Alec Baldwin: ‘Agony’ Portraying Trump on SNL

Actor repeats comments on “Tonight Show” from earlier in the month…

Trump & Alec Baldwin Clash Over Comedian’s Imitation of Him

Alec Baldwin impersonates Trump/IMAGE: NBC via YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Alec Baldwin’s comments about his portrayal of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live earned the actor some presidential tweets earlier this month.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter on March 1, actress Kate McKinnon asked Baldwin how much longer he plans to portray Trump on SNL:

Every time I do it now, it’s like agony. Agony. I can’t…

If things don’t go in the right direction for the midterms. … I could go out on the street, stand on any corner and tap 10 people on the shoulder. And all 10 of them, in all likelihood, would be more qualified — ethically, morally, intellectually and spiritually — than Trump.

I’ll vote for Mitt Romney. I don’t care. Anybody over this guy. It doesn’t matter. We have to get rid of him.

Trump responded on Twitter the next day.

Baldwin tweeted back:

On Monday, Baldwin joined Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show.”

“You said it’s like agony,” Fallon said.

“It’s not like agony,” Baldwin responded. “It is agony.

“He came to me, [SNL executive producer] Lorne [Michaels], and said do the Trump thing, and we thought we were gonna do it for three shows in the fall.

“There was no way he was gonna win. And then he won and I remember lying in bed and going, ‘Oh no.'”

“I don’t need to tell you, it gets exhausting after a while,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin described the encounter as “surreal,” then he went on to discuss how he thinks the president goes about tweeting during his daily routine.

Watch Fallon’s interview with Baldwin:

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  • Redtailedhawk

    Well, Alec, stick to poor acting, because that is hat you do. What was agony was waching Hillary stand in front of the camera and lie lik crazy to the American people. Nothing more pathetic than Clinon or Obama.

    • Sport

      Yep, going on twelve years without a decent guy in the White House. Oh well, at least we can watch SNL each week and get a laugh or two.

      • bcook1014

        So looks like you’re a socialist, borderline commie Bernie supporter!

        • Sport

          And I thought you were with me on Water Boy for President. Bernie would not have been as fun as the mad trumpeteer. I am sitting back and waiting for someone with some smarts and savvy to run for the office. It has been a while since someone like that was in the office.

      • Lynn Johnston

        Oh no, we have a Maverick now. Gonna change things up!
        Gonna get a change, be it good or be it bad.
        But it had to happen……
        Worst case scenario,…
        Let’s imagine if the H-bomb had won?

  • Redtailedhawk

    Alec, nothing would be sweeter than to see you, Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, et al leaving the country after denouncing your citizenship. Wait, just leaving permanantly would do.

    • kep

      We should round up these liberal communist traitors and deported or jailed as terrorists.

      • Joe Brewer

        That would be to good for them. PLUS I would feel bad for the country they went to. Unless it was somewhere in the middle East.

        • Naval Lint

          The ME would be as good a place as any.

      • Confoundmeonce

        O FIGS !!! If Trying TO Make A FARCE Out of OUR President..IS That Painful..I Have A VERY Good Suggestion FOR Alex,,,DON~T DO IT ?? YOU Money Hungry Jerk ! No one Is Twisting your ARM Makinfg YOU ACT SO Stupid .. JUST GO AWAY.

      • Tasine

        I would like to see them tried for TREASON as they are doing everything they can think of to do in order to run things in the US. Not a one of them is competent in much of anything.

    • MIKE6080

      barry is a kenyan not a citizen

    • Ron

      You forgot the “good reverends” Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cher, Rosie O’Donnell, Meryl Streep, Samuel Al Jackson and the rest of the Hollywood Looney Tunes.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Alec, are you just totally dumb? Anyone who thinks that H would have been better than T is out of touch with reality.



      • bcook1014

        Baldwin is these things? PATRIOT????

