CONGRESSMEN: Feds Should Reimburse Texas for Border Security Expenses

Texas Mexico border photo

Photo by The U.S. Army

(Breitbart) Two key congressional leaders told Breitbart Texas the federal government should reimburse the Lone Star State for border security expenditures. The comments from two committee chairmen follows a request from Texas House Republican leadership requesting reimbursement of $2.8 billion spent by the state on defending the state’s southern border with Mexico.

The Texas legislative leaders met on the second day of the new legislative session to ask for the reimbursement, Breitbart Texas’ Lana Shadwick reported. State Representative Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton) told Breitbart Texas, “For years, Texas has stood in the gap where the federal government has failed. With a new administration coming into office, hope the tide will turn and Washington will do its duty, so that Texas can devote its limited resources to priorities reserved to the states under federalism.”

U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) agreed, telling Breitbart Texas, “The federal government’s failure to secure our borders has often forced border states like Texas to do the job for them and pick-up the tab.  I support Washington reimbursing Texas taxpayers for proven border security expenses.”

“I’m optimistic that President Trump and a unified Republican Congress will establish a more secure U.S. border, reestablish the rule of law and fund effective interior enforcement,” Brady concluded.


Rep. Bonnen reported the State of Texas and local jurisdictions spent almost $3 billion for border security operations; incarceration of criminal aliens; healthcare; education; and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission costs. The Texas Department of Public Safety incurred the largest expense spending, $1,410,563,257 for additional manpower, equipment and technology…

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