Yale’s Anti-Trump Psychiatrist Exposed As a FRAUD

Dr. Bandy Lee is not even licensed to practice in Connecticut; her license expired in 2015

(American Thinker) In recent weeks, Bandy X. Lee, a pseudo-psychiatrist, astonishingly employed by Yale, has been going around telling everyone who will listen that Trump is mentally ill, dangerously so, and that he must be removed from office.

The Democrats are all atwitter.  They hang on her every word.  They do not care that she is acting and speaking in complete violation of her profession.  As any professional in mental health knows, it is absolutely unethical to diagnose a person one has never met or spoken to, let alone interviewed or examined.

It is this woman who is mentally ill.  She continues to speak out in spite of being warned by the American Psychiatric Association that her public comments are unethical.

“We at the APA call for an end to psychiatrists providing professional opinions in the media about public figures whom they have not examined, whether it be on cable news appearances, books, or in social media,” wrote the APA, without mentioning Lee specifically.

** MORE PSYCHIATRISTS COVERAGE at Liberty Headlines **

“Arm chair psychiatry or the use of psychiatry as a political tool is the misuse of psychiatry and is unacceptable and unethical.”

Dr. Lee is not even licensed to practice in Connecticut; her license expired in 2015.  Nevertheless, she has assembled a book with essays by similarly unethical psychiatrists and mental health professionals who cannot accept Trump as president.  This is the stuff of bad reality television, like Jerry Springer or Oprah, the snake oil saleswoman of our century…Original Source

  • Yosemite Sam

    Send in the Feds and arrest this liberal fraud. Law and Order must be respected and restored after 8 years of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the worst POTUS in the history of the Republic. Let this phony Dr Lee the privilege of rotting away in a prison awaiting trial.

    • Al Zabel

      Well said. Furthermore, No doctor, can accurately analyse anyone, Unless they sit down and talk with them. That’s the excuse, that they use, to keep serial killers and other death row prisoners, alive. But, then again. These are the liberal twits. Who will stop at nothing, to discredit a President.

      • ADRoberts

        They get PAID for their bogus analysis and “expert” opinions. They do not care about the possible harm they cause. “Just give me the money.’

      • Wayne Hill Sr.

        I haven’t heard or seen anyone addressing the biggest violation I believe she committed! She has issued a DIAGNOSIS, based on her (so called) MEDICAL EXPERTISE, that President Trump is MENTALLY ILL and MENTALLY UNFIT to serve in office! She has broadcast this diagnosis to the MSM and the NATION and WORLD by saying this on the MSM! Isn’t blathering someone’s diagnosis/medical/mental condition an absolute VIOLATION of the HIPPA PRIVACY LAWS? I believe you can be sued for major monetary penalties for violating HIPPA Law.

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      She WAS a licensed doctor and somehow allowed it to lapse… there is a story there. It would seem no “sane” doctor would let their license just lapse…

      • Jeanne Stotler

        True, there is a story there, let’s hope it comes out. Most of us in the Medical profession cherish our license, we worked too hard for them, hers has expired not in an inactive range, which is a choice some take when on leave.

      • ADRoberts

        Expediency of the asian mind
        Rationalizing that she did not need to spend the money when she was not going to practice in Connecticut again.
        Maybe Yale will figure out the mistake they made in hiring her.
        Oh, that is right. Ivy League schools don’t make mistakes LOL

        • Danny Devalck Brown

          At least her Genius to get through Medical School at one of the Great Universities in the World makes her a really Intellectual Human Being. It was an M.D. like her that saved my life on the Battlefield in Afghanistan, something you Republican non-serving Traitors to America would NOT understand. Yes, ask Trump about his 5 Time Draft Dodging or America’s Hero Sen. McCain, who you republican Russia lovers Disowned because he stood up for Veterans against Trump. God Bless America, because you republicans don’t believe in God. SEMPER FI !!!!!.