        • lorddragonstar

          Ummm. I think that’s himself and not Baldwin

    • Tasine

      Baldwin IS out of touch with reality… are all of his cohorts in the movie industry…a bunch of lousy flakes.

  • SATCitizen

    Agony was Christ in The Garden. Sad is snl low ratings. Pitiful is alex baldwin.

  • Ron

    Alec is full of himself, like all Hollywood liberals. Nobody’s forcing that lying communist to make fun of Trump. He’s doing it because he hates Trump and conservatives and loves attacking them. Plus it’s not like he’s doing it for nothing, he gets paid very well to be the jackass he really is, what a phony liberal jerk.

  • David Fife

    Alec, What in the world qualifies you to be ultimate judge on the qualification of someone to be in the office of President? Why do all the actors in Hollywood think that they know what is best for the USA?
    They obviously have no talent for anything other than standing in front of a crowd of people and pretending to be someone that they are not and reading prepared dialogue! Can’t think for yourself??

    • SATCitizen

      It’s cuz he’s a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot. . .:o)

      • Sport

        Now I am confused. Are you talking about Trump or Baldwin? I thought you were in the Trump camp. Now you go calling him names again. Make up your mind.

        • SATCitizen

          LOL. . .baldwin. . .just using the alinsky rule #5 of ridicule back on ’em. fonda used the line, why not a patriot?

          • Sport

            Waterboy for president! Finally someone with some common sense.

          • bcook1014


      • Naval Lint

        Pay “sport” no mind. He’s just another unhappy Bernie-supporter…or another Russian troll.

        • SATCitizen

          LOL. . .trolls were meant for moonbotting! :o)

    • Richard S.

      They got spoiled in their make believe world and think their power and influence is reality. That’s what happens when they play make believe too long. Thank god for the rest of us in the real world that knows the difference between make believe and actuality.

      • John Dalton

        always capitalize GOD;when referring to HIM !

        • Richard S.

          My apologies John, but just the first letter, right?

          • Darby2

            No all 3

          • Richard S.

            Gee, I guess I went to a different kind of school than you did. Are you an English teacher? LOL

          • Darby2

            I guess, i went 2 Catholic school. If you didn’t spell GOD with caps. You went to see Mother Superior for a proper beating, after your nun beat you first in the coat room at the back of the class.

          • Richard S.

            It all makes sense to me now Darby2, I meant no offense to you.

          • Darby2

            None taken.

          • Lynn Johnston

            Just make the emphasis when replying….. if you really mean it.

          • Richard S.

            I wouldn’t have relied otherwise Lynn, what’s your point?

      • Sport

        Are you talking about the reality TV president or someone else?

        • Richard S.

          The reality TV president. I should have paid more attention to detail with my comment, after re reading it I can see where one might assume I was talking about the real president. Thanks.

    • Kenn Talbot

      He does know what painful is. It is what Kim Basinger felt whenever he would fly off the handle and verbally abuse the stuffing out of her,,,,,remember Alec?

      • Tasine

        I remember. Alec Baldwin is mentally warped, but then, most of Hollywood is…just look at Michael Moore, mentally warped and a slob as well.

  • Gregg Parker

    Agony… right… like the children you sacrifice you freakin canaibal?

  • Richard

    The Agony was watching you. I don’t watch snl anymore.

    • Carol Hyndman

      I haven’t watched SNL in so long, I cannot remember when I stopped. Didn’t know it was still on television.

      • Sport

        It’s awful getting old.

      • Darby2

        It was funny with the original cast back in the 70s.

  • vcb

    Isn’t it amazing how much Alec Baldwin is contributing to global warming with his increasing carbon footprint? They are expecting their fourth ugly little Baldwin windbag in four years. What a hypocrite!

    • Sport

      Oh come on. His wife is beautiful. At least the world will be full of beautiful people.

      • Richard S.

        Oh come on Sport. Beauty comes from with in. People who only see beauty externally are pretty shallow.

        • Sport

          And beautiful.

          • Richard S.

            Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, what you percieve as beautiful may not be beautiful to someone else.

  • CPAgramma

    Not only are his acting and his political attitude sad, but how quickly some have forgotten the recorded telephone conversation with his teenage daughter.

    • sweetqueen777

      Not Me. I cannot look at this full-of-himself POS without remembering how he spoke to someone he supposedly loves.

    • Sport

      Are we talking about Baldwin or Trump? Oops, I forgot, Trumps comments were directed towards all women. Baldwin and Trump are cut out of the same cloth, that is why Baldwin can portray Trump so accurately.

      • Lynn Johnston

        Oops, so sorry, wrong again.

        Let’s ask Kellyanne Conway how she feels about the situation.

        And how can you say Trump and Baldwin are cut out of the same cloth, that is hilarious!
        Please explain for us all.

        • Sport

          They are both womanizers, they are booth grandstanders, they both shoot from the hip without thinking, they both abuse twitter

          • Lynn Johnston

            Ok, One has much business experience, One does not. One had the courage to be President, One did not even try.
            One ran for President, One did not. One Won, one did not. One has respect from Voters & Americans & One does not.
            Both are womanizers, so what?
            That only matters to their wives. Wives haven’t complained yet.
            Twitter makes our President available to ALL people,

  • therealworld

    Watching Baldwhimp play President Trump is Agonizing…..

  • Mark

    Baldwin is simply a mentally disturbed liberal. He wishes death upon conservative Supreme Court Justices.

  • psycho1979

    What I find agonizing is watching Alec Baldwin doing anything! What a Nit Wit!!!! It’s so agonizing if I owned a gun I’m afraid I might put it to my head.

  • winkwink1

    SUFFER! You made your bed now LIE in it.

  • Unforgotten27

    “Who Cares!!!!!” why waste paper, ink, time & resources on a has been?

  • Not A Farmer

    Alec, if the part is too agonizing for you to play, quit or get yourself fired. There are other actors who would love a steady paycheck.

  • JB

    He’s a washed up alcoholic actor! His career shot and it’s going nowhere in these desperate!

  • Lynda Wheeler Dabson

    Baldwin is revealing his “pay to play” donation dilemma in which he was hoping to be one of the rats on the SS Hillary after the socialist flood came in and wiped out the other 90%. What is really agonizing is he had to pay for consideration and he wasn’t significant enough to be stroked on board.
    Now Alec is a has been and a political idiot. Maybe he will get a butt paste commercial in the future. Good luck dude!

  • colleen

    If it’s agony then why do u do it. Oh I know the almighty dollar.

    • Carol Hyndman

      Of course, he does it for the exorbitant sum he is paid ($10 a performance would be too much). I figure he only mentioned it because not enough people know he is doing the bit; gin up some publicity so casting directors still know he is “working.”

  • SoManyWhiners

    Does Baldwin realize that the midterms do not get rid of President Trump?

  • chocopot

    What a sick puppy he is…

  • pappy450

    I he is so “agonized” perhaps he should give up his U.S Citizenship and move to a nice COMMUNIST COUNTRY where he would feel “more at home”.

  • Washington Watchdog

    President Trump allowed Alec Baldwn to be relevant for a few more minutes. I doubt many producers are beating down his door.

  • Art Haffling

    Move to Mexico or better yet Pakistan Alex

  • So far Trump has been the most effective president in my life-time which extends back to FDR. He’s gotten more done in one year than any president I can remember. What Alec Baldwin thinks is irrelevant since the verb “thinks” clearly doesn’t describe anything he actually does.

  • gahh

    Alec Baldwin would make a better Hillary, than Trump.
    All he needs is the lipstick and the constantly falling down, because of to much Russian wine.

    • Stephine

      And a really ugly pant suit.

  • JWB

    WINNING!! Some more!
    Mr. Baldwin has no concept of “agony”, to begin with, get over yourself already.

