FAKE NEWS: Alarmists’ Climate Study Claiming ‘Insect Collapse’ is Debunked

‘The paper contains serious flaws, which we believe completely undermine the paper’s findings…’

Alarmist Global Warming Study Claiming ‘Insect Collapse’ is Debunked

IMAGE: Climate State via Youtube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) In October 2018, scientists Bradford C. Lister and Andres Garcia made a groundbreaking—and potentially terrifying—discovery.

They observed a decline in insect populations in a rain forest in Puerto Rico and determined it was caused by rising temperatures, or global warming.

Because the insects, specially arthropods, comprise more than two-thirds of all land species and are centrally important to life as we know it, global warming represents and even greater risk to humankind and the planet than was previously known.

There was one problem with their study—it was wrong.

Turns out, the authors based their findings on a single weather station in Puerto Rico, which was known to have been unreliable since 1992.

Unaccounted “changes in equipment” are now believed to have been responsible for the abrupt increase in recorded temperatures at the station when, in reality, temperatures at the location have actually decreased in recent years.

Now, the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a British climate change policy watchdog, is calling for the acclaimed scientific paper to be withdrawn.

In a letter to the National Academy of Sciences, four GWPF signatories explain that the entire premise of the doomsday study, called “Climate-driven declines in arthropod abundance restructure a rain forest food web,” is based on erroneous temperature data.

“It has come to our attention that the paper contains serious flaws, which we believe completely undermine the paper’s findings. As such, we ask that you retract the paper,” the letter states.

But even if the study is withdrawn, its contribution to the media narrative of global warming may have irretrievably set in.

The Washington Post has already reported on the study, calling it “hyper-alarming.”

The Guardian, a leading British newspaper, reported that climate change is causing “insect collapse.”

The Global Warming Policy Foundation also issued a formal complaint to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the journal that published the article.