AOC’s Wage Policy Caused Bar Where She Worked to Close

‘If AOC wants to help the employees in the industry she once called home, she can start by listening to them…’

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/IMAGE: screenshot via Twitter

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) The socialist economic policies promoted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY, have contributed to the closure of at least one restaurant she used to work at, according to the New York Post’s Michael Saltsman.

Ocasio–Cortez is reportedly returning to New York’s 14th Congressional District on Friday to raise support for legislation that would change how tipped employees are paid.

But Saltsman, in an op-ed for the paper, said the very people Ocasio–Cortez is claiming to help adamantly oppose the bill.

As it stands, tipped employees are paid a lower base wage by employers because they earn more in tips. Saltsman says this isn’t a problem: “Federal data show that tipped employees in New York report earning $17 an hour upstate and $20 an hour in New York City.”

According to a survey, more than 97 percent of tipped employees prefer this current payment system. Ocasio–Cortez even benefited from this system when she worked in restaurants, according to the New York Post: In a busy night she earned upward of $560.

But progressive groups, led by those like Ocasio–Cortez, have argued this isn’t good enough.

The liberal labor group Restaurant Opportunities Center said “this system of tipping needs to go” because union dues can’t be deducted under the current system.

Ocasio–Cortez and her allies argued that an increased base minimum wage across the state, especially for restaurant workers, is the solution.

But this is exactly what caused her former employer, Flats Fix taco bar, to shut down one of its locations last year, according to Saltsman.

“As a consequence, the city in 2018 experienced its first year of negative full-service employment growth in nearly two decades. A survey of city restaurateurs by the New York City Hospitality Alliance found that 36% slashed jobs last year,” Saltsman wrote.

“If AOC wants to help the employees in the industry she once called home, she can start by listening to them,” he said. “They don’t need a photo op in the 14th District; they need a politician who’s willing to stand up for a system that has benefited so many.”