America’s Got Talent host Exposes Racism of Planned Parenthood


Actor and musician Nick Cannon again charged Planned Parenthood with attempting to exterminate the black race in a recent interview with VLADTV.

“I feel like it’s a systemic issue,” Cannon told DJ Vlad. “When you look at what Margaret Sanger and all the people who follow eugenics and all that stuff. It was all about cleansing. Margaret Sanger said that she wanted to exterminate the Negro race, and that she was going to use her organization as she founded to do so.”

Cannon claims his previous statements on the abortion organization were misconstrued, and that he’s never spoken specifically about “abortion,” but instead to the facts of the history behind the organization’s overarching eugenics agenda.

“To me it wasn’t about abortions. I never speak on abortions. It was more about the sterilization and what they started with when it comes to – just actual ethnic cleansing where they actually say we want to get rid of a class of people, a group of people. You know what I mean? And they like to label: ‘feeble-minded’ or ‘lower-class,’ using terms – that’s what they used in public. In private they were talking about the black communities.”


“And so it starts with everyone from the sterilization – they were utilizing these clinics to say, ‘Oh yeah we’re helping you,’ but they were injecting them with diseases. And it goes not just from there, we can go to the Tuskegee experiments. We can go to the 80s and 90s when they were injecting people with HIV…”

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