House GOP Rolls Out DACA Bill Packed w/ Immigration Reforms

Incorporates several enforcement measures long advocated by immigration hawks…


Bob Goodlatte/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Daily Caller News Foundation) A group of Republican lawmakers unveiled Wednesday a bill that pairs granting legal status to younger illegal immigrants with a laundry list of conservative immigration reforms and border security enhancements, including President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

The proposal contains all of the changes to immigration law that Trump has demanded as part of a deal to replace the now-cancelled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, a former President Barack Obama administration order that shielded hundreds of thousands of younger illegal immigrants from deportation.

It also incorporates several immigration enforcement measures long advocated by immigration hawks, including penalties for sanctuary cities and foreign nationals who overstay their visas.

Dubbed the Securing America’s Future Act, the bill was teased by its sponsors — GOP Reps. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, Michael McCaul of Texas, Raúl Labrador of Idaho, and Martha McSally of Arizona — in a Tuesday op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

The official rollout Wednesday comes a day after Trump met with a bipartisan group lawmakers to discuss the framework of a bill that would legalize DACA recipients before the program expires in March.

The bill’s authors said the DACA negotiations presented an opportunity to enact tougher immigration law and stave off pressure for a future amnesty of illegal immigrants.

“Americans have been debating how to best fix the country’s immigration system for decades,” they wrote in the WSJ. “Congress has a unique opportunity to act now, before the country ends up with another large population who crossed the border illegally as children.”

Border Wall Funding Passes First Hurdle

Michael McCaul/Photo by eschipul (CC)

A summary of the bill’s provisions reads like an immigration hawk’s wish list.

It would fulfill Trump’s four-point plan for a DACA compromise: legal status for DACA recipients, and end to the diversity visa lottery, limits on chain migration, and full funding for the border wall.

The bill also includes several provisions that Trump has not said are necessary to reach a DACA deal, but that immigration hawks have long argued are needed to eliminate the “pull factors” for illegal immigration.

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Among them are Kate’s Law, which enhances penalties for illegal immigrants who re-enter the country after being deported, and mandatory use of e-Verify, an electronic employment authorization system.

Democrats are almost certain to balk the GOP bill, not least because it does not offer a path to legal permanent residence or citizenship for DACA recipients.

The bill instead allows beneficiaries to receive a three-year renewable legal status, essentially reviving the DACA program for the roughly 800,000 illegal immigrants who received protection under the original order.

Despite slim chances of garnering more than a few Democratic supporters, the bill could serve as a starting point for negotiating a DACA replacement.

Trump Open to ‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Love DealAt Wednesday’s meeting with lawmakers, Trump said he would be willing to place a DACA fix within a “bill of love,” but did not specify what such legislation would entail.

The White House clarified Wednesday that any DACA compromise must also do away with chain migration and the diversity visa while also funding the border wall.

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  • Beazly

    Someone needs to explain, why Dacaca, DESERVES amnesty? They & their families have been freeloading for many, many years. That money they mooch could be going to veterans needs, to replenish social security coffers, medicare.

    • teachersaide

      Do NOT disagree with what you said. However, it’s NOT the “kids” fault that their “loving” parents brought them here illegally. NOT fond of DACA, but I can “stomach” it, IF it gets USA the rest of the Immigration LAWS that we need: NO chain migration, NO Visa Lottery, the WALL will be built, VISA Overstays will be found & Deported, Increase in Border Patrol agents & ICE Agents, etc.

      • Rudy Rude

        No the line starts at the other side of the Wall.No line cutter’s

    • teachersaide

      Do NOT disagree with what you said. However, it’s NOT the “kids” fault that their “loving” parents brought them here illegally. NOT fond of DACA, but I can “stomach” it, IF it gets USA the rest of the Immigration LAWS that we need: NO chain migration, NO Visa Lottery, the WALL will be built, VISA Overstays will be found & Deported, Increase in Border Patrol agents & ICE Agents, etc.

    • Monica Mccravey

      Yes, the 33 million that bezos of Amazon donated for DACA scholarships should be given to states to reimburse schools and the like. Rich elites buying votes

  • Yosemite Sam

    Build the WALL, end chain migration and that idiotic diversity visa lottery. Then simply protect the US border and resume massive deportations of all who have violated the sovereignty of the United States of America. It’s not that complicated.