          • Peggy Joseph

            McCain…………WAS NO HERO!!!!

          • ADRoberts

            You make assumptions that simply cannot be proven. WHY? She took an education from American students who were excluded from medical schools because there was not room for them. They got a free education and in fact you have no idea whether THIS doctor is a “genius” you claim or is a quack who came on the program to make money she could not make in practice.
            I am no longer a Republican. You assumed I did not serve. Where did you get that idea. I know. YOur BIGOTRY AND PREJUDICE. The very thing you accuse those who you consider your enemy of.
            You want to pretend to be a Christian. There is ONE verse that says what those who follow Jesus will do. John 14:12. I know. You will ignore that. I ask that you testify that you are a REAL follower by testifying to the miracles you have been involved in. I have at least FIVE that I know of.
            I prayed. God answered with a miracle.
            YOUR TURN. TESTIFY.
            Oh, and I see you are full blown loyal to McCain? Why? The evidence is clear. He is a traitor. Caused the death of hundreds on the Forrester. Went to Syria with the effeminate Graham to give comfort to the men who shortly thereafter became ISIS. Came back from the hospital to make sure that the HATED OBAMACARE was not repealed.

          • Danny Devalck Brown

            You are Naz I sick bast a rds with NO grasp of our History, I mean very Recent History. McCain is a Hero to this Day, and AMERICA IS Proud of Him. SEMPER FI AMERICA the BEAUTFUL !!!! Obama was Great, Trump is Great!! OOH RAH !!

          • ADRoberts

            No, what you said is YOU. You have been posting since December 30 and have 8 COMMENTS AND just one like vote. And no, you can’t give yourself votes. The picture is of a child who is probably still in college. I would bet you are a fanatic liberal and have not even lived long enough to see the record of McCain IF you had, and believed even half of what is reported by the MSM, you would see that he is no hero.
            So I ask you a simple question. That fine you were paying for not having insurance McCain came out of the hospital in order to stop the repeal of Obamacare. WHY? Did you enjoy paying that fine. And it was just repealed by Trump and the present congress. Even the liberal traitor Lisa Murkowski has just flipped and voted for the fine to be repealed. Guess why? BACKLASH from those in her own state that she was hurting.
            You want to say OOH RAH? I would guarantee you are not still in the marines if you ever were, or you would not have time to be posting such ignorance. ME? I am retired.

          • Richard Kosmisky

            because you served did you serve honorably DOUBTFUL

          • Bernie

            You mean the very recent history of Obama giving clemency to a traitor (Manning) who made public dozens of classified information items that endangered military lives?
            THAT great Obama?
            You’re a darn fool!!

          • chris VN

            haha, when has that POS ever stood up for any veterans, certainly not the ones he left behind to rot in VN.

          • Richard Kosmisky

            are you sure your brain survived the trauma

          • Florenca Mcdowell

            her genius or her race got her into school. Lets face it ivy league get money for diversity students. Do you remember the white girl (forgot her name) who scored higher but lost to a black student. That has been happening for years. I myself have had that experience in the 70’s. PERHAPS YOU FORGOT PRES. OBAMA NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY, BILL AYERE ‘S, BILL CLINTON

      • Richard Kosmisky

        it happens when a board of Directors determined that you are no longer qualified to practice

      • Florenca Mcdowell


    • Alan

      Although it would be nice, since she isn’t actually practicing, it’s a no go

      • Peggy Joseph


        • Alan

          Don’t yell at me Peggy, I’m just pointing out she’s not breaking the law.


      yu are 110 % correct

  • psycho1979

    I’d say she needs her head examined!

    • ADRoberts

      More. She needs to have her ability to practice revoked and if possible charges filed and put in jail

      • undeRGRound

        …it IS REVOKED, and future attempts to get a license should take this episode into account 😉

    • Alan

      Exactly! She suffers from Trump Mania!
      At least, that’s MY professional opinion. 😉

      • Robert Kahlcke

        Is that something like a whack a doodle?

