AL GORE: Trump ‘Now the Face of Climate Denial’

‘Climate change is a global health crisis…’

Al Gore's $15 Trillion Carbon Tax

Al Gore/Photo by campuspartybrasil (CC)

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Former vice president and climate activist extraordinaire Al Gore took to Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Thursday to peddle his latest climate alarmist project, “24 Hours of Reality.”

The expertly produced reality show will feature alleged climate change-induced natural disasters from every time zone, and will be available in 750 million homes around the world, Gore said.

“We have a lot of heads of state and entertainers and celebrities, and grassroots activist leaders and original films from people around the world. The objective is to show people what the crisis is all about,” he said.

Ever the opportunist, Gore said his show will weave in other hot button progressive political issues, such as health care and racism.

“Climate change is a global health crisis,” he told Noah.

“The health focus is really important. A lot of people will get motivated about the threat to human health,” Gore said, while adding that “poor and minority communities get the worst of this.”

After his failed presidential bid in 2000, Gore reinvented himself as a leading doomsday global warming alarmist. His 2006 Oscar-winning film “An Inconvenient Truth” won him the praise of Hollywood and liberal politicians who, like Gore himself, use the catch-all issue to further their careers.

Gore famously profited $100 million in 2013, from the sale of his last major media effort called Current TV. The property was sold to the anti-American news company Al Jazeera, which is inconveniently funded by the oil profits of the Qatari government.

“An Inconvenient Truth” was also so inaccurate that a British court ordered nine major disclaimers to be shown at the outset of the film, lest it be banned from the U.K. public for intentionally misleading and false information.

Gore continued to express false information with the assist of Noah on Thursday.

“Every single week we receive a report about how the climate is changing faster; 2040 is the latest number that we saw,” Noah said, alluding to a United Nation’s report stating that 2040 is the so-called “point of no return” for climate damage.

Gore agreed, although in October he admitted in a PBS interview that the report was misleading.

“The language that the IPCC used in presenting it was torqued up a little bit, appropriately — how [else] do they get the attention of policy-makers around the world?” he said.

Gore also claimed that renewable energy products are an encouraging bright spot amid the sky-is-falling effects of climate change — which is also untrue.

A recent Harvard study found that renewable energy is delivering far fewer benefits than has long been promised. Another study by the Paris-based International Energy Agency last week, reported that the exploding global demand for coal demonstrates the futility of heavily subsidized renewable energies as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Gore blasted President Trump for rolling back economically suffocating EPA policies as part of his pro-growth agenda.

“Donald J. Trump is now the face of climate denial. His voice is the voice of climate denial,” Gore told Noah.

Gore also claimed that the amount of manmade greenhouse gases emitted every day is equivalent to 500 Hiroshima atomic blasts.

“That’s why the temperatures are going up and the water cycles are going off with these huge bombs. Flooding is worse, sea levels are rising as ice melts, and the fires — look at the fires in California just recently. It’s horrible,” he claimed without evidence.

Bonner Cohen, a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, recently critiqued Gore’s new climate reality show, saying, “Gore shows no understanding of the ever-changing geological and atmospheric conditions that have determined the earth’s climate over the past four and one-half billion years.

“Ice ages have come and gone, and carbon dioxide levels have been as much as 20 higher than they are today, and he has no explanation for any of this,” Cohen said.