.

  • Bill Harrison

    Liberal’s progaganda method. Lie.

  • kenhowes

    The news media are not in the business of providing a balanced picture. They are in the business of promoting their own political agenda, which has become increasingly monolithic.

    • JFSEB

      Media promotes a worldview that is illogical, even psychopathic. Most journalists are not stupid people, so their motive must be to manipulate the public mind to achieve a goal. What is their goal?

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    Liars always figure, figures always lie.

  • williammcdill

    When I was young, I could not begin to carry $100 worth of groceries. But I am much stronger now in my 80’s- I can carry $100 worth of groceries in one hand.

  • williammcdill

    Climate change happens. In, roughly, the 10th Century AD, earth’s climate began to warm (due to all those carbon spewing horse, no doubt.). A a result, Europe experienced a population and technological boom. The Norse expanded to Iceland and Greenland. Basque and Breton fisherman developed the North Atlantic cod fisheries. The North Sea herring fisheries dwindled in importance and the Hanseatic ports began a decline. By 1000 AD, the VIkings has discovered North America and small settlements were attempted. Greenland had two major settlements; the northernmost traded with the Inuit- iron for ivory. The southern community raised cattle, fished and hunted sea mammels for food and ivory. Greenland was given its own bishop and regularly tithed. Logistics and local hostility (now who would have thought that Vikings weren’t agreeable neighbors.) eventually forced the American Norse off the continent but the Greenland Norse thrived, more or less well into the 13th Century. Iceland warmed to the point that barley was grown there- and after this, barley could not be grown again in Iceland for 800 years.

    Then, sometime between the 13th and the 14th century, climate change (or as it is known in the NYT & WaPo, CLIMATE CHANGE occurred again- known among climatologists as “The Little Ice Age”. Temperatures and rainfall changed drastically. Vicious cold snaps happened well into Spring and early in Fall. Vast deluges swamped crops, haymows, roads. Glaciers began to advance- rapidly. Times in the far north became tough and the Greenland settlements of Europeans dwindled and died. Poor crops, bad fallow, poor communications weakened much of the European population. And then plagues struck- again and again. No sooner would some semblence of order and health return than another plague would strike. The Thames and Zuider zee froze sollid- restricting trade and bringing impovrishment to Britain and Holland. Europe suffered from repeated bouts of severe cold, deluges of rain, plagues. Humans being resilient, Europe slowly recovered, and due to the discovery of the Americas, began to recover economically. But severe cold spells did break out and some were so seveere that a Dutch naval force was captured by French cavalry. Then, sometime in the mid-1800s, Climate change happened again. warmth returned to Europe and the great economic boom of the 19th Century occured. Technology flourished, food supplies expanded, populations increased. And so here we are. ( For those interested in more detail, see: “The Little Ice Age” and “The Great Warming” both by Brian Fagan, well researched and scientifically neutral. I remind my conservative readers that the Left usually has a modicum of truth down there at the bottom of the barrel but not much and nothing like what it claims.)

    Climate change has ALWAYS been with us. There is circumstantial evidence that the fall of many ancient empires (esp. Rome) were the result of long stretches of cold weather, and on the other hand, the rise of empires, population, trade, prosperity was the result of long warming periods.
    We are assuredly in the ‘grip’ of a warming cycle- but it started BEFORE automobiles and air conditioning. And from historical experience, warm climate periods are good for Europe and North America. While desertification my cost us some crop lands in the south, the northern growth period for cereals is increasing and the minimums for wheat, corn, oats and barley are moving north at a rapid pace. In addition, the boreal forest is moving into the existing taiga at a rapid rate- thus causing an increasing intake of CO2 and a reduction in the mosquito population- a certain level of balance here.

  • Nihle65



    The basic cause for “Climate Change” is changes in “Solar Activity” and not the LIES generated by “GLOBALIST CRAP and MISINFORMATION” to force their agenda!! Legitimate Science and History supports this Statement!! “Honest History” indicates “CLIMATE CHANGE has happened for thousands of years and is not due to OUR CURRENT SOCIETY and it’s ACTIVITIES!!

  • J. K. C.

    The facts always confuse liberals. They will never get it. Official data proves them wrong and still they still keep singing the same old song. Why years ago they were saying we were going to freeze to death. Then it was global warming and now climate change. Why don’t they get a life? . The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has drawn attention to an apparent leveling-off of globally-averaged temperatures over the past 15 years or so. Check it out here- https://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/09/01/new-paper-on-the-pause-says-it-is-19-years-at-surface-and-16-26-years-at-the-lower-troposphere/

  • John

    Say it isn’t so, FAKE NEWS IN GLOBAL WARMING!!!!! The shock of it all.

    The ONLY way to support it is through lies, fake data, cooked books and a team of paid off faux scientists, pols , propagandists and brainwashed celebs.

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    They cant help it. When you “think” with your feelings, there is no room for logical discussion. Or any discussion at all…

  • RtReverend

    Earth takes care of itself