      • no dilliger

        as diagnosed by the famous dr. herman caine ,phd. dds. lol. lmfao. ,as TDS trump derangement syndrome

    • Frank Budz

      She would have to remove it from her backside first.

    • Yes, and the other end too.

  • regulus30

    Tell ten [10] of your friends/family to get registered to vote in 2018; liberals have engaged in treason in every sense of the word and MUST NEVER GET POWER of the House/Senate.

    • ADRoberts

      Just read where a California lady has tried to get her aunt removed from the voting rolls because she has been dead a VERY LONG TIME.
      The elections officials refuse to do so because by their records, she continues to vote in EVERY ELECTION
      YOUR vote is being negated by Democrat and RINO voter fraud. And it is MASSIVE.

      • regulus30

        She must file a request with the District Attorney and provide the “death certificate”; then if they refuse charge them with voter fraud, it is the only remedy now. You are correct, every fraud vote cancels a legal vote and the libocrats KNOW THIS. IF you can communicate with this women on the web sight please pass this message along.

        • ADRoberts

          I think she knows. But when you are dealing with corrupt government who now believe they are above the law, they refuse to act until they are under indictment.
          Remember Judge Navarro who issued so many bad rulings in the Bundy case, even to the point of denying them their consitutional rights. Then suddenly she gets a 180 and throws the case out for prosecutorial misconduct. That was NOT a change of heart. She surely got a PHONE CALL.

          • regulus30

            IT IS ‘WE THE PEOPLES’ duty to protect our Constitutional rights to fight these corrupt left wing nuts; I have filed several and it works;; the government is “by the people, for the people” so we must do our patriot duty and fight the good fight. America is on the verge of becoming another third world oppressed nation. Liberalism is FASCISM and if we do not stand up the sick ideology will win…

          • ADRoberts

            More effective. Get God involved. Obey II Chronicles 7:14.

      • undeRGRound

        Yup, both parties. But I voted for Trump, and I am a proud union professional craftsman. Lots of us did, said F-U Killary 😉

        • ADRoberts

          Keep on. But be aware that the voter fraud is massive and is not being stopped by Republicans
          Just read a comment on one site from a woman in California who had tried to get her dead aunt taken off the voter rolls. Her aunt had been dead for a very long time. The election official refused to do so, citing that the dead woman had faithfully voted for the last TEN years.
          The Dems and RINOs can’t get elected fairly any more. So they CHEAT.
          Remember Lisa Murkowski. She lost her primary to a Tea Party guy. So she registered and won with over 100,000 write in ballots. Most of the votes were MAILED IN. My guess is from NY.

          • chris VN

            Or from Commufornia.

        • ADRoberts

          Oh, I see you just read my post where I said that earlier.

      • Matt B

        It’s simple really. As voting is winding down, you check off the boxes of people registered who didn’t show up. You run that number of ballots through the machines. Dead people can vote for years. That’s how Icky Al Franken got elected. They found 500 ballots behind a filing cabinet.

        • Tasha Marie Montelongo

          Not only that, but here in CA, they literally allow undocumented illegal criminal aliens to register to vote. They stand out on the corners in very heavily poor immigrant areas to sign voter registration rolls whenever they choose. So it’s a wide systemic issue, that affects all of us.

        • ADRoberts

          Agreed. So why and what is stopping the Republicans from moving on truing the vote? My opinion is that they use it, primarily in their primaries to steal elections from real conservatives.

  • CCblogging

    She’s a Democrat and a liar, which is what Democrats do.

  • omikehawk

    She”s as sane as a fart in a sneaker!

  • Jeanne Stotler

    It’s been an old saying, that to be a phych Dr, you first had to be a little nuts. and it’s true you cannot fully diagnosis a patient either mentally or physically without face to face conversations.