  • Stan Leonard

    Well, Alec, it is agony watching you portray anybody … especially POTUS Trump! You wouldn’t be worthy to portray a pimple on POTUS Trump’s butt … if he had any!

    • Sport

      And if he would get off his butt and do something, we would know whether could make that portrayal work.

  • TAP True American Patriot

    Dear Alec Ballsackwhiner:
    You’ve Just PROOVEN Precisely How Damn Ignorant You Really Are… Anybody… And I Do Mean Anybody… Who Was Experiencing Agony From Any Action… Well… They Would In Fact STOP That Particular Action… Only A Dumbass Would Voluntarily Subject Themselves To Any Form Of Agony…

    You Will Never Ever Be At The Peak Of Success Again (Glen Gary Glen Ross) … And Acting The Part Of A Suffering Artist Won’t Help You… We The Patriots Are Far Too Intelligent To Fall For Your Satanic Communist BS…

    • sweetqueen777

      Typical Liberal HYPERBOLE.

    • Sport

      His true name is Sweadyballs, not Ballsackwhiner.

      • Lynn Johnston

        I’m feeling, really sorry for you now.
        Is this website really where you need to be?
        Are you taking it like a big man or a big woman?
        Equal on all terms…..😁

        I’m digging our new president for only 1 year. MAGA!!!

  • Beeker D.

    Well little lunatic alec, It’s AGONY watching you TRY to Play Trump, You Leftist Puke!

  • DukeandDiesel

    Here’s an idea, don’t do it, duh!

  • R M

    As a doctor told me when I complained about a pain when I moved a certain way, DONT DO IT.

  • Alan

    Wait! Alec?!?
    You’re still here?!?
    Clearly, you aren’t a man of your word, now are You?
    Now, do as you promised, and go away.

  • Joe Pollarine Jr

    Baldwin Andy Fallon were probably stroking each other before the show

  • jcrawdad

    Alec Baldwin: ‘Agony’ Portraying Trump on SNL


  • progun2

    Agony is having this jerk having a public forum to spew his lunacy.

  • John

    I don’t see anyone pounding down your door to do anything but gameshows. Which Gene Rayburn was MUCH better at.

  • MIKE6080

    about time for baldwin to go to rehab

  • Ron

    I haven’t watched SNL since the early 80’s…..I can’t imagine how terrible it must be this day of age, especially having “Baldwin the Buffoon” on as a regular.

  • Bill Rehs

    I think it’s time for a remake of the movie “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and Alec Baldwin should be in the cast as a patient, but not as an actor, his best role would be, just being himself.

  • Raymond Miller

    It can’t be half as bad as the agony I suffer when I see you in anything, you filthy piece of excrement.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    I thought this jag/off died like a year ago.

  • independent thinker

    Well Alex, It is even more painful seeing you on TV or anywhere else.

  • colleen

    Quit while your behind. Read these post, boy people hate u.

  • Carole

    AND it was agony to watch this idiot try to act. So I never watched again.

  • duncmck

    i’ll give a 60% chance baldwin is one of those UN-imaginable unbelievable pedo perverts in hollywood scared sh—tless about being busted..he fits the profile perfectly..trump is beginning to drain hollywood indirectly ..why these vampires are freaking out ?? IMO only.

  • Shelba J. Holmes

    Alec Baldwin thinks so highly of himself. I guess that is a good thing since he appears to be the only one so inclined. I think he is as boring as yesterdays noodles.

  • Marsha

    Alec baldwin, You used to be one of my favorite actors but you sir need to note 3 words USED TO BE. I no longer watch anything that has your name attached to it.

  • Marsha

    Unlike Alec, Not everyone in this country wants President Trump gone. You, Sir. are an IDIOT!!

  • ellenhubbell

    Agony, no one is twisting his arm. Baldwin and SNL are a waste!

    • Stephine

      SNL has been a waste for the last 25+ years. Time to retire that crap.

  • Eileen Carman

    Time to retire this caricature of an actor who needs to simply go away.

