CNN’s Fake Republican Ana Navarro Rips Trump on ‘The Daily Show’

‘[Trump] is pretending to be a Republican and so many other Republicans are enabling him…’

CNN’s ‘Republican’ Commentator Ana Navarro Rips Trump in Florida

Ana Navarro/IMAGE: Comedy Central

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) CNN political commentator Ana Navarro makes a handsome living off claiming to be a Republican.

But like other prominent “Never Trump” Republicans in the news media, she opposes anything remotely Republican or conservative.

Navarro was a guest on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Wednesday night. The show was broadcast in front of a live studio audience in Miami, Fla. where two major elections will occur next week.

Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-FL, is running against Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillem, a far left Democrat, to decide who will be governor of the nation’s largest swing state during the 2020 presidential election. The outgoing governor, Republican Rick Scott, is battling a Bill Nelson, a 76-year-old three-term incumbent Democrat for a U.S. senate seat. Both races are virtually tied.


But to Navarro, it’s all about Trump.

She referred to DeSantis, whose middle class upbringing led to Yale and Harvard degrees after which he joined U.S. Navy and became a JAG officer, as merely “Donald Trump’s parasitic twin.”

“But for Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis would not have won the Republican primary,” she steamed. “Even after the primary, instead of distancing himself from Trump as Rick Scott has done — who’s treating him like a Zika mosquito — Ron DeSantis embraced him.”

In truth, Rick Scott was one of Trump’s earliest supporters during the president’s 2016 campaign, raising millions of dollars in support. Trump has tweeted his support for Scott several times, and the pair meet for photo ops just two weeks ago.

Navarro called DeSantis, who has a Harvard law degree, a “mini-Trump” for questioning the legality of birthright citizenship — which she curiously described as “repealing the 14th Amendment.”

The issue of whether children of illegal immigrants are automatically U.S. citizens if they are born on American soil is a hot topic as the Latin American migrant caravans are currently making their way to the southern border, the first of which is nearly 10,000 strong.

Navarro waltzed on stage wearing a jacket that read, “I really care, do you?” It was an obvious shot at Melania Trump, who once wore a jacket inscribed with the words, “I really don’t care, do u?” According to the New York Times, the first lady was sending a message to her critics, like CNN’s Navarro, who viciously attacked her for visiting with children of illegal immigrants held at the southern border.

Navarro claims to be a Republican, but has become famous for her cable news tirades against President Trump and the Republican Party.

So, Noah asked her point blank, “Are you still a Republican?”

“I was a Republican when Donald Trump was a Democrat, I was a Republican when he was an Independent, and I’m a Republican now that he is pretending to be a Republican and so many other Republicans are enabling him and allowing him to pretend,” she said.

Navarro, who CNN describes as a “Republican Strategist,” then cited outgoing Republicans Sen. Jeff Flake and House Speaker Paul Ryan as real Republicans.

It’s not much of a mystery to understand why.

On Tuesday, Ryan challenged Trump on the issue of birthright citizenship, saying “You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order,” which Trump says he intends to do.

Flake is a longtime critic of the president who opted not to run for reelection this year after polling at only 18 percent among GOP voters in his home state of Arizona.

The outgoing NeverTrump senator has reportedly met with MSNBC president Phil Griffin and CNN president Jeff Zucker to secure a lucrative Trump-bashing media platform similar to Navarro.

Among her top anti-Trump complaints Wednesday night, was Trump’s fabrication of culture wars, as opposed to fighting back against baseless media attacks, and for “handing the keys to the kingdom to the Russians.”