  • ADRoberts

    So they have documented that she no longer has a license. And she gathered others who also violate the rules of psychiatry KNOWINGLY. But the article does not dig into the obvious. That each and every one of them is blatantly prejudiced as liberals and are anti-conservative and anti-Trump.
    Is what they say fact? NO
    Is what they say based on actual evidence received in personal contact? No
    Is what they say illegal to release IF they were in actual contact with a person? YES yes. YES.
    They are supposed to keep that information confidential
    I would suggest that Trump make arrangements to HAVE a 5 second contact with each and every one of them. Then sue them for millions for violating a doctor-patient privilege.

    • undeRGRound

      Don’t even have the contact, he can sue anyway!

  • Jeannie

    FRAUD, F R A U D, just like the rest of the ALT-LEFT IMBECILES in the dnc

  • Leo

    Typical story. Mostly fraud people arranged kind of anti-Trump crowds. Those candidates for jails put their own intersts above everything which going to make America great again.

  • regulus30

    Every time you see or hear about a voter fraud incident please advise those involved to file a complaint with their District Attorney and document EVERY PIECE OF INFO.

  • Soexcited

    These buffoons, the liberal democrat base, as the s***holes of America.

  • Slav2012

    So she’s let her licence expire, but yet practices her profession in a manner not sanctioned by her own professional association? Classic……

  • jjmcl431

    She just broke every law know in practicing medicine. You don’t reveal anything about a patient you are treating and you certainly never put out judgements about people you have never treated. But of course being a liberal she can get away with doing all that. Like the Clinton’s the laws meant for us mere mortals who are conservatives are not meant for them. They are all above the law.

  • Ron C

    New day same old story…All democrat’s are fraud’s or lunatic’s, take you pick…their hypocrisy stinks to high heaven…I’ll be glad when they are nothing but a bad dream of the past!

  • Tired…

    Why is it so hard for the media, liberal or conservative to tell the truth? In this case Dr. Lee’s behavior is unethical, not fraudulent. No evidence has been presented that questions her educational qualifications and the fact that she is not currently licensed only means that she legally allowed to practice because she has not paid for her license to practice (we do not know if this was due to financial, continuing educational, or personal issues). What she did and is doing is ethically wrong, but that does not make her a fraud…it merely demonstrates that she is driven more by her bias than her ethics.

  • Askjrsk

    Breaking news? Two weeks ago. We really don’t care that some unprofessional makes irrational off the cuff statements. Mooshell was going to make healthier, increse the children’s lunch budget that the students through their “healthy food”, in Mooshells opinion ended up in the garbage. I hope LIBERTY HEADLIINES isn’t offended by the word garbage. They are so easily offended.

  • chuckster

    Well she has done lost her license so cant practice so now she is writing a book to illustrate that Trump is crazy. She wasnt any good or she wouldnt have lost her license in the first place or it could be from unethical behavior but what ever reason why would anyone trust what she says, this is not even newsworthy unless your a never Trumper and she may have recieved and still recieving large amounts of money from the democrats

  • Name

    She is breaking the law by practicing with out a license. She should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That is the only way to make these talking monkeys stop and think.


    Harvard law school professor Alan Dershowitz warns that Democrats attempting to declare Trump mentally unfit to hold office is straight out of the Communist playbook of brutal regimes like Soviet Russia, who repressed and imprisoned political dissidents by declaring them to be mentally ill.
    Asked if the chatter was intended to have a destabilizing effect, Dershowitz responded, “Well it’s very dangerous, there’s only one thing worse than trying to criminalize political differences and that’s trying to psychiatrize them.”
    “These psychiatrists now who are trying to diagnose without ever having met the man – that’s what they did in Russia. I represented dissidents who they locked up in mental hospitals, that’s what they did in China, that’s what they did in apartheid South Africa,” added the Harvard professor.
    He went on to assert that leftists were trying to “undo democracy” by accusing a president of being mentally unstable without any evidence whatsoever.
    Dershowitz said that he didn’t personally vote for Trump but that the idea of “diagnosing him instead of opposing him politically poses an enormous danger to democracy.”

