‘Life-like’ Robot Stripper – Is This the Future of Adult Entertainment?

geralt / Pixabay(Fox News) — The X-rated “Sexpo” trade event which took place in Melbourne, Australia, last week featured everything from an imposing 66-foot “Love Rocket” ride and a “Gerbil Sex Train” to live appearances from a variety of adult industry names (who, upstanding citizens that we are, we’ve naturally never heard of).

One of the most bizarre sights, however, was surely a computer-controlled stripper robot constructed out of mannequin parts and boasting a CCTV camera for a head.

Created by British artist Giles Walker, it was yet another convergence point between the adult and tech worlds — and one which cost $3,100 to hire for the event.

“I started as a scrap artist building sculptures from what could be found in the scrap yards, and therefore was familiar with the parts available from scrapped cars,” Walker told Digital Trends. “In the case of these robots, I used windscreen wiper motors to move the body parts. These motors turn on and off with a simple programmable PCB. The figures consist of a metal armature, clad in plastic body parts cut from old mannequins and resprayed.”

Their creation, he said, was part of an attempt to build a robot capable of exuding some degree of sex appeal.

“Most [of] the ‘sexualised’ robots you see remind me of the living dead,” Walker noted. “I was up for the challenge and wanted to see if I could turn a pile of old scrap into something that could represent anything close to ‘sexy.'”


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