22-Year-Old Usher with a Handgun Stops Church Shooter

(WND) One woman was killed and eight people, including the 25-year-old gunman from Sudan, were injured in what officials are calling a “mass casualty” incident at a church in Antioch, Tennessee, Sunday morning.

22-Year-Old Usher with a Handgun Stops Church Shooter

Emanuel Samson (Metro Nashville PD, Twitter)

Nashville Police have identified the suspect in the mass shooting at the Church of Christ as Emanuel Kidega Samson.

Samson is being charged with murder and multiple counts of attempted murder in the attack that killed one and left at least seven other people injured at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, just south of Nashville.

Samson is a bodybuilder who attended high school in Tennessee and is originally from Karthoum, Sudan, according to screenshots of the suspect’s Facebook page, which has since been taken down.

Police say Samson attended Burnette Chapel a year or two ago, according to congregants, though they had not seen him there in quite a while. He came to the United States from Sudan in 1996, and is a legal U.S. resident, though investigators have not yet confirmed whether he is a citizen.

Just before the shooting, Samson posted this message on his Facebook page: “Everything you’ve ever doubted or made to be believe as false, is real. & vice versa, B.”

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Samson posted photos of himself posing at a gym Sunday morning, with the caption “Unrestricted, paroxysm.”

The gunman confronted a woman outside the church, shooting her at least one time, killing her on the scene.

The gunman reportedly then went inside and opened fire. At least six people were injured in the shooting spree

Police spokesman Don Aaron said the usher of the church – identified as 22-year-old Robert Engle – confronted the gunman and was pistol-whipped, receiving a “significant injury to his head.” At some point during the confrontation, authorities say the gunman then shot himself, but it’s unclear if it was intentional.

Aaron said the church usher, who has a valid carry permit, then went out to his car and retrieved his own gun, holding it on the gunman until police arrived. Police described him as a “extraordinarily brave.”

Five of the shooting victims as well as the gunman and the usher were taken to hospital for treatment. Hospital officials say all those wounded are expected to survive.

The Burnette Chapel Church of Christ was founded in 1862, reports the Tennessean. The congregation is led by Pastor Joey Spann, who is also a Bible teacher and coach at Nashville Christian School. Both Spann and his wife Peggy are among those injured.

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  • Al

    See you anti gun people? A good guy with a gun.

    • Ben

      Except he didn’t have his weapon on him, which was his first mistake as a concealed carry permit holder. Had mine on in our service, along with at least a half dozen or more spread throughout the building.

      • Al

        Glad to hear that. Mine is on ME too.

  • barnjoer

    Should have just shot hiscAss and told GOD he died!!

  • chris VN

    Must have just been converted, then had to prove himself to his new masters.

    • Maxine Albritton

      converted to ISlam you mean. this is not preached in the Church of Christ.

      • chris VN

        Of course, that’s why I said his NEW masters.

    • JoeW

      Might have been a Muslim from the get go and he was just a sleeper. Remember, he is from Sudan, a majority Muslim country and a failed terror state.

  • Cecilia Robarge

    Prosecute this criminal terrorist by giving him the death sentence. It is time to execute criminals like him. amen

    • Harry Pearson

      The problem with this suggestion is that, today, a death sentence means at least 20 years in jail, while all the perpetrator’s appeals have expired, including those not filed. The problem is that we have removed the penalty from the crime and demanded that society pay to keep the criminal in good health, decent living conditions, well fed and clothed just to ensure that we NEVER execute an “innocent” person.
      Yes, that does happen, but so infrequently that the burden placed on society far outweighs the benefit, even to that person. After 20 years, they have already lost their family, friends and the country they knew, and to be suddenly thrown into celebrity status is extremely dangerous to them.

    • Anna

      Amen! And pass the ammo!!

    • Roger

      Sprinkle pigs blood on him or but tiny bits of bacon in his jail food.

    • The duck

      Sadly we have lost that ability due to libers crying for the poor criminal who may feel a slight pain when being executed. Sedating a criminal before injecting a lethal dose someone noted a twinge just before he died. Now it is hard to even think to execute someone like this guy. Angry as H myself.

  • Helen Hollingsworth

    Is this a black congregation ? Were the victims black ?