    • Warren

      What she means is Mentally Unfit to be a Progressive Liberal Socialist Communist Marxist or Democrat..!! Which is “Why” he was Elected…!!!

  • John Henkel

    Of course She is a Fraud, All Liberals are Phony’s and Frauds !! – 2018 MORE MAGA !!

  • disqus_sJpTxVtx0a

    Democrats have this bent for lying, which in and of itself is bad enough… but pathologically lying, that’s lying at a whole other level – a level making them incompetent because pathological lying is an illness; exactly what they accuse Trump of. What comes around…

  • VL

    A doctor who gives diagnosis without seeing patient can loose their license. Her opinion is one thing but she did not give opinion she made statement diagnosis therefore she should loose license. Medical licensing board needs to do their job for a change.

    • Willie

      read much? she doesn’t even have a license

  • Robert Kahlcke

    First, who names their child Bandy X? Secondly, it appears she is a danger to herself and others.

  • deplorable312

    OK The AG of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA should do his job and STOP her and any one else that is doing ARM CHAIR doctoring

  • HideYourCrazy

    Fake news, fake credentials, fake anger, fake morals, fake religion, fake friends, fake citizenship…is there anything real about liberals except their evil?

  • Richard Young

    This “Dr.” Brandy Lee needs to be arrested and thrown in prison for “practicing” armchair psychiatry, without a license, no less. She is clearly a major fraud.

  • Warren

    Never met a Phyciatrist that did not have all the symptoms of everything Studied..!!!

    • Peggy Joseph

      Most go into that hairbrain industry to solve their own short comings

      • Warren

        Hi Peggy.!! I believe you just hit the Nail on the Head.!! In early 60’s I was a Union 76 Dealer across the street from the Glendale Ca College a Woman came in her car would not start I was worried as she was so upset I calmed her down went and started her car brought it to the station tested a charged the Battery had two dead cells. So what does that mean ? Well you might be able to drive for a while but you could run into the store and it might not start. I have a Battery for it. I forgot to mention she was at a loss for words and stuttering. Can I drive it home? Yes but don’t stop it might not start again. Well I am going to have my neighbor look at it. Is he a Mechanic? No he is a Mailman!! I had a College Directory what kind of Teacher could she be? here it is “Psychiatry” not only that she was the Head of the California Union for Psychiatrist’s. She also was fumbling around with her face couldn’t keep her hands still. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • Jmanjo

    Perhaps she is trying to impress the Democrats because she realizes since they are all nuts she has a gold mine if they come to her office! LOL they are all nuts!

  • Cinnamon

    Send her back from whence she came.

  • Danny Devalck Brown

    Dr. Lee, M.D., Yale University, is a Renowned Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist who has worked with the USA and Governments around the World. As a Marine Combat Veteran and Conservative supporter of President Trump your LIES about Dr. Lee has shown me that your Diatribes against our last President Obama seem to Obviously be LIES. Your HATE for OBAMA is really Anti-American Filth, while those of us who FOUGHT FOR AMERICA in Afghanistan/Iraq support our Presidents and our GREAT AMERICA!!!! You are TRAITORS to America who support the Russian devils. GO AMERICA!!! SEMPER FI!!!!

    • Norman Purcell

      Danny . Thank you for your service in Afghanistan and Iraq. ( I am a Vietnam Veteran). War is a horrible experience that many will never understand and it changes us in many ways.
      But after reading your rant, you might want to visit the local VA, you need help.

      • Danny Devalck Brown

        Thank You for your Service to America Sir!!!!! If you LOVE AMERICA, if you have FOUGHT and BLED for AMERICA, if you have given your all for AMERICA, than You’ve done your Best for America!!! Anyone group of people who Hate a President for his Color, who Hate helping Children, who Hate giving People Welfare costing us $142 per Year per Family; BUT Love giving Welfare to Corporations and the Rich to the TUNE $6,000 per Year per Family is NOT a Christian nor a Good AMERICAN. OOH RAH (Social Security and Dept. of Labor).