    • irene

      I agree, Yosemite Sam! The DACA problem is that it covers 2 issues. 1) Terrorists & 2) illegal entry. These issues have to be SEPARATED! The major terrorists are the “isis” group, illegal entry is HARD to define as Mexico is used by MANY foreign countries to enter illegally. I think that for the ones that have taken advantage of OUR educational system, should be allowed to stay & contribute their knowledge to “better” this country as long as they DON’T have a criminal record! For the “isis” group, it DOESN’T seem to matter how educated they are IF they’re “muslims”, their cult believes in MURDER, SAVAGERY, EVIL, DECAPITATION, CRUELTY, ETC., That IS the bottom line of their belief! Either you’re one of them, or you are what they call an “infidel” It IS important to build the WALL to keep these people out due to these factors! The MAJOR portion of the “drugs” that come in are NOT brought in by the DACA’s or their family’s, as they’re running away from these drug lords! Guys like “El Chapo” are NOT going to share their loot with the Mexican citizens, also, they have the “powers that be” in Mexico, in their pocket which is ANOTHER reason the illegals come here to work! The drug lords “take” away the average Mexican citizens money & property from them. It’s a very COMPLICATED decision to make evaluating these conditions. Do we send the DACA’s back with their American education (that WE’VE paid for) to contribute to the existing “drug” infestation or keep them here to contribute to this country?? Also, DON’T forget that the average Hispanic is CATHOLIC. I CAN SEE the dilemma of making a decision! “As OUR powers that be” have to take ALL these issues into consideration for the benefit of OUR country. It’s a “damned if I do or damned if I don’t” situation. We are a civilized country & CAN’T use the “isis” solutions of OFF with their HEAD!

      • Warren

        “I think that for the ones that have taken advantage of OUR educational system, should be allowed to stay & contribute their knowledge to “better” this country as long as they DON’T have a criminal record!!! Education?? You mean indoctrination of the few that have learned English the others are just here for the handouts..!!

        • irene

          Warren:”Indoctrination” ISN’T much different than EDUCATE, is it??? I see Hispanic gardeners & housekeepers doing the work at low pay (& NO MEDICAL INSURANCE) that no one else wants to do! IF they go to the FREE CLINICS when they get sick, is their only alternative, isn’t it? They’re HUMANS NOT ROBOTS! There’s TWO sides to that story. We can’t have it BOTH ways. UNLESS we do our OWN laborous work! ANY decision whether it’s DACA’S or anything else, requires a COMPROMISE!

          • Warren

            The two sides to this Story are very simple Legal & illegal. I am 80 years Old for many years owned a half Acre of Property never once hired anyone to upkeep on that lot,have only been to a Car Wash less than 20 times if people are to lazy to do their own chores then they should be able to pay an American to do them. “that no one else wants to do” is a Bull Crap talking point You don’t see white People in the Fields because the Braceros keep them out if by chance they get in they will make it so tough on them they give up. So the people that hire these Illegals get the benefit of their Labor and we foot the Bill for Sec 8 Welfare Food Stamps Emergency Room plus others saving them a few dollars an hour costing us about $25 an hour. If you don’t know the difference between indoctrination & Education there is no sense trying to Splain it as I can see you are also a Victim of indoctrination who thinks your own Laborious Work is beneath you making you one of the so called Elite. If you are a Teacher you misspelled Laborous ious.

          • irene

            Warren: Your generation DID do their own work! However, DON”T compare yourself to the “present” generation. I also have a large parcel of land & when I inquired at the High School & Employment office for “help”, the High School told me they DON’T encourage their students to do THAT kind of work (meaning yard work)! The Employment Office told me to hire a MEXICAN to do that work! LOL! So, whether you agree with me or NOT, that’s the way it is, out here in the REAL WORLD!!!

          • Warren

            Irene you should have told the School it was only the Left side of the Field you wanted cleaned up. Teachers are for anything that has to do with the Left. When I started Dialysis last Year it was knocking me down I have about 30′ run of bamboo a couple of feet thick and a large Garage height bush about 14′ L 4′ thick wanted them trimmed up said I would chop up & remove what was cut asked a Mexican Gardener how much? He gave me an estimate of $170 it used to take me about 5 hours That’s $34 an Hour.!! Mexicans want more than White Guys. It took me one whole weekend, Saturday not feeling so hot but I had recovered pretty good by Sunday saved the chopping up for the next weekend. So I only charged my Wife $50, still waiting for it. Told her I was saving her $120 a True Old White Guy Deal…!!! She charged me $50 dollars for doing the Laundry, I said but Hey I do the folding?? She said with folding it would be $120 extra..!!
            Have to watch out for Mexicans & those Old White Women..!!

          • irene

            Lol! Sounds like you DID find some help! However, it ALSO sounds like your “old white woman” wised up!!!

          • Warren

            You don’t read very well I did the work ..

