Alec Baldwin ‘Can’t Imagine’ Playing Trump Again on SNL

‘Winning the Emmy for that show aside, it was not some career goal of mine…’

Trump & Alec Baldwin Clash Over Comedian’s Imitation of Him

Alec Baldwin impersonates Donald Trump/IMAGE: NBC via YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Actor Alec Baldwin said he’s “so done” playing President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

“I can’t imagine I would do it again. I just can’t,” Baldwin said. “They should find somebody who wants to do it.”

In an interview with USA Today, he said he is leaving because there are better impressionists to play Trump.

“I really don’t have a lot invested in my Trump impersonation,” he said. “Winning the Emmy for that show aside, it was not some career goal of mine.”

He also said SNL “crushes” his weekends, which are “precious” because he can spend time with his children.

Baldwin floated a few names of people who could replace him: Anthony Atamanuik, Darrell Hammond, and Lorne Michaels.

Atamanuik previously portrayed Trump on “The President Show” and on the Trump vs. Bernie debate tour.

“So if [Atamanuik] wants the job, it’s his. He can have it. I’ve done that… I’m so done with that,” Baldwin said.

Hammond impersonated Trump when he was the host of “The Apprentice.”

“Darrell Hammond did it and is a far better impressionist than I’ll ever be,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin, a visceral Trump-hater, agrees with the president that Hammond would do a better job than he, USA Today reported.

Baldwin said he has other projects during the week to keep him occupied.

He stars in “Framing John DeLorean,” a documentary about the manufacturer who founded DeLorean Motor Co. in 1973 before the FBI arrested him for cocaine trafficking.

He was found not guilty but the company was ruined.