  • Ron S.

    Shrinks…. no different than used car salesmen or bottom feeding lawyers and let’s include fake news reporters!! They harm society by trying to decide what is wrong with you and then “getting you well”!!! Their qualifications come from “reading books” in college or reading the National Enquirer which by now is more legit than them!! They generally are sicker than those they treat and almost all are liberal which means they don’t know chit and can’t be trusted with guarding sheep!

  • Erik V Johnson

    More SWAMP Cleaning…

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    She can do her “Practice” behind bars. I know that I have asked this question before but, What in the world is wrong with people?

  • Doug Steltenpohl

    And who is nuts? yeah maybe she can get some of the liberals in congress on her couch and almost all of the drive bye media and then as an added bonus,, have Harvey W check them out.. lets keep it in liberal land

  • dave72

    She is also a “gasper” who can’t speak more than 4 or 5 words without gasping for breath. Weird.

  • Lillian DeVore

    The democrats have shown that they will go to any lengths (even violence) to overturn the election. She is just one more.

  • As a mental health specialist I back Dr Lee 100% that Donald J Trump is mentally sick. He needs to resign or be impeached.

  • crazybarry

    I wonder if she accepts Trump Derangement Syndrome, for the mental disease that it is? Probably not, since she’s not a real psychiatrist. She’s just another frustrated liberal.

  • Gerald K.

    The Liberals/DEMS will do and try anything to perpetuate their lies about Trump. If anyone believes in the tripe the main stream media is dishing out, to try and take Trump out, could certainly be a good candidate for a cool-aid retreat similar to what the JamesTown/Jones retreat was.

  • mari

    This is another page from the Russian playbook. They use psychiatry against their enemies all of the time. They throw them into psychiatric wards, drug them and discredit them. The left is getting very good at becoming more and more like Russia everyday.

  • JWB

    It has become increasingly evident, that the “get Trump” at any cost “discipline”, including the detriment of ones “credibility” while forsaking the “rules” of ethics and “professionalism”, has reached a level in the history of American politics, resulting in the unprecedented “deployment” of deceit, fraud and “chicanery”, that should be rejected and scorned by everyone, irregardless of an individual’s “ideological” differences.

  • ReneNYM1


  • omni

    “As any professional in mental health knows, it is absolutely unethical to
    diagnose a person one has never met or spoken to, let alone interviewed
    or examined.”
    Since when has a little thing like that stopped the democrat/fascist/communist /racist party?

  • chris VN

    She knew they can’t strike her off any medical list, other wise she might have kept quiet, oh no, she couldn’t as she needs the attention for some reason, or who’s paying her????

  • JR

    What do you expect from the Democrats, a wacky Psychiatry, really “Represents” the loon mentality of Trump haters. Do and say anything to bash the man. I do think it is a definite hit on the credibility and honor of Yale. We are talking the Ivy League and not the Lock Company right?

  • John

    It figures that the fake news bozos would use a doctor that got her degree from a Cracker Jack box. It’s the same place these lames got their journalism degrees.

  • Willie Wilson

    This is the definition of a sick person!

  • turkeychoker

    Liberals have never had any ethics, or morals. They are filled with self hatred, scorn for anything good, and envy of anyone successful. With no understanding, and lusting for power over others. She proves my theory. Crazy people don`t think they`re the crazy ones. They think everyone else is. (and they live among us)

  • Al Zabel

    As a battle tested veteran, in VietNam.
    Your post, makes absolutely, no sense.
    But then again. I and others, fought for your right to be ignorant, panty waists.
    For eight long years, I was told to sit down and shut up, by buffoons like you. Because Obama was the President.
    But now, that the shoe is on the other foot?
    You become vile and nasty.
    I remember your type.
    They met me at the airport, when I returned both times, from the war.
    Rave on, lunatic. Rave on.

