Stacey Abrams: Ga. Election was Legally ‘Sufficient’ but Rigged

‘I never denied the legal sufficiency of that election, and that’s the difference between me and Trump…’

Stacey Abrams Defends Joe Biden: 'We Cannot Have Perfection as a Litmus Test'

Stacey Abrams / IMAGE: MSNBC via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee in Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election, still has not conceded the race to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp because concession would “say that the process was fair,” making her “complicit” in voter suppression.

“I am not claiming to be the governor of Georgia despite what Breitbart and others like to say,” Abrams said Monday on “CBS This Morning.”

“What I have said is we won the battle of making sure more voices were heard because we had the highest record turnout in Georgia history for Democrats,” she added.

Abrams dismissed a suggestion that her refusal to concede resembles then-candidate Donald Trump’s statement that he might contest the 2016 election if he lost.


Abrams “never denied the legal sufficiency of that election, and that’s the difference between me and Trump,” she claimed, according to the National Review. “He refuses to acknowledge the legal sufficiency or threatens not to, but my point is that the laws are wrong.”

At a March speech in Selma, Alabama, Hillary Clinton, Trump’s defeated Democratic opponent in the 2016 race, claimed that both she and Abrams had been the victims of rigged elections.

Abrams said she knew Georgia’s gubernatorial election was unfair because 50,00 supporters called to tell her they were prevented from voting, The Hill reported.

“Concession means to say that the process was fair, but when I run an organization that in 10 days between election night and the night I refuse to concede we receive more than 50,000 phone calls for people who were denied the right to vote, I am complicit if I say that that system is fair,” Abrams said.

Abrams, who declined to run for president in 2020, now says she would be “honored” to accept an offer to be the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

She previously was reported to have met with former Vice President Joe Biden to discuss running-mate prospects but dismissed the idea after refusing to rule out her own presidential run.

Other Democrats in the 2020 primaries have also included her on their shortlist to split the ticket.

In the meantime, Abrams said she is focusing on her voting rights organization, Fair Fight 2020. The group has partnered with other well-heeled political-action committees hoping to flip the Georgia state legislature blue in advance of the next round of redistricting.

“Voter suppression is the base line that determines whether your voice is heard, whether the values and the policies that you want ever come to fruition,” she said.

Abrams claimed America’s voting laws in 2019 are, in some cases, more “insidious” than the voting laws in place during segregation and Jim Crow because today’s laws disguise their purpose.