    • Cheryl Day

      They don’t mention that do they? Most likely that means that they may have been white. Media is usually silent if that’s the case. At least that’s my initial suspicion.

      • Lonestarbybirth

        Yeah they didn’t forget to mention it when the crazy white guy shot up the black church did they !
        That’s all we heard was a white supremacist shot a black church.

    • DLynn

      No, all members pictured were white but do not make this a racial issue. I am 70 years old and we had come so far in eliminating the racial divide from when I was a child but we are on a fast track backwards and have surpassed the divide of 70 years ago. The more we talk about a division, the wider it grows.

      • John Prater

        Sir, remember the headlines when Dylan Roof shot up a black church? This THUG posted anti-white racial slurs on his Facebook page. So, HE made it about race! Sir, a bigot is a bigot! Regardless of his skin color! It’s high time we say so!

        • DLynn

          I think the picture on my profile plus D LYNN should be a clue that I am a woman not a sir 😌. I was not addressing the shooter, I was addressing law abiding Americans! We don’t have to fall in line with a deranged idiot or a biased media (whose only intent sadly is to divide Americans) by making it racial. That is the problem today – too many are being manipulated like puppets by those like George Soros whose sole intent is to divide Americans to fit his own agenda – being about a New World Order!

    • Charles Carbone

      What difference does it make?

      • DLynn

        I agree but sadly if it were reversed the news would make a point of reporting it. Read my comment below, it is heartbreaking to see the division of Americans today – Republicans pitted against Democrats and Caucasians pitted against Black. I totally agree with the black man I spoke with last week – “This nonsense has got to stop!” United we stand – divided we fall!!!!! We are all Americans!

        • Charles Carbone

          From the “social” standpoint, you are right, It would make a difference! I was only looking at it as another needless death.

          I carry a pistol everywhere I go, (legally), including to Church, with permission of the Pastor. Jesus made it clear that it is not “just ok” to carry, but that we should carry. In the Book of Luke He instructed the disciples to have a sword, (large knife to make or repel attacks from the Greek), and if they didn’t have one sell something and get one. When Peter responded, “We have two” Jesus said “It is enough”. That didn’t two swords were enough, it meant “end of discussion – get a sword”

          Charles Carbone
          Brileen Tool/Manufacturing Network LLC
          (313) 304-0439

          • DLynn

            I never thought that at 69 years old I would not only own a gun but have a concealed carry permit. Christians may not know when Jesus will return but we’ve read the book and recognize the signs that his return is growing nearer.

      • John Prater

        Are you Killary Clinton in drag?

        • Charles Carbone

          Those are “Fighting Words” for many reasons!!!!!

          All I meant was it was another needless death, race makes no difference.

          Charles Carbone
          Brileen Tool/Manufacturing Network LLC
          (313) 304-0439

          • John Prater

            The shooter was all about hating white people. He posted numerous comments on Facebook concerning his hate for white people. He shot them because they were white people. When Dylann Roof shot black people at a black church that’s all we heard. That he was a white supremacist. Now, a black man commits the same crime at a white church & suddenly we can’t discuss the racial reasons he did it. That’s the problem. Too many excuses because he is black! If Dylan Roof is a white supremacist, then this guy is a black supremacist. For the exact same reasons! It’s time we quit cowering & call it what it is!

          • Charles Carbone

            Couldn’t agree more!!!

      • Helen Hollingsworth

        I was wondering about the shooter’s motive…black Muslim sums it up… but also from the perspective of race baiting going on now…produces angry people that have a grudge but not much thinking ability…

    • temporary guest

      I am a member of the church of Christ in another state, but I can tell you that most likely, it’s a mixed congregation. I have yet to see a congregation of the church of Christ that isn’t. Though people (individuals) may still have their problems with race, for the most part, the church doesn’t. When we call a man “brother” or a woman “sister”, we mean it.

      Also, I read another story about this shooting and it turns out that the white minister was shot and a black woman covered him with her own body, trying to stop his bleeding.

    • John Prater


  • Louie Rey

    Too bad the usher’s finger didn’t, you know, slip on his trigger. Think of all the money we’d save in an effort to defend this Samson dude and then the costs of his incarceration. It would have been a civic duty and a financial reprieve. Oh well, hopefully next time.