  • Joseph111

    You didn’t expect the liberal media to use an actual, respected and established professional for this purpose now did you? Hmmm, did you???
    Talk about crazy!

  • mekatie

    Wouldn’t you know it, the democrats would hire someone who doesn’t have a license. What a bunch of idiots.

  • chocopot

    The question I have is this: How much did the DNC pay her to do this?

  • spaceweasel

    Twitter is blocking Tweets. A lot of my Conservative news, such as this, is marked as ‘already sent’, which is not true.

  • Janis

    It could be worse. Just imagine you read this article AND you pay for your son or daughter to take this fraudsters class at Yale.

  • Babbo

    She should have her license (?) jerked in any state that allows this fraud to ”[practice” or what ever she does. She is a danger to any nut that would go to her. She must be a democrat.

  • My country

    Psychiatrists joined the morons when they lost their credibility over turning our people into sodomites And especially our children .Being a person who had these traits was considered by their profession as a mental illness .Until they took money to drop their credentials.

  • Bernie

    Obama’s half White. Did you forget that?
    By the way, I’m a 75 year old Vietnam era vet.
    I’m also an ex- South Side Chicago democrat of color that knows Obama is a phony.
    I also know that democrats turned my neighborhood into a sheet hole.
    Try again…,I know you won’t. You have no answer .
    It’s so easy making you look foolish…..

  • Giving a supposed professional diagnosis is practicing, given she is not disclaiming herself as not authorized to practice and that all she says has to be considered false, why is she not being charged with practicing without a license? One would have to surmise that the AMA is not as professional as the legal bar! Sorry state to say the least.

  • Florenca Mcdowell

    is she CRAZY??????

  • old_salty_dawg99

    All those who are connected to Le and her pack of LIES should have their license if they still have one stripped and they all Lee and the others should be barred from any and all aspects of Medicine and I mean Absolutely anything even toilet cleaning for life. Anyone STUPID and UNETHICAL as these fools should be locked away for their own good as well as the good everyone else. Lee and these other supposed doctors not only violated the rule of diagnosing someone they NEVER examined but they went ten million steps too far and did it based on the information of those who HATE the person they are supposed to evaluate. I mean the Democraps HATE Trump so much they would and do say everything no matter how far fetched and INSANE to get rid of him. We can see that they are the TRULY INSANE Ones in looking at the last two the Democraps put up for President 1)Obozo the MORONIC CLOWN a person who thought he NEVER DID wrong. He a supposedly Constitutional Law trained lawyer who also taught it for 10 Years showed time and time again that his students should sue for their money back with interest and any court would give them their request and more. 2)Hitlery the Mob Boss of Mob Bosses. Her rap sheet includes TREASON,GRAND THEFT, MURDER, and many other crimes. Then there is the DACT that she cannot accept that she is why she lost the election. She has blamed everyone but cannot accept that her being like Obozo was why she lost. So if anyone should be diagnosed with a mental problem it is the Entire Democratic Party and their last two picks for America’s Highest Office.

  • no dilliger

    it’s not like they are going to yank her license is it

  • JB

    The only person that needs to have a conference is about her mental health judgment! I have been in medicine for over 30 years and I have never seen such gross negligence! Number one should have never diagnosed! This is HIP PA law that prevents us from giving any information about families no matter if they’re married divorced family anything! She has violated so many laws it’s unbelievable I don’t even believe she has a license?

    • JB

      Her mental health issue is that they had front this woman is obviously nuts and or she has a medical license it needs to be taken away and if she doesn’t she needs to put in jail and/or both! Her book needs to be taken off the market as a faults against Pres. Trump and he needs to be ingratiated for cool he is against this despicable woman and her allies! They tried to destroy him and it wouldn’t work! Pres. Trump is my hero!!!

  • Mark V

    Wendy needs a psych consult ,pronto