GALLUP: Only Group Americans See Failing in Virus Response is MEDIA

‘Our condescending, hectoring, blinkered, self-appointed arbiters of truth are underwater by double digit…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Gallup asked Americans what they thought about the nation’s response to the coronavirus, and all leaders and institutions earned positive support, except for the news media.

Only 44 percent of Americans approved of the news media’s reporting on the coronavirus epidemic, while 55 disapproved, Gallup reported.

Republicans, who registered at 25 percent approval, are far more skeptical of the news media than Democrats, with 61 percent.

Approval ratings for hospitals ranked highest, with 88 percent of Americans favoring of their response. Only 10 percent of Americans who were surveyed said they disapproved of hospitals’ response.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s approval ratings outperformed both the news media and Congress. Trump garnered 60 percent support from a survey of the American public while Pence got 61 percent.

Only 38 percent disapproved of Trump’s response to coronavirus, and 32 percent disapproved of Pence’s response.

Trump’s approval rating for his response to the coronavirus is about 10 points higher than his standard approval rating, signaling that Americans like his response efforts, even if they do not like other aspects of his presidency.

After being chastised in the left-wing press for failing to provide the standard press briefings that past presidents had used, Trump has pivoted to giving daily updates, backed by a team of experts and advisers.

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However, some partisan outlets, after seeing his approval numbers rise, have since refused to broadcast the briefings, denouncing them as misinformation due to Trump’s optimistic forecast contradicting their own cynical projections.

Overwhelming support from Republicans (93 percent) boosted Trump’s approval rating, though he managed to get the support of 29 percent of Democrats.

Americans support Congress less than Trump, at 59 percent, though it also received less disapproval than Trump, at 37 percent.

Government health agencies—such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health—employers, state governments, schools and day-care centers all were highly rated in their response to the coronavirus, earning 80, 82, 82, and 83 percent approval ratings, respectively.

Republicans supported the response of every leader and institution, except state governments (both 85 percent), more than Democrats.