  • Phineas Phogg

    The Good Guy had to go out to his car to get his piece, bleeding profusely and stepping over the bodies of those whose lives he likely could have saved, had pansy-assed pinheads not imposed “gun control” laws to ensure that only maniacal wackos are armed. Reveille, people. Permit us to defend ourselves, to at least make it a fair fight. If Obama had a son, he would look like Emanuel Samson, the Gentle Giant, Freddie Gray, and Trayvon Martin, and hunt down “crazy crackers” clutching their Bibles, coming out of a worship service.

    • J_in_TX

      I wouldn’t have that problem if my church was attacked. A gun locked in your car is useless when someone is shooting at you.

  • Ron C

    Maybe the NFL player’s will take a knee to protest black crimes….??? Nah I didn’t think so, but geez most of the victim’s of black crimes are black.

    • Anna

      That’s a low blow there buddy! That has nothing to do with THIS incident in the church and no one brought up race at all which leads me to belief you have a problem with race.

      Stop being counterproductive and trying to stir up trouble unnecessarily. 🙁 Sigh… Stick to the story.

      • Ron C

        I have no problem with any people as long as they join in to make & keep this country great.
        The problem I do have is with the race baiter’s and their ignorant useful idiot’s that are trying to separate and tear apart the greatest nation ever conceived…And the facts & truth bear out my point!

        • Anna

          And you don’t feel that your entire statement is not “race baiting” as you say?

          • Ron C

            If you can’t see the irony of the NFL player’s ignorance, and their lack of education…well I’m sorry…the truth of the matter is character, not the shallow discussion of skin color…that wraps the truth of human’s into a canard…period!

          • Anna

            We are not talking about the NFL players, but yourself. I’m sorry too that you can’t grasp this concept of this as well.

            But since you brought it up, the NFL players have their reasons for doing what they feel they need to do to express themselves–that is their right and freedom–everything that the national anthem and flag stands for.

            I don’t have to like it or agree with it, but I do have to be accountable for my OWN words and actions to the world in how I am trying portray the situation. We all know that this nation has some serious race relation issues and there will always be three sides to a story.

            If people don’t like what they are doing, then why continue to support these teams, players or watch these games on television?? People will complain, but still continue to watch and support them so what’s the point? Hit them where it hurts–in the pocketbook or wallet.

          • Ron C

            Well cool Anna…we do agree on turning off the boob-tube. And yes, everyone has a right to their experience…But like the late John Wayne once said…” Life is hard, and its even harder when your stupid”.
            In no way am I referring to you, you seem to me, to be a very bright young Lady, so please have a great day.

          • Anna

            Boob tube?? Really?? Uhmmm…are you referring to your boobs or mine because that comment was very stupid as you mentioned by John Wayne.

            And thank you for the compliment because I try really hard to see both sides of a fence, but the fact of the matter is not everyone does which does make them ignorant and stupid so I can agree with you on that point.

            I am not here to pick a fight but to understand how people process these situations and to see if people are rational enough to see different perspectives without going to an immature position of resorting to name calling and insults because they have nothing intelligent to say if backed into a corner when challenging their thinking.

          • Ron C

            :))))))))……The word “boob-tube” is a slang word for the television, before we had color television… Not a reference to the human anatomy…

          • Anna

            Ok. Well why didn’t you say that??!! LOL. Educate me. Haaa. Anyway, it’s all good dude. I’m not your enemy in any way, just trying to make a point is all. Have a good one.

          • Nita1931

            So who was name calling?

      • Busdriver Bill

        And, Anna, you are assuming they weren’t black? Racial problems are usually double edged. In your defense, the media refuse ever to reveal race in these situations – to avoid offending the racially challenged folk (you?). Race is not insignificant in crime. Statistically, the rate is much higher among folks of color. So, why does the media discriminate against the non colored segment of society this way? Is the agenda showing?

        • Anna

          The media will tell you what to think about the world you live in; who you are in the world; who your enemies are; what to eat; what clothing to wear in season; how much you should weigh; new buzz words; who you should vote for; what to buy as a consumer; what car or house to buy; and how to feel about your neighbors or races living around you based on “their” reporting that may have hidden agendas might I add.

