Angry Veteran Groups Meet w/ NFL Commish Amid Anthem Protests

(Breitbart) On a weekend where we stand in recognition of those who have served, organizations which represent those who have stood served aren’t taking the NFL’s disrespect for the national anthem, lying down.

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Roger Goodell (center)/Photo by NYCMarines (CC)

Though, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion aren’t calling for an outright boycott of the NFL over the weekend.

According to Michael McCarthy of the Sporting News, instead, those organizations are, “leaving it up to their members to make the decision on their own.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with veterans groups on October 30th in Washington, DC, to reaffirm the league’s commitment to America’s veterans.

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According to the Sporting News, “In no uncertain terms, the Legion and VFW told Goodell they disagree with NFL players not standing during the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and presentation of the American flag, but the veterans groups also said they respect players’ First Amendment rights. At least from the standpoint of the Legion and VFW, there won’t be any organized boycott of the NFL around Veterans Day, the federal holiday designated for Nov. 11 (this year it will be observed on Friday).”

It’s unclear whether the Legion of VFW would have staged any organized protest against the NFL this weekend if Goodell had not met with them. However, by meeting with them and, apparently, alleviating their concerns. Goodell might have saved the league the embarrassment of a massive demonstration in the stands, while the league paid tribute to the anthem and flag on the field.

Though, it doesn’t sound like all issues were addressed or satisfied completely….

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