Abrams Refuses to Cooperate w/ Ethics Probe after Crying ‘Fraud’ Herself

Failed gubernatorial candidate’s campaign claims state investigation of ‘unlawful coordination’ is overbroad…


Stacey Abrams / IMAGE: Late Night with Seth Meyers via Youtube

(Liberty Headlines) Despite clamoring far and wide about perceived unfairness in Georgia‘s election systems, failed gubernatorial candidate   Stacey Abrams is resisting an investigation into allegations that she did some vote-rigging of her own.

The Democrat’s 2018 campaign for governor says a state ethics commission demand for their communications is overbroad and would have implications for every future political campaign if granted.

Abrams’ campaign filed their response Wednesday to a lawsuit filed in Fulton County Superior Court by the commission earlier this month.

The lawsuit is part an investigation accusing the Abrams campaign of “unlawful coordination” with several outside groups, some of which focus on voter registration and turnout.


The campaign denies any unlawful coordination took place.

The lawsuit asks a judge to force Abrams’ campaign to turn over communications with those groups.

Abrams’ campaign says they’ve already turned over thousands of documents and that the communications are irrelevant. They’re asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

Since losing to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp last year, Abrams has refused to concede the race, insisting that Kemp—then Georgia’s secretary of state—conspired to disfranchise black voters, even though a record number turned out.

Abrams has announced her plans to partner with Hollywood production companies to advocate for her activist group Fair Fight, which has a stated goal of combating voter-rights abuses that she claims disproportionately harm minorities.

She also announced this week that she had hired an investigative team to help the group prepare a massive federal lawsuit over Kemp’s removal of 340,134 inactive voters and similar purges in other states. Abrams lost by just under 55,000 votes.

Voter integrity advocates counter that poorly maintained voting rolls have resulted in the inclusion of many deceased voters and duplicate registrations.

Judicial Watch won a substantial settlement in January forcing Los Angeles to purge 1.5 million inactive voters after it was revealed that the city and surrounding county had nearly 10 percent more registered voters than it did residents.

Meanwhile, Abrams continues to keep her toe dipped in the political arena, signaling her interest after former Vice President Joe Biden the current Democratic primary front-runner, confirmed recently that she was on his shortlist for potential running mates.

Like Abrams, Biden is at the center of his own ethics scandal, involving allegations that his pressuring of Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor may have been linked to his son’s position with an influential energy company that was facing a corruption investigation.

President Donald Trump urged his newly elected counterpart in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to resume the investigations during a July phone call that became the basis of Democrats’ current impeachment effort.

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press