          It’s their job to get a “story” and “ratings” and if that means they need to distort, demean and stretch a lie, they will do it. It’s just that a lot of people buy into this without thinking for once that the truth may be twisted or they refuse to do their research on a topic and will take the media perspective only.

          Working in the marketing and communication field, you remember there are three sides to every story–the left side, the right side and the truth which may incorporate a little of both sides.

          You seem like an intelligent person Busdriver Bill, and I feel like I could have a productive conversation with you, so let me challenge your thinking a little, and I would love to hear your honest perspective.

          Let’s say that from the day you were born, you have been told that you were worthless; won’t amount to anything; are “racially challenged”; not the norm; discriminated against throughout your entire life because of the way you look; do not see much positive role models, commercials or movies on television or the silver screen that look like you; only see negative images by the media; you see all types of disparities in society that seem to hold you back from reaching your potential; and then on top of all of that, are told that you are only “imagining” all of the disparities in your head and that you don’t have a right to feel the way you do because it’s not justified. You’re told that you’re crazy and that society is just fine the way it is so go away…you can see how any person, whether colored or not, could just give up and behave a certain way if they are not mentally or emotionally strong enough to deal with the pressure and burden that has been placed on them by the society as a whole and the media further throwing salt on an open wound.

          This alone will build the statistics as you mentioned when it comes to race. The media has a job to do, and we as community members have ours as well when it comes to rightful judgement of others. It would be easy for you to judge another if you haven’t been or walked in their shoes because you don’t know any better and you bought into the whole media tirade.

          And to answer your question, I’m not offended, but just trying to offer you an opportunity to dialogue in a positive manner and possibly see three sides of a story. I use this type of communication and feedback a lot in my training sessions that I offer for productive change in our community. Thanks.

  • Maxine Albritton

    I wonder how long it will be before they turn this guy loose again? Maybe in Tennesse they will find a conservative judge.not afraid to speak real law.

  • just care

    Where’s the parade for the hero going to be? If his town is to racist to give him one, I think we can accommodate here in mesa, Az. As for the BLM gang goes I have one question. How many terrorists have you taken down? None. Robert Engle’s Life Matters !

  • mac mcintire

    So why isn’t this a terrorist event

    • Because he’s a Muslim, and it’s only a terrorist event when anyone else in this world commits a crime according to the idiots in both the State and US Governments and the media.

  • liberty49

    Once again we can thank a brave young man with a valid CONCEALED CARRY permit for stopping this mad man!

    • Nita1931

      Yes, absolutely we can thank him!

  • John Prater

    So, where are the headlines ala Dylan Roof? “Black supremacist murders White worshippers!” Only seems fair!

  • Jackson Brannon

    Another of Odummy’s great Muslime refugees!! Odummy is probably proud of this fellow terrorist Mooslime POS!!!

  • I’ll bet the usher never leaves his gun in the car again.

  • Glock Guy

    The church more then likely had a sign saying No Guns, and that’s why the person who stopped the shooter had to go to his car and get his weapon. But the shooter didn’t care about any sign. Signs saying no guns allowed tells the bad guys their are a lot of sheep (Victims) inside. Always better to have it, and not need it then not to have it and need it. If you want better gun control ? Try using both hands, holding the gun over and under.

  • Gerry Costa

    They should have let the shooter lay there and bleed out.

  • Robert Little

    why even waste tax payers money in court. find a tree bring a rope. make a statement that we have had enough

  • Sharon Melvin

    And the democrats want to take away guns from good people. Imagine if the 22 year usher with a legal handgun had not be there to stop the shooter. Many more people could have been injured or killed. I may take a class and get a concealed carry permit myself!

  • When there is clear evidence, as there is on this case, a trial and conviction means we carry out the death sentence at once. Otherwise, we might as well not have a death penalty. Keeping a known murderer in prison does not make any sense.

  • MIKE6080

    tell this to cardinal cupich in chicago where he has banned all guns on church property , so that will stop the problem and protect everyone in church

  • therealworld

    Find a Cel with White Supremacists to put him in.

  • John

    Like Clint Eastwood might say
    “Make my day, Satan”

  • A_Nobody

    If he had a CC why wasn’t he armed when the punk showed up?