ICE Director Cites Violent Crimes, Slams Sanctuary Cities for Endangering Communities

‘Every community is safer when law enforcement works together…’

Acting ICE Director Says Deportation Arrests Aren't 'Raids,' They're 'Targeted Enforcement'

Matthew Albence / IMAGE: Fox New via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Matthew Albence slammed sanctuary city policies for endangering communities in a White House press briefing on Thursday.

Local law enforcement officials who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officers are putting hundreds of lives in harm’s way, he said.

“It’s past time to put aside the political rhetoric and listen to the facts. Every community is safer when law enforcement works together,” he said.

Albence then offered several examples.


Mecklenburg County, North Carolina recently ignored an ICE detainer and released a dangerous illegal immigrant, who then went on to assault a woman.

Even then, ICE’s second detainer was ignored and the illegal went on to commit multiple drunk driving offenses.

In Colorado, local officials arrested an illegal immigrant for sexually assaulting a child. ICE issued a detainer but the Boulder County Jail released him three days later without notifying ICE.

And in Washington, King County Jail released an illegal immigrant convicted on child molestation and assault charges. He was later arrested again for harassment and threats to kill. Both of ICE’s detainers were ignored.

“As law enforcement professionals, it is frustrating to see senseless acts of violence and other criminal activity happen in our communities, knowing ICE could have prevented them with just a little cooperation,” Albence said in a statement. “To the public, who want to live and raise your families in safe neighborhoods, we ask you to hold your lawmakers accountable before you, or someone you love, is unnecessarily victimized by a criminal ICE could have removed from the country.”

Albence also applauded ICE’s recent operation that resulted in the arrest of about 1,300 illegal immigrants. The raids occurred primarily in sanctuary jurisdictions, Albence said.

“We don’t run concentration camps,” Albence said, reiterating that ICE exists to serve the public alongside local law enforcement rather than in spite of it.