Alex Jones Rants: Sandy Hook Lawsuits will End with Him in Jail or Murdered

“If you don’t think the globalists don’t kill people all day… they killed President Kennedy, they’re trying to kill President Trump,” Jones said.

(Larry McShane, New York Daily News) Right-wing broadcaster Alex Jones, in his latest conspiracy theory, predicted his claim that the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax would land him in jail or a casket.

Jones, during a Wednesday appearance on his Infowars program, responded to a defamation lawsuit brought by the parents of two slain Sandy Hook students over his repeated and unfounded claims.

“They physically, I can guarantee you, want to assassinate my character ahead of setting me up, putting me in prison, or having me killed,” Jones said during his Wednesday show.

He went on to suggest that anyone who didn’t believe his claim was naive and compared himself to assassinated President John F. Kennedy.


“If you don’t think the globalists don’t kill people all day — they’ve hijacked America, they killed President Kennedy, they’re trying to kill President Trump,” Jones said.

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“They’re trying to stop this country from being restored, and they’re using a lot of people to demonize their opposition in the wake of it.”

The lawsuits were filed Monday in Texas by the parents of slain 6-year-olds Jesse Lewis and Noah Pozner, two of the 20 first-graders killed along with a dozen school staffers in December 2012.

On Dec. 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza entered the school in Newtown, Conn., and fatally shot 20 children and six adult staff members. Prior to the school rampage, Lanza shot and killed his mother inside their Newtown home.

Though Noah’s dad Leonard Pozner and the attorney for the parents made it clear their suits were prompted by years of Jones’ comments, the rabble-rousing host insisted the families were not behind the allegations.

“The suit by the media, by the Democrats, using the poor parents, is meant to just demonize yours truly building up to something big.”

Jones, accused in the lawsuits of spreading “heartless and vile” lies about the mass shooting, claimed he wasn’t backing off his earlier remarks.

“And it’s not that I’m running away from saying I think it was a hoax if I think it was a hoax,” he said. “For four years, I’ve said I think people really died there.”

But the lawsuit charged that was only part of what Jones said.

Sandy Hook was “a synthetic, completely fake … in my view manufactured,” he said. “I knew they had actors there, clearly. But I thought they killed some real kids.”

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