Alt Left Want to Erase White Men from U.S. History

(News Busters) “Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.” — Chairman Mao

Can America Survive if the Alt Left Erase History?


It’s only a couple weeks after Charlottesville and the left is hammering away at American history. Alt-left idiots are ordering the removal of Civil War monuments from Baltimore, Maryland, to Austin, Texas, and trying to change place names, as well.

But this fight has little to do with those monuments. As a result, the alt-left has targeted Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and even Joan of Arc. This isn’t a movement. Or even a purge. It’s a cultural revolution.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s consult with Angela Bonner Helm who wrote a piece for The Root, one of Haim Saban’s insane Univision properties. It was headlined: “What White Men Fear Most Is Coming to Pass … They’re Being Erased. Isn’t That Ironic?

“Erased.” No multiculturalism to that word. It’s full-on honesty. Imagine if a conservative wrote of erasing liberal people of color. America’s pretend journalist class would go berserk, typing madly into Twitter, hot take after hot take.

Bonner is thrilled by the change. “And I am all for it, while it occurs to me that with this seeming wave of a million and one about-faces, the very thing that white men fear is coming to pass. This is the ‘thing’ that allegedly drove them to form the Tea Party after Barack Obama’s presidency; or to commit suicide in greater numbers than ever before; or to jump up against Mexicans and Muslims; or to back the frothing, foaming anger that drove Donald Trump into the presidency,” she wrote.

Just in case you think that all overstates the case, Helm wrote that white men are fearing “the primal, existential fear of erasure—just as their ancestors literally and figuratively erased so many others throughout history…”

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