          • irene

            That’s NOT what I asked you! I asked you IF you ASKED any WHITE men to do the work, like getting a BID from them as you did the Mexican gardener!

          • Warren

            Wrong ipost irene. You wrote lLol! Sounds like you DID find some help!
            No help was needed No US Dollars sent to Mexico..!!

          • Warren

            The answer to this one is NO!! All the White Guys (American Citizens) were at the unemployment Office…!!!

          • irene

            Warren: By the way, did you find any WHITE guys to do the work???

        • Don Lindsey

          If they don`t work and support themselves, ship them out…We have enough freeloaders of our own!

      • Rudy Rude

        No send them all back the line starts on the other side of the wall period .No line cutter’s

    • JWH (NRA LIFE)

      Thank you very much! I could not have said it better myself!!

  • brooksmd

    Whatever the bill, the wall must be built first. I wouldn’t trust a Dem any more than I’d trust North Korea or Iran.

    • teachersaide

      I don’t TRUST Either Party on the issue of building the Wall! For over 30 YEARS, both parties have talked about building a Wall, & JACK SH_T was done! DEM’s want more DEM voters & GOP wants CHEAP LABOR! Screw them Both, & the Horse they rode in on.

    • MB7

      Mandatory e-verify first will make the most impact. No more birthright citizenship and build the wall. The wall will take time.

      • Frankdidit

        It has been said that Obummer could not pass e-verify? Anyone know if this is true?

      • Monica Mccravey

        Birthright must stop

    • slk5

      thats why trump said he would sign any bill that reached his desk…he knows it won’t be up to the flake to make the bill, a wall will be on that bill!!!

  • skier69

    NO Limits on Chain Migration. NO Limits Period

    • NorthPortNurse

      Can they all stay at your house? Please take care of those that need it while they are there.

  • iprazhm

    So republicans are going to allow criminals to roam freely in our neighborhoods so they can get their votes. What part of ‘illegal’ alien don’t they get? DACA was an illegal action taken by the federal government to filter illegal aliens into our country. Do they think American citizens are ignorant to the fact that feds have been actively participating in our demise for their own personal gain?
    Then they are wrong!

    • Don Lindsey

      Republicans had nothing to do with this…Obama started this to get the illegal votes!

      • Rudy Rude

        No the republic rats have all or most of there funding from our very own chamber of commerce in your town in all our towns .Here is we’re we need to stop this destruction of our city’s

  • David Stewart

    Trump, just remember the anti-drug war; JUST SAY NO!

  • jemb

    Just go ahead and deport them, all of them. Tell them to go find their families in Mexico. This would be a great opportunity for Mexico. We’ve educated these people and provided them a living for all these years and prepared them for careers in their home country where they will bring their knowledge, experience and living standards to poor Mexican communities. This would be far more rewarding than going to the bottom of the ladder here in America.

    • Rudy Rude

      Right on

  • SA Ander

    Need to add anchor babies to the bill, but the best plan is to not let anyone in and send some of ours to their country. We send two of theirs back and they take 1 gang member with them, Chicago first.

  • 1969Chev

    First thing first: let’s round up all these illegal immigrants we have now whether they are at work, home or business and haul them all out of USA. Second, let get rid of daca, tps and Dreamer and eliminated it all completely. Third, no more handout food stamp, snap, CHIP, Housing or medical assistance. Four, build the damn wall and stop talking about it. That it ! Now can I have a burger with fries and a small coke.

    • Rudy Rude

      Do Jew want creepy fries

      • 1969Chev

        Did you mean crispy fries with big Mac and triple burger.

    • irene

      That would NOT END the WELFARE SYSTEM! NOT when the U.S. has been sending Puerto Rico “welfare” benefits for YEARS!!! DON’T blame it ALL on Mexicans! The refugees from the middle east ALSO get “WELFARE” benefits, eventho they come here with MONEY & DON’T WORK!!!!

  • John Degges

    How many of these children want to become citizens? If they have no desire to become naturalized, they should go to the country where they are able to take part in its civil life.

  • Joseph Abraham

    Limits on chain migration? End chain migration.

  • Rudy Rude

    E verify mandatory and illigals. Will go home by them self’s MAGA.The American people need this

  • Don Lindsey

    Trump is trying to take care of this but, the illegal sanctuary cities and the Crooked Libaturd judges are blocking him!

  • Murphmeister

    This deal has to be sealed as tight as a drum, especially funding. The President must be reminded of how Ronald Reagan was snookered by the Democrats 30 years ago on the same subject matter. It must not happen again.

  • irene

    Nellie: They DON’T ASK for permission or are given permission, they just DO it!