Alternative Social Network ‘Minds’ Debuts Digital Bill of Rights

Minds is officially adopting a digital bill of rights, outlined by the Electronic Frontier Foundation…

(Breitbart) Alternative social network Minds has debuted a digital bill of rights amid accusations of bias and political manipulation at Google, Facebook, and other Big Tech companies.

“Minds is officially adopting the Manila Principles On Intermediary Liability, a digital bill of rights, outlined by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other leading digital rights organizations,” the social network announced, Thursday. “The principles have been endorsed by nearly 300 leading press freedom and technology policy organizations and individuals. They act as a guideline for protecting freedom of expression and create an open environment for innovation.”

The bill of rights are as follows:

1. Intermediaries should be shielded from liability for third-party content.


2. Content must NOT be required to be removed without an order by a judicial authority.

3. Requests for restrictions of content must be clear, be unambiguous, and follow due process.

4. Laws and content restriction orders and practices must comply with the tests of necessity and proportionality.

5. Laws and content restriction policies and practices must respect due process.

6. Transparency and accountability must be built into laws and content restriction policies and practices.

“Our decision to adopt a digital bill of rights stems from our strong conviction that freedom of speech is an inalienable right and required for healthy societies to flourish,” declared a Minds spokesperson to Breitbart News. “The implementation of these rights is a way to demonstrate our starkly different beliefs from those of other service providers and social networks like Google and Facebook regarding censorship, bias, and political manipulation…”

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