Alt-Left Insanity: We Should Have Let Pilgrims ‘Freeze to Death’

(News Busters) Welcome to one of the holidays liberals hate the most — Thanksgiving. When the alt-left isn’t hating on Christopher Columbus, bashing Christmas, disrespecting veterans or undermining the national anthem, they find time to target a national day when we give thanks.

And when they hate, boy do they hate. This year’s target? The Pilgrims.

These kinds of stories crop up every major holiday and are usually designed to generate web traffic by saying horrendous things. Think of them as Click Hate. Splinter, The Root, Deadspin and their sister publications are notorious for it.

This week, their sister publication Jezebel scored the winner. In a bizarre piece about pumpkin pie, no less. Here’s the headline: “Pumpkin Pie: Slice of Heaven or Unadulterated Trash?

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As a lifetime lover of pumpkin pie, I decided to see just how bad this story was.

Turns out the story is a debate between Jezebel staff writer Megan Reynolds (anti-pumpkin pie) and Gizmodo senior reporter Anna Merlan (pro).

But like any alt-lefty discussion, it quickly moves to hating America. Here’s the actual quote:

“The only thing that should be ashamed of itself is Thanksgiving, a holiday-length ode to white supremacy and an undeserved celebration of a band of uptight zealot weirdos who should have been allowed to freeze to death.” Yep, Pilgrims = “uptight zealot weirdos” who should have been left to die. Oh, and by the way, thanks for helping found the greatest nation in history…

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