    • Sport

      That’s exactly what I’ve been saying about Trump since his TV show was cancelled.

      • Lynn Johnston

        But he’s now your PRESIDENT.

        [email protected]#$, how’d that happen?
        I guess people (in the know), other than yourself, decided that things needed to be changed.

        • Sport

          Yes, he is my president. I agree that I am stuck with him until the next election. He was elected only because Hillary was another option no one could stomach.

  • Naval Lint

    Intelligent people understand that, if something causes you PAIN, that’s usually an indication to STOP doing that. Poor Alec, too stupid to come in out of the rain…

  • potusYUGE

    Do you think it is a delight to have your face observed on television…alec? Please just shut your hollywoodpecker mouth!

  • baldwin’s lucky if he can play with himself.

  • Jim Hays

    Really! Why this article by Alex Baldin? His opinions are of no interest to anyone outside his family ( if he has one). He is an actor that can’t act. I mean really, can anyone list any movie, play, etc. That he as appeared in? He is just a “never was” ( not even a has been).Please spare us any more “quotes” from this ……person?

  • Tasine

    I sincerely doubt that Alec is more distressed about portraying President Trump than millions of us Americans are. Alec Baldwin portraying President Trump is without a doubt the biggest insult anyone could possibly hang on our President. I resent a mental juvenile mental case portraying our President. Alec is an OK “actor”, but horrible in every other setting. I have never in my life spent a dime to see Alec Baldwin and never will….he is NOT WORTH A DIME.

  • Darby2

    Hollywood hates trump because they are friends with the left. Their all buddies. Clinton and soul brother #1 spend all the time in the world befriending Hollywood. They would have hated anyone else that beat clinton.

  • Louie Rey

    Yeah right. And you’re crying all the way to the bank. Trump has personally resurrected your career.

  • Kenneth Patterson

    Alec Baldwin’s wife says it was agony married to him with his rants and raving all the time. Baldwin is concerned with himself only; his ego is so big I am surprised he can keep his head up. With a friend like Baldwin you do NOT need any enemies!!!!

  • Bernadette

    Alec, you are a disgusting person and actor. Stay in Hollywood and leave Trump and politics to the politicians.

  • Neal Gielstra

    Baldwin the HAS BEEN !! What an A$%.

  • omikehawk

    Alec, watching you is as pleasurable as a vicious bout of the green apple Quickstep(diarrhea)!

  • j1945_67t

    What I have noticed is the people who really hate President Trump are uninformed and I do not think Alex is uninformed. Another reason I have seen why some hate President Trump is because they themselves are vile and corrupt and can’t stand the sight of a person fighting for good & for the normal people in this country who are patriots, This group is usually made up of pedophiles. Most of Hollywood actors are known pedophiles who have no respect of the life of children as Alex demonstrated toward his daughter when she was just 12 yrs. old. He is nasty and vicious and I would bet my last dollar he is a pedophile.

  • j1945_67t

    I agree with Tasine. Most actors are not accomplished in anything other than listening to someone tell them how to read with emotion. Pitiful little snowflakes. Alec is a sissy little man who makes his living by trying to imitate a man who knows how to think, build and make billions of dollars. Now President Trump is literally saving our country from extinction brought on by Obama, Bush’s and Clinton. He is also going to save most of the world from the NWO bankers & Rothschild’s who are human traffickers and pedophiles. To hate POTUS you have to hate what is good and support what is evil.That is really the only choice. Alec is not a good looking man. Much too homely to portray the handsome President Trump. Only the Freaks who support raping and murdering children could support Hillary or Obama. Both guilty of many crimes of treason and we will see them heading for Gitmo soon.

  • Rita Rivera

    If Alec is having a hard time playing president Trump why does he still play him? Is it because he is no longer getting any more movie bids or is he just all washed up. No one wants to hire him. I do not think that he does a good character act on the president anyway. That is very bad acting and he is no comedian..